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Re: Arulco Revisited Mod[message #357299 is a reply to message #357296] Tue, 23 April 2019 03:03

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Thanks for the detailed answer!

Splitting things up might be better, letting people choose is a fair point. And it'll probably save me some time, too.

I wanted to leave 23 in civGroups free like done in 1.13. And Flugente added a bunch of other script placed groups i didn't want to mess with. At the momemnt I put smugglers into group 100, just to be save if he adds 30 more next week (which probably would be cool) happy After my first impression, that this will hinder me to do things, I cooled down and see using two mapeditors rather as an annoying, but totally working thing. But yeah, still annoying (still have to look into my installment again). I also intend to add more factions, mostly just for adding and/or altering story. Depends also on if I find out how to edit the emails, which seems to be hardcoded and therefore out of reach for me now.

So far I made changes to mercprofiles, sectornames, movement costs xmls(also needed for volunteers to define a farm as farm and for diseases to define swamp as swamp and so on, Flugente kindly pointed me to this). For sectornames I just used 1.13 and added the missing AR sectors and changed names where needed. Same with mercprofiles, took 1.13 and just changed the placements of maddog, manuel, etc.
For hacking, script added merchants and photos I allready checked the tiles of placement, roomnumbers, direction of sam-terminals, etc. in AR and compared to 1.13 and started to change numbers in scripts where nescessary and added pc-furniture where missing. Most could be left untouched, but I looked up all anyway. This requires some more ingame testing to see if and how it works. For instance, I allready realized that script added npcs in basements seemingly doesn't work as I thought, needs further investigation. In factories AR added npcs as workers, that collide with script added factory-workers in some places, too. Probably I should clean all AR maps from items and npc's anyhow and then add back later. Still need to find out if script-added npcs are count towards the max-placement in editor or instead to max in civs per sector in ja2ini. And I have to look at Orta again, the placemts of needed stuff for some stuff is working, for others not - maybe I typed the wrong numbers or something else went wrong. And Orta is rather important for hacking featutre, don't want to mess it up.

For Flugentes Bountyhunt quest I had to change some maps of AR, otherwise the bountyhunters would spawn in walls or in deep water lake. And I have to look into dynamic-restrictions.xml. Militia is handled different in recent builds and doesn't have this xml anymore, needs some testing on my side.

modsettings-ini also has new entries, e.g. ASD helicopter. I also still need to add heli-stis to meduna airport for ASD and change estoni map, since heli otherwise would land halfway in a building if in tactiacal and landed. And I'm pretty sure, that after more ingame testing I'll come across more things.

sam-sites are somehow handled different now. they have to be named 1,2,4,8 and so on - that's what xml-description says. So sam 5 and 6 need to be 16 and 32 in the row-table at the end of xml. Otherwise they won't shoot down skyrider (probably not working at all, I assume. At least thats what I think after testing other numbers). But since AR added a couple of computers and alike itself, I might can produce a cheesy story on them to explain lacking colours in airspace-view (something like "run by navy, uses different software and deflection" or simular meh). Anyhow, I'm glad I was able to make them work at all and being able to shut them down by hacking.

All this extra computers should be given some text (make lua-entries for them) or they will produce just standard text from 1.13 which might be odd. This might be a tricky part for splitting things up.
I also experimented with adding new mercs (in MERC and on map), needs some more testing and again - split up.

And you are absolutely right, 90% is lua-scripts (mostly overhead and strateticmap). Which works much better since i use notepad++ instead of standard windows notepad happy

Most of the typing allready is done, but testing has to be done in real-game, sofar I have tested while in cheat mode. This most likely will result in some more typing. And to avoid doing item-placement over and over again, I decided to do this as a last step (at least things like camera and facemask which are connected to newer features should be added in early game maps/merchants since one can't order them due to late bobby ray). Other changes I should really split up. And since RL also has to be lived, all this will need some time happy

I also started to change some tilesets. Adding heli-sti, sandbags and concertina where needed and wanted. And most of all I realy would love to expand the military harbour and need boats for this. I made some pixel-drawn boats out of truck-sti and even some bigger ones, but struggle with jsd. Got some advive from hawkeye on this and have to try if I'm capable to follow. This also should file under "split up".

So, thanks again for detailed answer, that reasured me that I'm not completly thinking wrong what needs to be done, highly wellcomed feedback- thanks. And most of all for advising to split things up. The moment I read it, I thought, geez- this is so obvious, sigh. suprised

And uups, I rambled on again - sorry folks, might be a build-in feature of mine. shy

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I need more details.

(Didi Hallervorden)
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Re: Bugs: Unofficial releases (SCI's), unstable and DEV builds[message #357300 is a reply to message #357249] Tue, 23 April 2019 08:22
Mravac Kid

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It's been a while since I last played the game, so I thought I'd try the latest version. I downloaded SCI_JA2v1.13_Revision_8673_on_GameDir_2474 and unpacked it over a freshly installed GOG version of the game, and the menus are very weirdly smudged. I tried fiddling with the INI and adjusting the resolution, but no effect. The game looked fine before unpacking the 1.13, and there were no error messages.
Also, everything seems to work, it's just all pretty much illegible.
I'm using 64-bit Windows 7.
Here's two screenshots from the game, with and without mouse-over.

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Re: Bugs: Unofficial releases (SCI's), unstable and DEV builds[message #357301 is a reply to message #357300] Tue, 23 April 2019 09:31

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I think I have seen this problem reported before. IIRC it had something to do with a setting in the graphics driver. Unfortunately I don't exactly remember it.

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