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This one's a bit specific, but got me thinking why is this Assault rifle so cheap after browsing Furlok's Item reference page:


Now I know not all prices are either realistic or necessarily balanced and I don't want to open a hornets nest of why all guns are priced the way they are but this rifle seems to be quite a bargain, all the more so for a supposed special forces rifle. Could anyone explain why this rifle is so cheap? the only shortcoming I can see with it is it's reliability, but then it's no worse than an M4 or is the price a typo?

I only ask as I'm contemplating adding this to a mercs starting gear, generally I like to keep most starting kits on the cheap side and this fairly respectable gun is ticking a lot of boxes, but wanted to check on the price issue first.

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Quite a few of the item prices are nonsense, due to there being no consistent overhaul in, like, ever.

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Has there ever been any real talk on how pricing should be done? Like some base that could be understood and then the modders would warp things from? I assume most modders have had their own version. If not, maybe thats something for a few of the smart people to figure out. Something like
base price of the gun in 2000 or 2005 or 2010 or some year + % markup for the whole BR ships overseas and does all the legal/illegal stuff to get it to you equals the base BR price.
if such a system existed then maybe overtime we could convert things to it and keep new items in balance.
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There is no RL consistency in prize for weapons,
export/transport/import restrictions and demand/supply ratio can easily bring it up to multiples of default,
while corrupt military elements ensure that mass produced weapons are sold at a fraction if there are plenty and no restriction,
like in a warzone.

Prizes could be used to balance stuff, e.g. make a good gun early available and expensive,
but perfect price balancing overall would kill the positive "got favourite item even some bucks cheaper than the one i dont like" effects,
and oppose RL where above factors vary with region.

tldr ntars

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