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When i will become millioner i have 2 wishes :
1. make the game Ufo:Enemy unknow remake - > with same gameplay (maybe littl improvment) and today graphic.
2. make the game like JA2 with the gameplay in tactics like silent storm with better graphic but with the all featured of ja2.

Now you need to hope that i will become to millionare : )

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Shawn Smith

Registered:March 2012
I REALLY wanted to love this release...I just can't.

I have to admit, it's been a long time since I purchased a game without reading a few reviews first, but come on man THIS IS JAGGED ALLIANCE!!! My bad i guess. 5hrs of play is all I could stand before I re-installed JA2/1.13 to clear the bad mojo from my system. I was less disappointed when my girlfriend slept with my father! What the %^$& happened here?

Come on smart people and crack this bitch!
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The game runs like crap on my computer should have concentrated on gamplay more than graphics or prehaps I just need a new computer. anyway what I played of it of it I can only come to 1 conclusion and that is just becuase somthing is new and shiny it don,t make it gold. More like dog$#!t covered in golden spray paint but this you probably already know.

Gamplay is not exactly tactical more technical than anything. first time i play some guard came around a corner as I was changing the camera position and hit my merc in the head with an AXE!
he looked like a lumberjack. the camera controls are sketchy as you never seem to have the right view.

The game is quite easy the hardest thing I found on the game was dealing with all the bugs.
I,m not exactly the greatest tactical mind but the game is quite simple if you what you are doing.

But as I was 1 of the people who did want the game to go realtime I may have brought this on myself but I might be more inclined to play if they fixed the bugs beefed out the AI smarts wise and added better vioce acting and made the game a bit more life like as all the guard seem to do is patrol all bloody day no stop for a snack or a smoke. I want to fear mine enemys to know that if I make a wrong move I,ll be sent to hell in a heartbeat

The jagged alliance I know is supposed to be a hard exilerating nail bitting ride of a game.
the true jagged alliance that is jagged alliance 2!
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Registered:November 2011
Location: Canada
I put almost 60 hours into this game. My official conclusion: I hate it. Really hate it. Hate it so much I'm screaming at my monitor because of the game's stupidity. I only played it so much due to a perverse desire to finish the game.

Things I like (or don't mind):
- Real time/play and go. Works fairly well. Though it'd be nice if you could order a merc to fire until target dead in the paused mode instead only in real time.

Things that I hate (or just dislike):
- IMP. Other people have already talked about this. It's just plain stupid that this wasn't included. Why would you not want the player to have a character they're invested in? Just deduct a few grand from the starting funds to make up for the extra merc if you're worried about balance. This is just face-palmingly idiotic.

- No Deidranna. In JA2, you had constant updates of Deidranna abusing poor old Elliot. She had a persona, she was the villain. You were constantly reminded who your opponent was. In BIA? Aside from some posters in the city, you don't see her face (at least 58hrs in). Not having a visible opponent took alot of the fun out of the game. No malicious glee at seeing how angry she gets. No sending her flowers and chuckling as she b*tchslaps Elliot.

- Inventory. A clusterf**k of back ideas. Others have already pointed out the problems with each weapon having only 1 attachment slot, lack of ammunition types and reduced catalog of guns.
* Attachements. Any attachment to a gun comes off when it's not the active weapon. Want to carry a silenced pistol? That's 2 inventory spots, one for the pistol and another for the silencer. WTF?
* Grenades. Grenades have 3 shots? Why? Why not have single grenades that you can stack up to 3 times? If I have one grenade with 1 shot remaining and another grenade with 2 shots left, they now take up 2 inventory spots because I can't merge the two. If they were single items, this problem wouldn't exist.
* Armour and camouflage. A good idea in theory. In actual game play it's terrible. Because armour degrades and can't be repaired you're constantly having to buy more. But most merchants don't have extensive selections so I'm forced to buy what I can. This makes any attempt to camouflage my mercs hopeless. Plus it means if I want to be truly hidden I need to carry multiple sets - 1 for urban, another for wood and another for desert. Ordering more from Bobby Ray's not feasible as it takes almost 2 days for my B team to get to Drassen then back to me at Meduna City. Oh and you can't use Meduna airport even if you capture it. Smart.
* Toolkits and medkits. Why do we need 4 types of medkits, 3 types of toolkits, but not AP or HP ammo? And of course none of them can be merged together which means more inventory space.

