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I started my own thread because I am planning to expand it with more sectors in the near future. Please try to keep this clean from spamming, but feel free to discuss sector strategies and the like.

Before you start

Take a little care in which merc you chose to start with. You need a good medic, you can have a good mechanic early on, and you need a good kaboom-merc. Given the close-quarters style of Danubia, I'd focus more on having a half-mechanic (or medic)/half-killer with high agility than a 95-mrk merc. Thus, Dr Q, MD, Static and the like can be quite useful (and 80 mrk is enough). After you chose the specialties the team must have, create an IMP that suits fine, and try to recruit mercs that fit the roles you need but you haven't hired so far. This is to increase the fun factor. You're playing for fun anyway. Additionally, I have to discourage solo games, as backing up, flanking and even covering fire (which IS useful) are essential. Read everything new in the laptop and helpscreen too.

A9: Atremo

Upon landing, you find yourself in a Danubian airport. There is a battle imminent, but you don't need to interfere as you are unarmed, and the militia can handle it on its own. Seek out the Claim Manager, talk to him and give him the ticket. He'll direct you to some stuff Dunlop prepared for you, including a Makarov. You might as well start laughing with its range, but this is what will give a tactical advantage early on, so count on it. It's a precious addition. The manager also mentioned a plane crash and the subway system. Whatever you try to do doesn't matter much, since the battle starts soon, even before you talked to the Claim Manager some times. As said, you don't need to interfere unless you're looking for a stray bullet, but you can hunt some leftovers later. You might gain an extra Makarov and some BDUs if you're lucky. Talk to Rosebud, near the Manager and recruit him. He can be quite useful as a hand-to-hand expert, mechanic, lock-breaker and a guide to Danubia. Talk to Carmen, who is waiting for you at the airport as Dunlop said. He tasks you with your main quest, the MOC list, plus a side-quest concerning Crepaton Officials Smile (Don't sell the laptop... ARGH!) Search the rest of the sector and proceed to the stairs down to the subway. By the way, I am against killing Carmen for his PPSh, however good that may sound. Killing him now prevents you from taking 40.000$ later in the game, so it isn't worth it. (Hi Rude Dog :wave: )

A10_B1: Atremo Subway

Shark will advance towards you and attack along with his gang. This is a hand-to-hand fight, but you have the advantage of one-two Makarovs as well. You also have the best hand-to-hand weapon in the game, Rosebud! Hit Shark with Rosebud, and count on interrupts from your gun-wielding mercs. Try not to spread your mercs. You should talk to Charlie then; we warns you against travelling to other subway stations (and it's a fair warning), give you info about the crashed plane, and about Shark's showed-off shotgun Smile Grab anything you can find in the sector and move along to the eastern exit.

