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I have been playing JA2:DL for a couple of weeks now, and so far, i enjoyed myself. A couple of questions I have been unable to answer for myself.

1. The key cards that you get from the assassins; what are they for? I figured that once you have posession of them, they would be automatically uploaded to GDI and you would get additional info to help you throughout the game. So far (and I am at the very end of the game), the only info I have received was from the very first key card from the assassin in Omerta. Help?

2. Can you make anything new in DL with the misc. stuff (rubber band, etc.)?

3. What's up with the lockboxes/lockbox keys? I use the keys on the lockboxes, and all I get is a bunch of xray machines. Any way to get other items?

4. I still don't know what the deal is with Deidranna coming back to life.

5. What's up with this teleporter device that was in the email towards the beginning of the game?

Maybe I haven't done enough research in the game to answer these questions, but I wouldn't know where to look anyways. Answer these for me, so I can continue being lazy.
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Jack Funk

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Let me try to answer some of these.

1. They give you background info. When I played DL, I had a problem making them work. Then someone told me to start the game through DL, not JA2, if I wanted them to work. So try that.
2. Try searching. I don't know.
3. That's it. The XRay machine.
4. It is part of the story. Getting the key cards to work will help provide some background.
5. ?
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Shifty Powers

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The key cards give some background to assassins, plots etc. To access their information, type the key card code into the space provided after you hit the "Review Game Clues" tab on the startup screen. For me, I just hit alt-tab and typed in the code.

The rest? A mystery for me as well.
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Here's a doosey. I'm in Alma, North East corner, with the two long parallel buildings full of guys.

Back in the original I would plan a few people on top of each building, flick a switch and pick off all the guys as the came out the doors, however now my trusty switches don't seem to do anything, and every door is locked. Steroid can't bust in, and he's pretty good on the mechanical side of things.

The only thing I can think of is to blow a hole in the wall, but only have one bundle of TNT, and no detonator. I can blow it with a hand grenade, but that only gets me into one building.

Is there some trick with the switches or should I just hold out until I find some more TNT?
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Don't answer that. What an idiot I am. Can't believe I didn't think to try a crowbar.

Still, being at the door when it opens makes things slightly more interesting.
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