- Vehicles. Or lack of them. Why get rid of cars and Skyrider? Did they break the game? I'd argue in the new militia system you need Skyrider even more.

- Militia. Another idea that sounds good in theory. But in practice it's a millstone around a player's neck. It takes a long time before militia level up and increase to the point they can survive attacks. Which means your mercs spend several days fighting off small patrols and collecting enough weapons to equip everyone. I spent a crap-ton (that's metric, in imperial weights, it's a piss-ton) of money buying guns to outfit my militia since soldiers dropped so few guns. In JA2, you'd spend a couple of days training up a militia and then you could leave knowing they'd pretty much survive anything Deidrianna could throw at them. Most players would have a 'B Team' of mercs that concentrated on training only which meant your main mercs weren't tied down and could continue to attack. Instead i found myself fighting around Cambria for a week until it was secure enough to survive one or two attacks. At which point I'd need to send my 'B Team' up with more weapons to re-equip them. Which leads me to...

- 'B Teams'. I'm guessing most JA2 players used mercs like Ira or Hamous to do the training and freeing up the Wolf's and Igor's to go capture towns. In BIA, my 'B Team' devolved into a bunch of packmules carting spare guns. From a personal perspective it feels wrong, they're supposed to be mercs not Fedex. Even if Hamouse never got into a firefight, at least having him train militia makes him 'feel' like a merc.

- No ability to mute confirmations. If I have to hear Fox's prattle one more time, I'm gonna march her over a minefield. Which also leads me to...

- Mines. In JA2 if your merc spots a mine he/she has the good sense not to walk over it. Not in BIA, they and the militia will cheerfully run over one.

- Enemy AI. (I'm playing the patched game with fog of war) It seems that unalerted soldiers can only see a short distance in front of them, but once alerted they magically have telescopic vision. I could be prone in the forest and I know they'll spot me first before I spot them. The nadir came when I had a squad in Meduna covering a street. They're all prone but of course get spotted and fired on first. I plot fire, un-pause the game and then see soldiers appear out of thin air IN FRONT of the soldiers I'm firing on. Does Deidranna have a deal with the Predators? (actually that would be a kick-ass game) Or GITS opto-camouflage? Or just bad coding?

I've ranted on pretty long on this as I'm venting my frustrations on what could have been a good game. If you enjoy this game, then ignore what I said and continue to play it. But for me this game pissed me off so much. How did they get so many things wrong? Hell, just hire the 1.13 modders and you'd have the JA game we all wanted.
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Registered:March 2009
Have played it for a few days now (not finished, mind you) and it's enough for me to tell that I don't like it much.

Most of the negative stuff has already been commented on plenty and I totally agree.

For me personally the lack if an 1.13 like inventory and attachment system was a major drawbacks.
Arulco seemed so tiny and less complex compared to JA2, and not to mention the absence of some major cool cities.

All in all, at the end of the day I can freely admit, that BiA is hardly worth the name Jagged Alliance.
It does well as an stand-alone game. And I found the Real-Time Plan and Play nice. But there were many times I wished more control over my actions.

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Doc Croc

Registered:September 2003
Location: VT
I played the demo and was not impressed but I still bought the game. I wish that I had not. It's like five steps back from the original JA. No IMP, no adjustable difficulty, no tons of guns, and really piss poor voice acting. To anyone who hasn't bought this abomination, play the demo and go back to JA2. They really butchered this.
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Registered:April 2012
You'd be even less impressed if you knew that camo's not working, night vision's not working, some traits are broken as well and according to bitComposer the patching will be interrupted because it doesn't bring any financial benefits. Jagged Alliance 2 is cursed to be the last successful one in the series, it seems.
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Registered:June 2012
Anyone trully interested in such type game success will understand, that all he need - is to create HIS OWN series. All others just feed on our hopes and loud project names.