A10: Atremo

ASAP enter stealth mode for everyone and go crouch/prone (use +, Z for quick stealth-all). Pick the mercs with a handgun and Rosebud with his shotgun, and quickly move them to the opposite wall, so they can get some cover. The rest of your mercs without a gun should go prone to protect them from a stray bullet. Have Rosebud cover the door while your most agile merc crawls out of the room. If there is anyone outside that room aware of you, you can try to trap him into Rosebud's ambush. While crouching stealthily, your first goal is to secure the subway complex. There is one enemy on the room south usually, so crawl towards him while trying to keep out of his sight. If you spot him while crawling from the right-hand desks to the left-hand ones, ignore him and continue until you are out of sight. Then get into duck position and fire at him till he drops dead. Get some cover again (to prevent nasty surprises from the windows). After the enemy hears the shots, occasionally some enemies might enter the complex to hunt you. To prevent this, you'll want to have Rosebud and someone with a handgun covering the doors to the outside. Check the rest of the complex, and go prone when in a room with lots of windows to the south. Don't go looking for trouble unless you are certain you are going to make the shot and have adequate cover. Position the other mercs (without guns) someplace safer. Find the door to the back of the complex, and use it to get that agile merc outside. I'd suggest going to the left, since there are bushes and the cars providing cover. If you go that way, be sure to have someone inside the room with the desks to provide backup. A good idea is to get someone on the room, providing backup as well. Remember, this purpose is to back-up the guy outside, so prefer shots with the rest of the team, so as to keep the guy outside with high APs each turn (in case of interrupts etc). Another good tactic is to pin the down with someone hiding between those cars (Malice in my team), while someone is sneaking them from behind (Raider in my team). You can have a nice trap there if you count on someone shooting through the windows as well (Rosebud in my team, though he was mostly a waste of ammo). Look for any survivors inside the parking lot and deal with them if necessary. Before exploring, make sure you position all mercs not participating in the hunting suitably. I'd suggest you go east, since the bus-station is quite close to the buildings, while on the west you'd be more in the open. Ignore any enemies to the south; it is a lot of risk and waste of ammunition to attempt to hit them from such a distance (and that concrete fence is not as good as it looks in terms of cover). When you notice someone, don't go at him guns blazing, but rather hide, then flank him with two mercs simultaneously. There are a lot of buildings, cars etc to allow you to do this. Roofs are good for spotting guys, but don't start shooting from up there since you are probably only going to waste ammo. A Makarov is not a Dragunov; don't forget. The office building with a lot of windows is a good place for combined attacks. When combat is finished, start searching the sector for useful items. There are cash in the shops, plus a kevlar leather in the cloth shop. Eventually you'll reach the police station. Since you have read the Danubia Intel (you did, didn't you?) the police are a corrupt force. They are originally neutral, but after some time they will hear about you killing Shark and they'll chase you. For now, they outgun you, so you probably don't want to fight them. They have, however, some nice weapons in their HQ, which you would probably need more than they do Smile However, if they see you stealing something, you're dead. My point is, make sure they don't see you! Hide all your mercs except those that you will use to steal. To steal guns from the southwest building, you need one merc to enter the storage room, the one with the lockers. Close the door behind you, and make sure you see no police force (thus, they don't see you too ...; that's why I said hide the other mercs). Grab quickly everything you find; if your inventory doesn't fit everything, pick them and drop them on the ground. I found two Agrams and a Saiga, plus two useful smoke grenades. Stealing from the north building can be trickier. Break the lock open with Rosebud, and you'll notice someone is inside! You need to get rid of him. One option is to wait for him to go outside, but he might patrol back in and catch you red-handed. So, first use one merc to block his way in (position him by the door) and use another to go inside, close the door and steal. You probably want him to be Rosebud, unless you have someone else skilled enough to unlock a locker. There is also a suppressor nearby, in the next room. You definitely need it, though the room has a lot of windows and they can see you from the garden. One way is to wait for the coast to clear, take the suppressor and who cares? You've got a suppressor. However waiting for each and every of them to go away requires a lot of luck and time. The other way requires more precision. Take everybody out of sight except for the guy inside the building. Throw a smoke grenade near the windows, and wait. Try to position the smoke grenade between you and them. When you lose everyone from your sight, it means they don't see you too. Quickly grab it and get out. If they shoot you, try again. In addition, the southwest building has some cash and other goodies, but you can't count on them leaving the place; you need to you a smoke grenade. You can loot all lockers except one, but it is not that much worth it to waste your smoke grenade. You'e going to need it later. Sector should be over. You should have acquired a lot of new weapons, which means micro-management. What I usually do is drop every item on the ground, unload all ammo, separate all stacks etc, and THEN start assigning equipment according to both stats and current status. I have to say it is a bit time consuming when there are a lot of items involved, but worth it.

