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Jack D Ripper

Registered:September 2002
Location: The Woodlands, Texas
Is it just me, or does it seem like the allegedly silent sniper rifle alerts enemies to your location every time you fire it? I think that whilst the sound of the weapon may be the "silenced" sound, the weapon is still coded to be loud. Has anyone else encountered this problem? :rifle:
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Registered:May 2000
Location: Vancouver, BC, Canada
All "silenced" weapons make noise...it's simply less than non silenced weapons.

So on city maps or wilderness maps with large patrols, using a silenced weapon will usually alert the enemy to my presence due to the high density of enemy troops....if you shoot one, another one is close enough to hear it. On maps with small patrols however, you can often (not always) shoot a target without alerting the enemy.

Silenced weapons are still useful however. Even though the enemy is alerted to my presence, they are less likely to have an exact fix on my location, meaning that they are unlikely to toss a breaklight my way. In addition, fewer enemies hear the noise and investigate. Instead of getting ALL the roaming enemies on the map come over, you may get just a few.

Of all the silenced guns, the best is probably the VAL and it's single shot brother, the VSS. Their high damage means that 1 or 2 taps to the head will take out elites even in the end game while a full burst of 9mm SMG might not.

So basically, I agree that silenced weapons alert the enemy more than they used to, but I think that higher enemy density has some part in this.
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In addition, "silenced" weapons emit less light. This may sound irrelevant, but this actually is an asset during night sorties.

I have compared my VSS, say to a M16A2. Whenever I assault a sniper outpost, there is a lesser chance that you get interrupted by a hidden shooter or a break light being thrown at you. Remember some instances when you creep up to somebody and try to shoot them, then suddenly an interrupt happens and another enemy shoots back right away? This never happens to me when I use my VSS.

To answer your question, I think Bane's explanation is quite insightful. I have varying results when using my VSS in an open battle - sometimes they gather up, while sometimes not.
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the scorpion

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Location: CH
of course, an enemy standing besides another soldier notices that his mate is gone.
but if u use VSS at night (makes most sense due to the short range), u can take out single targets without the enemy noticing. of course, the value for sound emited by VSS is not 0, but it is still very low (same thing for muzzle light)
Ok. take Mercs with nghtvision skill too, so u can see whether enemy soldiers react or not. In any case, it never happened to me to be interrupted when using VSS, so it has a big advantage compared to other sniper rifles or assault rifles
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Location: MNL
I am about to enter Meduna ... just thinking about Reaper with VSS ... SWEET! :grimreaper:
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