I lasted in BiA for few hours. First and last stop was:
"1 attachment per gun. No clips/magazines. Static spots for blowing up walls. No LOS." - "And you call THAT tactical?".

I hope oneday... 4-8 years later... 1.13 community will come to BIA with NAS, NCTH, etc,etc Smile
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Registered:July 2009
That's solely in BCs hands ...

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Registered:May 2012
Can't help but agree with most of the complaints.....
JA2 UB.....I love the characters...it is difficult to stop playing.
Simple truths.
BIA I gave a whirl...sort of okay. But now I've stopped......I loaded the mod and some old characters....it just doesn't get me playing.
There are some fun/benefits to laying everything out and then setting it in motion.....but generally I can't stand the color and shaded stuff while trying to see what's what and placing characters....and it is not very precise...and I don't know what I am shooting at and where the enemy is and IT DOESN'T SEEM TO MATTER ANYWAY.....I keep shooting and eventually they go... or I have to figure a different method of attack and ....

After a fire fight, there is no emotion, not much danger, little to get psyched up about....no one is going to say....AFTER THAT, I NEED A CIGARETTE. Or even FUDDLE DUDDLE. Don't care. Would rather go back and play the other JA2 mods and scenarios.....etc. Much rather. Need to now, to get the taste out of my system.

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Sam Hotte

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Location: Middle of Germany
The characters Don't Die

They do. Just do not heal/treat them within the next minute or so after they passed out and they will finally die. (including their buddies swearing about their loss)
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Doc Croc

Registered:September 2003
Location: VT
Unclejoe, where can I find those mods?

In my estimation the company should revise the game so we have the features that we've come to love. Since I know nothing about them, it seems unlikely. I wonder what Ian and Linda Currie must be thinking about how things have transgressed. I'm sure they aren't happy. Back to the game though, if the company will not fix the problem, there is only one group who can. The superheroes who brought us Deidranna lives, urban combat, and the other mods that most of us are probably still playing.

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Doc Croc

Registered:September 2003
Location: VT
I am still confused. Does BIA actually have any redeeming qualities? I just can't play it.
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Registered:October 2012
Doc Croc
I am still confused. Does BIA actually have any redeeming qualities? I just can't play it.

I like the PnG system. It took a bit getting use to but once you master it, combat can be quite rewarding. I haven't finished one campaign yet. Restarted a few times while fiddling around the the moddable components of the game in order to see the results. But the game always get more tedious than fun about half way through the campaign. With 'Combat Evolved', it's sort of fun, but there is more downside to this half-finished junk than there is upside. I won't be sinking endless replay hours into this game the way I did with JA2, will probably move on to XCOM after I finish one campaign.
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Registered:February 2006
Location: Scotland
Ok , after an hour of play , I quite like it , not half as bad as some have said , not as good as 1.13 obviously , but it has it's plus points , graphics , the PnG is ok , and scenery is better than HG or BE5 . Well worth

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Registered:January 2013
Location: Nova Scotia, Canada
When the game first came out I got right away.
played for a spell and thought the game was real bad. Tried a few more times still bad.
The camera was crap, seeing all enemy troops, quit again.
A few months back I saw a few fixes and tried again, not as bad as I first thought.
Love the pause and go mode, the graphics are nice. The camera controls were helped a bit by a mod.
Added the CE mod. Enemy still attack a bit stupid. But with a different mind set now I am enjoying the game. Now trying sbobvyc's xp mods and camera tweaks.
I dont play jaggged alliance 2 so cant compare (sry guys too ugly) not as good as say silent storm but still a fairly fun game.
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