B10: Urban

Well this sector is kind of suburban, so you have to adjust your tactics accordingly. You can become more confident with your shots, since you have better weapons in your arsenal, but better avoid sniping for now. Select your HP bullets, and save the rest for later. A single HP shot can kill now, so go after them. Deploy your team to the west, getting some cover from that long building. Use the suppressor to get some early kills while positioning your squad. Look through the windows of that bar for a patrolling enemy, but make sure you remain undetected. It might be a good idea to use Rosebud to open one of the doors, so you have a secure space for wounded mercs or a hideout in case things go wild. There are three shops close together, so obviously this is the most suitable place to position yourself. Get your suppressor guy there as a scout, then move the rest of the team. Have the shotgun guys guard the corners (don't stick out of the corners, just count on an interrupt). If the coast is clear, you can smash the lock of the first shop, which is a good position, but it is pretty dangerous to do so. You might want to use the roofs as well. Have the Agram guys on the roofs, prone, guarding the space between the shops. You will probably get some kills there too, and advance your fifth merc (if you have one) to the next roof. The Agram guys on the other roof should have pinned down any remaining enemies, so all you have to do is to find them, and flank them with some HP bursts. This is a neat place to experiment with unaimed headshots, but avoid risking too much. Bursts should be your best friends in this sector. Search the sector for items. Outside the “Watering Hole” bar, there are some gang members and their bikes. There is also a PPSh too, but any attempt to take it causes them to turn hostile. Basically they WILL turn hostile eventually, when they hear about you killing Shark, as they belong to the same gang “The Satan's Sons”. If you chose to brute-force them, make sure you recruit Rude Dog from inside the bar first. Do something Rude Dog likes (the real Rude Dog I mean), try to recruit him with Rosebud, then recruit him with a higher-leadership merc. He should prove a valuable assistance both now and after he advances in levels. Those RPO-As are unique in the game, so don't use them unless you really have to Smile If you don't want to brute force them, you could try the smoke-way again, as in A10. Hide the rest of the mercs, throw it to the left of the PPSh, enter the puffs, make sure you cannot see ANY other guy and then grab it. PPSh is a pretty lethal weapon, especially early on. If you're bursting with it you will have some ammo problems unless you order some from BR later. Use the HP bullets too, a 6-round burst is bound to kill the enemy. If you want to heal your wounds now, you had better watch for an enemy patrol coming from the east, so position your mercs just in case. If you stick around for too long, the gang will learn about he Shark incident and come after you, so be quick.

B9: Urban

Whichever way you enter the map, I'd advise to start northeast, then stealthily approach the first building. You'd better save the 5.56 ammo for later, since 9mm HP is more than enough for this battle. Avoid overusing the PPSh as well. You should be equipped quite adequately for this battle, so an attempt to use worse weapons is reasonable. Get rid of the common ammo and save up the ones you'll need for later. In any case, move your scout (the suppressor guy) to that first building, make sure no nasty surprises are there and proceed with the rest of the squad (generally, whenever you use a scout and spot an enemy, unless you are pretty certain you can deal with him silently, it is best to retreat and advance the rest of the squad first – you can gain agility too). Send someone by the window inside the bedroom, someone near the door looking southwest (for anyone advancing) and perhaps someone in the room with the fireplace looking to the kitchen. Sending someone by the fireplace overlooking the kitchen (to the opposing side) is usually a good idea (or a very bad one, depends). Make sure you are unnoticed till now, and then crawl with someone through the kitchen. You might spot someone to the east – if he didn't notice you continue till you reach the wall. Staying near the center of the kitchen is pretty dangerous, so avoid it (or you may try to make the enemy get in). You might count on your suppressor as well, though if someone is nearby the breaking glass might be loud enough. When you get some good positioning, start shooting. Since you've pretty much turned the house into a fortress, with enough cover for you and little for them, it should be easy to take the advantage. When you have to hunt the rest, they should be southwest. Either get behind them (circle through the forest), or just proceed and burst them.
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Ninth Hour

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Nice tips. Maybe they should be stickied for easy reference? New players would appreciate them, I'm sure.
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my way of dealing with cops
when they are still neutral
place your merc next to the cops so each merc covers at least two of them
arm them with sawed off shotguns and pistols.
with you most expereinced merc kill nearest cop
since your are close go for the headshots
you can often kill two cops before you in battle mode
ok now make you mercs drop the rest of the pigs Smile
with each taking out 2 or 3 with headhots
it a very short battle

same tactics works with bikers
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Yes, though the Atremo districts are four, and my mercs usually can't handle four such ill-equipped battles. My hitmen have a bad habbit of having 17 or 18 health left, and their shooting abilities are to a minimum. I don't say that dealing with them in this way is not a good solution, but try to keep wounds to a minimum. There are a lot of fights in Danubia later in the game, so you don't lose much by not fighting them at all, either (and since you get the weapons, why care?).

