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Some strange and/or irritating things[message #98033] Sat, 29 April 2006 08:06 Go to next message

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I'll put it all in this topic to avoid creating too many of them:
1) Who made all the locks in the doors and lockers so hard to open? Is Trevor the only one to be able to lockpick them? Because my brother plays with Vicki with 99 mechanics and over 90 dexterity and still finds many locks that has to be blown up or just unopenable for her...
2) I've just found out that it is possible to climb on the walls in the subway and therefore walk on "roof" where it shouldn't actually exist
3) I don't know if it is normal, but I can fill many inhalators or syringes with one crepagen only and create a few rod&springs with one rod for a few springs at one time. Is it a bug?

If some strange or just funny things happened to you, write it here as well Smile
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1) Wolf has pretty good luck opening things for me, about as good as in normal JA2.
2) Subway - not sure
3) Filling many syringers / inhalers is intentional, rod & spring is a bug.
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Rude Dog

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The locks thingie is irritating indeed and I don't remember who did them but there were way too many of them to go back and change the level on them all. If you'd like to go through each and every sector with the Beta Editor is the only way to really change that annoying little tidbit.

Climbing on the subway "roofs" is a kind of bug but it might come in handy later.

I would just reap the benefits of the rod and spring bug and wait until I had a buttload of them together to stack and combine so that you get more for your efforts. I really don't use the Crepaboost but I find it wonderful to be able to stack syringes and fill them all at once.
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I just had an idea to fix the hardness easier... if you externalized the factors of the formula for lockpicking you could increase the influence of the stats...

say its normally 0.5*dex + 0.9*mec + whatever - difficulty of lock = chance of opening, you could make it 1/2*difficulty of lock (thereby decreasing the skill necessary for all locks in the game) or other way round doubling the factors infront of the the skill.

[I'm not a modder or scripter or anything, it's just an idea... - Would it work?]

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