This tactic you posted is better used against the bikers, due to the layout of the bar itself. There are a lot of chairs/tables plus the room with the headset, and the roof access for the guys outside.

Whatever you chose to do, steal their damn weapons first Smile
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Sorry Trail but you didnt check storage room in subway a nice surprize is in there
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Surmblade, you mean the one that looks like a control room? I have heard rumours of a 'secret' room, but I don't know if it's this or something else.

B11: Plains, Road

Make sure you have healed your wounds first before heading to Calisto, though do not tarry too much, else you're going to have serious financial problems. Enter this sector from the northwest side. Crawl your suppressor guys to some crates and garbage, and stand up to check for any enemies. Deal with them silently if so. If/when the area is clear, advance your main squad as well. Position someone with a good range weapon, PPSh or better next to the north blue track, having cover from the crate (remain prone for the time being, position the rest of your squad first before looking for trouble). You can use someone, preferably a suppressor merc since he might deal with early enemies, to enter that building, open the door and stay by the van, looking northeast. To cover him, get a shotgun merc inside the building as well, but don't exit it – stay lurking near the door looking between the two cars, so if someone tries to sneak up the other guy, you get an interrupt. I put Malice on the roof, and even though he had a nice clear overview of the area, he got shot a lot. If you climb up, make sure they don't see you yet. Take the other suppressor merc and have him crawl to the south of the building you are at. There is a considerable amount of grass to give you a good advantage, so if there is someone nearby you might as well try to deal with him. That white car nearby is a good cover in case things go wild and you need to retreat. Your goal with this guy is to reach the next building. Camouflage will help. In my game I managed this by crawling with Rude Dog until I detected someone. Then I ran as fast as possible towards the south wall (be careful with the windows) They saw me while running, but when the round ended I was hidden from their sight. Next round I climbed up. If you have someone on the other roof he might get interrupts from people running. Your main battle starts shortly. They could see Malice, so they started moving towards him, ignoring Rude Dog. Meltdown, next to the blue truck, started getting some interrupts as well. The team near the van can shoot grenades at the mass of the enemy. Rude Dog just pops some heads nearby. It should be easy then on. If you need to hunt the last enemies, try the bridge first. Body count showed around 18 enemies, which inflicted a total of 24 damage to all of my mercs Wink
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B13: Calisto Airport

This is a pretty complex sector I like very much, an excellent work from Batman. You can expect a lot of resistance here, and some pretty deadly shotgun shots, but if you use the complexity to your advantage you won't have a lot of problem. The best entry point is obviously the northwest. Move your mercs towards the wall and climb inside the airport station. This back-alley is pretty safe, noone is probably going to come in there, but just in case you may put Rosebud with a shotgun to cover the wall. If you have a good and stealthy merc with a suppressor, try the following: move him past the corner, crawling, taking cover from the barrels. Try to move ASAP next to the helicopter. Someone might patrol near there, (use the extended ear you got), wait for him to come nearby and burst him silently. You would want to remain undetected. Wait a little more incase someone else comes to investigate the body (not sure if this actually happens or they patrol the same area). Deal with him silently as well. Now crawl towards the building's entrance. There are quite high chances you'll get detected, so in this case RUN somewhere inside (preferably crawl under the walls with the windows) and hide from their sight. If you're still undetected, go stealthily to the other rooms and check for any police force in the corridor/bathroom but NOT in a room where you could be seen. If they saw you previously, RUN in the next room, duck next to that desk and look towards the door. This is an excellent spot for someone as good as Static or Raider to take care of a lot of enemies. In case there are two or more enemies outside the office room, go prone. If someone with a shotgun comes next to you, while you've no APs, crawl between the desk and the chair (happened to me once). Once they stop coming, leave that merc there and play with the rest. He will be used for flanking purposes later, as that complex is pretty "hot'. Now you'd better deal with the main entrance. Get two mercs and climb to the roof. Stealthily approach the entrance from above (make sure they don't see you from the interior of the airport). Position one of them to the left and the other to the right. Patrol the edge of the roof a little to make sure there are no surprises and deal with them (watch inside the guardhouse too). When it's clear, use one of the mercs with a burst-capable weapon to climb down, right next to the police car (so you are partially covered). Note however, if you are ducking you're covered; if you go prone they can see you! Fight off some enemies there until your second merc climbs down as well (you can use the sign for cover too). When enemies stop coming towards these two mercs (you should be able to handle the interrupts with ease), do not move them, as there are probably lots of enemies ready to shoot you. Instead you another merc to climb to the roof, pass the entrance part and climb down to the southeast, towards the parking lot. Deal with as many enemies you can without risking much, and get some cover from the tables or whatever. You have contained the enemy mostly to the center, so use the merc you first used (the one in the desk). Follow the corridor and reach the room next to the entrance. You should finish off a few more enemies. It should now be a matter of finishing off the rest, if any. Search the map for items when you are done. Concerning NPCs: Strangely, Rosebud is right. The Air Traffic Controller has information about the crashed plane. Pay Frank, the bartender a visit as well. Enjoy your history log getting stormed by various rumors and buy some alcohol; you'll need it for molotovs. Talk to the civilians as well. They need you to take care of Lynn.

C13: Calisto

This is a quite difficult sector until you can find shelter inside some building (excluding Police HQ Smile . Thus, the north side is more difficult due to its layout. I don't assume or suggest you use the subway exit, though. Not yet, at least. Before attacking for real, you might try getting one or two silent kills on the northwest, by the bus station, but it is extremely easy for them to detect you so retreat early on. One good "fortress' is the space behind the Police HQ and the bar, by the wall of one of the buildings. It is important to control the corridors to the left and the right of that house, however, or else you'll get rushed. There might be an elite inside that building, which you should be able to kill silently through the windows. It is virtually impossible to get inside that building from the front door, so if you can spare some explosives, a KABOOM! could give you some advantage. Expect them to investigate the noise, so think twice before doing so. (And you are quite safe there too). Rosebud with a sawed-off can do miracles in that corner in the right corridor. The real attack should begin in the Police HQ. Notice that someone is next to the alarm trigger, and there is another officer with a shotgun that could prove dangerous. Try sneaking behind the front building rather than full frontal assault. Behind the front building there is another one with bedrooms and lockers, which means protection. You have many options then on to conquer the HQ. Now comes another difficult part; how to proceed through the sector. The best way I found is to crawl through the northeast side to the little park south. That park is a very good defensive position that also provides access to the southern part of the sector. Lynn might be around, beware as she can get deadly if she manages to get close enough. To the west is Betty Fung's shop. Paul McCartney might be there too. Be careful not to injure them if you shoot blindly through those windows. Try to get inside her shop. From there you can flank enemies that might be pinning the rest of your squad. That would also allow you to cross (at last) the road safely. The rest should be cleaning up the remaining enemies. Jump into the bar with someone packing a shotgun and carefully dispose of an elite usually camping by the door to the southwest of the bar. Pay a visit to the gas station too. After the bad guys, you have to fight the locks Smile Find everything to be found in the sector, that talk to Betty. She'll summon Tex from the toilet (tsk tsk) which you can recruit afterwards (you HAVE to talk to Betty first in order to recruit him. Would you like to be interrupted while on the bathroom? Smile Paul might be shopping around. He can give you a clue about where Blair is held prisoner. The bartenders also have a few rumors to share (buy alcohol for the molotovs, remember).
If you are coming from the subway, it would be better if you did things in the opposite order (no, I don't mean speaking to the NPCs first, the collecting items and then killing enemies Smile . You can enter building a lot easier, which decreases the difficultly of the battle altogether. The gas station can provide some early protection, while you get into the park then the police HQ. However, I assume you are wounded from the subway fight, so I don't really recommend it. Fighting Satan's sons below the surface is easier if you don't get out of a train, surrounded.

D13: Calisto

I like this sector. I have always liked big, complex industrial sectors, but this also combines some residential area elements to the north, so it is not “boring”. Make sure you pack some wire-cutters (you should always pack some, anyway). I assume you enter through the north, so position your mercs to the northwest, where they should be safe till they position themselves. You need to cut the fences twice, once for each house. Position two mercs on the rear wall of the western building, and the rest inside the other one, crawling. Always make sure you are not detected until you have good positions. The team to the west house needs no further orders for the time being. The other team needs someone to crawl through the house, next to the top window (so he can cover the corner of the road later and provide backup now). Crawl someone next to the front door (but don't open it yet) and another one below one of the windows in the corridor. It might be a good idea to have someone else somewhere between the two teems to keep them connected, so have him outside the house, by the corner of the east house (but make sure you can't be seen through that window. Start putting those by the windows in ducking position and clear the road. Don't go looking for trouble yet, so retreat if needed. (And of course, be silent if possible). Now quickly advance the west team next to the fence to the south. Their goal at first is to interrupt enemies approaching the house where the rest of the squad it, and when they become the target themselves, to draw them near so the mercs barricaded inside the house can flank them. That said, open the door and expect a little slaughter. You have a lot of mercs in different good positions, so it shouldn't prove hard. When you conquer the northwest part of the sector, have one-two mercs cover the south corner of the road and focus in the plant itself. It is a good time to see what Tex can do, since he should not be wounded. He is quite accurate with a PPSh. I have to admit it is a good time for some lone-wolfing now, to prevent further serious injuries to the rest of the team. Thus, make sure the entrance to the plant is secure and run to the other side. The trucks are a good cover in case some enemy might be there. You might just do a frontal assault, but it's not a good idea if you lonewolf with Tex. Instead, Climb up the roof next to the gate. Bingo, roofs. Climb down to that little garden, locate a guy nearby and deal with him. Shoot through the windows to the main building of the plant, which should be easy if you go prone when needed. If you feel Tex can't handle it alone, bring some help (make sure you CRAWL inside the corridor with the numerous windows). Go up the stairs again, and snipe down any enemies to the southwest. Make sure the whole plant is clear, then hunt the remaining forces outside it. You can use roofs again: surprisingly that tall tree to the northeast of the complex can provide cover even while on the roof. Do as much damage as you can from there, then displace. Climb down the roof near the police building, and you can use the corridor by the plant's fence or the buildings around it. End of story. Pick up all items blah blah, then make sure you didn't miss Fred Morris, the plant manager. The computer-generated voice is my fault, so call me an idiot freely. (Will be fixed however!). You might notice some stairs going down to the southwest, but make sure you're not heavily wounded before proceeding.

D13_b2: Calisto subway

Entering from the surface instead of Atremo subway certainly makes your life easier. Immediately position some mercs against the wall next to the exit and the rest looking to the east. Slicer should approach and start demanding money, but will most likely receive only bullets. Depending on you mercs and their positioning, your or him will get the first shot. In my case, Rosebud(!) got him first. The rest of his gang should be arriving soon - take advantage of your positioning and possible interrupts and the battle should be a total massacre. You might take one or two shots, but the AK you'll find is worth it. Search the rest of the station then exit through the west exit. In the meantime, you might send Biff/Flo/someone equivalent fetch stuff from Atremo through platform 1 (I have the habit of collecting EVERY item I find in one sector, resulting in LOTS of pages later in the game, but helps me organise my equipment).

C14: Urban

I assume you have entered this sector from the subway. In case you enter from the north you can follow the same strategy too, provided that you move before entering combat. Anyway, one very good battleground is the turn of the road near the subway. Position your mercs first, and make sure you remain unnoticed. When going northwest of the subway, perhaps you should use wire-cutters and cut the fence to the east than taking the short way (to avoid possible enemies). (Use the mercs with silenced guns first, of course) Get someone in the roof of that small building next to the orange truck. This will be your primary spotter, so stay low until everyone else is positioned. You're going to count on interrupting, so you need both ways of the road covered. use another merc with wire-cutters climb up the roof of the building north of the orange truck. Also try approaching from the west side of the roof, so avoid enemies. This merc will cover the west side and take care of anyone advancing too much. Malice with an AK and bipod firing HP bullets did wonders here. The building northwest of the subway is also another excellent spot. Notice the room overlooking the road has black windows! These windows conceal your merc inside until they are broken, so break them also when you want and take advantage of it. To cover the southern part of the road, you should use the large building southwest of the subway. Someone up the roof (climb up from the southeast side of the roof) and someone by the windows overlooking the road should make it. When you are ready, use the guy on the small roof next to the orange truck to spot someone, and enter combat. Your positioning should make it easy to win the battle. Hunt anyone still alive then collect all items in the sector.

B14: Urban

Well, I'd say that this is a difficult sector. Both times that I've played it I couldn't find a good enough plan to avoid using old JA tactics (which is, hit and run). This is probably because there is a huge open space to the northwest which makes all enemies to group together rather than being spread. It is also difficult to find a good starting position. I have tried both south and southeast, and while both were not satisfactory, southeast seems better. The most you can do before entering combat is to reach the eastern bunker. There is an enemy inside and more patrolling, but if you crawl by the edge of the map until the corner of the wall covers you, you will be able to reach it. If you see them while crawling, chances are that they haven't detected you so continue until you reach the wall. Get about three mercs there, one to cover each wall and one up the roof later. Position someone else by the truck, crawling and another one by the trees. The bushes should cover him. Now initiate combat and kill as many as you can without moving. Get someone in the roof too. The plan is that there is no plan - kill and hide until you can clean some space for another merc (the one by the truck) to crawl to the other bunker. Inspect the area, then use a merc to go north of the airport, outside the fence, and use the concealment the grass provides to surprise a few more enemies. You should be pretty much pinned down in those bunkers, so retreat someone with wirecutters and cut a hole to the fence as south as possible. If you reach the wall or climb up the roof you should be safe. The role of this merc is to distract the enemies from pinning down the rest of your squad so you can move out. Either shoot through the windows for a while, or better yet, run inside the building and go to the room on the left. You can count on a few interrupts there. Use the merc north, in the grass, to cut the fences and get some cover by the vans/sign. Go near the helicopter while avoiding/dealing with some enemies and finally use him for a combined attack with the merc inside the building. The rewards are enough for your trouble: a Car-15, a twist barrel and a triggergroup, which result in an M4A1, some armor and ammo.

Has anyone found a good tactic to deal with this sector? I suppose it would be easier if you could enter the buildings, but I haven't managed to find a good way.

E13_b1 : Calisto

This is another quite fun and rewarding sector. In fact, its layout somehow forces you to lone-wolf with a stealthy merc. This, however, might not be possible with all mercs, as there is a considerable amount of locks. Unless you have a good merc that is also a good mechanic, like Trevor or Static, bring Rosie with you. Even Tex can handle this. What you need is an M4, about two clips of HP ammo (You did order some from Bobby Ray's, didn't you?), a crowbar or a locksmith kit. The plan is to deal with each and everyone stealthy, with either a headshot or a burst. You might notice the place is full of elites, but don't worry, an HP burst will most likely deal damage to the armour first, and then squeeze a 60+ damage shot that will knock him out. The most difficult spots are two. The first one is obvious, as soon as you enter the sector there are two elites. Be a bit careful and you'll be able to kill the north while the other one hasn't noticed anything. The other dangerous spot is the corridor to the west, where two elites might see each other. On all other occasions you should find them isolated, thus vulnerable. The stealthy approach should guarantee that noone rushes after you, but wonder harmlessly instead. Inevitably, you'll have to break/pick some locks to find the rest. Use Rosebud on stealth mode (either the crowbar or the lockpick doesn't seem to do any sound at all) and you should do fine. You can find a Commando upgrade, lots of crepaton (which can be combined to empty syringes or empty inhalators), a KSVK without much ammo and some other useful stuff. Pay Brains a visit too.
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(I edit the posts instead of posting new ones when they can be groupped together)

Euhm, what about that secret room then?
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Rude Dog

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In the subway under Atremo there is a control room to the easat of all of the lockers. Just off of that room to the south east wall is another room with a nice little present to make your stay in Danubia a little easier.
I'm surprised you hadn't snatched it yet.
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CAR-15 WITH LOTS OF AMMO!!! *heart attack*

Erm, I mean... uhh, well, hmmm, errr I was aware, but not using it because i'm 1337. Yep, that's it.

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Wow. Very good. YOu plan to do all the sectors???
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I'd like to. Depends on my free time and mood to write though Wink

I have a few more sectors to add in the Port Kip - D9 Casino area, but that'll have to wait.
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Great tips - too bad most of us are too impatient to wait for more!


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I wish I had read this thread before I got started.

Missed out on Rosebud and the CAR-15.

I had to abandon Artremo all together and worked my way over to Port Kip.

Rude Dog has been a real team saver. I picked up a number of good items along the way that is helping the team out.

But I have made many mistakes. But it's was great fun last night once I got back into my old style of play. The hours just flashed by.

My start team: Imp-Night Ops, Ambidexterous; Spider for medic, Bull, Barry, Hitman, Jubilee. I got Rude Dog at the bar. He has been the main go to guy for the team.
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I discovered the CAR-15 and was delighted but the ammo ran out pretty quickly and now I'm just carrying it along and hoping. But one of the dead soldiers in some of the lower sectors of Calisto had a Bizon 2 and four AP mags - add a silencer and you have a great NightOps weapon (my Stealthy Expert character was overjoyed Smile ) My team consists of me (Stealthy x2), Scope to cover me, Tex because he's just cool and Rude Dog as a pack mule carrying mags and grenades. Works fine but I'd kill for some Night Goggles!!!
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I'm struggling with this game so I just want you to know Trail, I'm finding your guide useful, though Calisto Airport was still an absolute bitch!
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Thanks. The easiest way to deal with the Airport is probably to contain them to the center while circling them, and keeping defensive positions. I loved getting whooped there, and I had no CAR15 from the subway Wink
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I just noticed how old this thread is. Must be nice to know it's still being used. I haven't posted here for like 6 months.

I'm up to what used to be the mine now. Need some money!
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Darn! I would have liked to continue the thread, but I'm already a bit further than Calisto... Maybe next time I play the game...

Edit: AHAHAHA! I just noticed how old this thread is... And there are some tips for the other sectors in the other threads...

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Hey, I just went through L11 and "found" someone, at least that's what I was told, before going to "closer". I looked everywhere and couldn't find anyone... there's supposed to be a rich couple there, in old JA, right? what's there now?
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Well i cant check it proper right now, cause my last UC safe where i already visited this sector is mid battle so i cant go in.
BUT if u look around and dont find anybody then its probably a ghost of the past.
A lot of pre 1.13 mods had those messages when there was somebody in the vanilla game but not in the mod.

Though, im not sure right now if u even got this message in Vanilla Ja.
Still, rule of thumb for older mods is if theres no one to be found ignore it.

Or are you asking for the hybrid again Julix? Wink

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Thanks. Yes, I was talking about the hybrid, somehow I think at some point that will become the "normal" UC, since it's really quite stable! And I'm so happy to be able to quick-load during enemies turn and that the "hour-glas"-freeze doesn't happen as often any more, when stealing something.

It's kind of weird, that I'm so extremely interested whenever I see something. I never want to miss anything. I love to find EVERYTHING in one run... which is stupid and takes for ever... - But missing out on a NPC would really bug me Very Happy

I think I already have like 4 decoders... - I think I should start looking for the disket and finish the damn thing! ^^
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If you want to aquire a few extra guns, run to cash in your claim ticket before combat starts. The 2 stun grenades can be thrown at militia on your turn in combat without getting them hostile. SMGs, shotguns and pistols will be dropped. Pick them up before the militia does. Enjoy.
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Yo guys, started playing UC on Gold, not sure if this is the right thread.

What's the deal with B14 (top right Calisto? I got a boat load of 7.62 Nato sniper rifles and a bunch of MP5 with silencers of the enemies by punching them and stealing *all* their stuff.

But now the sector is full of enemies again? I went to C13 to free up the sector and wanted to get the tool box from B14 to do some repairs and all the white / tan shirt / pants guys are back, again with sniper rifles etc.

This can be used as an exploit, as by now I have guns to sell to Tony for the next 2 weeks. Anyone know anything about that?

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