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 Topic: UC-1.13 Discussions and Bug Reporting (2013/03/07 to 201-/--/--)
Re: UC-1.13 Discussions and Bug Reporting (2013/03/07 to 201-/--/--)[message #355407 is a reply to message #355403] Tue, 23 October 2018 00:50

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Some general impressions after maybe 100+ hours of playing this mod:
- Some maps are more fun than others. I think the draw of Urban Chaos is more CQB battles but this isn't really feasible with long parallel streets and blank walls. I think the buildings definitely could use more windows to add interest. By FAR my favorite map was NE Troy where it's completely surrounded by a fence, has three gated entrances, one main drag down the middle, but then an intricate maze of windowed hallways, rooftops, and rooms. It was glorious.
- Some maps are bizarrely set-up. What stands out the most is Prax Hospital and its entrance on the left side. The entire hospital is surrounded by a wall with no access to any rooftops on the top-left. I didn't intend to do this but my first encounter was when I rounded the corner and saw the entrance and inadvertently set up an interrupt factory. Enemies either would congregate further down the street or get interrupted to death once they walked out of the door. Surprisingly, no one ever threw a chemlight or launched anything towards my group packed in the 2-tile bottleneck on the left. 48 enemies died that night. The AI was generally really clever but they get easily cheesed with bottleneck features in maps. I don't see any way to fix it without making the maps significantly bigger and that's outside the scope of this mod.
- Despite the CQB focus, certain weapons get quickly outclassed. The M4 is certainly expensive but once you get it there's really no reason to use anything else, including 'quick' modern SMGs. I suppose this is realistic because the US Army has adopted it for a reason.
- Merchants are inconsistent. Is there any point to them besides adding flavor? I suppose they have a utility early on if you're desperate for a canteen or a backpack but most of the time they're way too inconvenient to access. They're not named and the behavior is not consistent, so to access them you have to run a merc over to what looks like a store, and then talk to the person behind the counter and HOPE they're a merchant, then HOPE that they have something interesting instead of string and coca-cola.
- This next feedback I don't really have a good solution to it, but the money is imbalanced. I found out that the optimal financial solution is to bumrush towards Port Kip and set up shop next to Tony. Then I just collect all weapons from my fights and use someone cheap like Raffi to cart them over and collect my daily $15k. Once I was in Port Kip, this was really safe to do, but good lord was it tedious. Meanwhile, my presence in Port Kip somehow triggered Kingpin to go hostile (I'm aware of the faction triggers but not sure what I did). It was a relatively easy fight in his compound and I was rewarded with $230,000+ in cash. No idea if this was intended but it reinforces the strategy of "Forget everything and go to Port Kip".
- Is Rodesa meant to be militia free? I cleared it out, found a casino, found out I couldn't train militia, then just moved on? It got recaptured and I didn't see the point of fighting the same battles in the same setting so I ignored it.
- UBT Travel is instant once you clear the stations but also tedious. I understand there are engine limitations at play but I often just made my mercs walk overland because it was as easy as "You, go there" instead of babysitting them through the gargantuan subway stations (seriously they're way bigger than anything a major city like NYC has, they're almost like underground malls. It's quite incongruent). Similarly, ordering things from Bobby Ray was also tedious because the 'crate' was often way on the other side of the station. I eventually solved both issues by cheating and teleporting each merc whenever needed. I saw no immersion or gameplay benefit to recreating my daily commute.
- Factory staffing. What exactly does this add? All you need is a merc with 60+ wisdom and they boost your factory income by 50%. There are a ton of really cheap options (e.g. Turtle, Carp, Gumpy, Weasel etc) that you can just park and forget about. I think games should move away from 'no-brainer' decisions. Similarly holy shit why are there factory injuries? This was ridiculous. I'd get a pop up that someone got injured overseeing my factory, activate them into a squad, go into the sector, press A (since they already had a first aid kit), press done, exit out of the sector, and re-assign their factory job. What does this add from a gameplay perspective?

In terms of bugs, it was the usual 1.13 stuff. I had frequent crashes, frequent infinite clocks (one consistently happened after I played first aid, another happened after I killed a specific gun runner, etc), and frequent items disappearing entirely. It was still fun! But I'm done with it for now.

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 Topic: Placing sandbags
Re: Placing sandbags[message #355408 is a reply to message #355405] Tue, 23 October 2018 04:11

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Vengeance:Reloaded has sandbags in all tilesets.

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 Topic: Opening doors sideways, shooting around corners
Re: Opening doors sideways, shooting around corners[message #355409 is a reply to message #355406] Tue, 23 October 2018 08:34

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I cannot say if it is code-wise possible.

The following may be partly useful to you in this context, however.

I believe that with your weapon raised, and in certain postures, such as standing with weapon raised, and also when prone, you can hold down alt while clicking on the spot to your left or right and you will continue to keep your weapon raised to the North(say if it was so when raised), sidestep (or roll if prone), and at least in the original JA2 (pre v1.13 series), you would be much harder to hit or let's say, less likely to trigger an enemy interrupt.

For some strange reason, this does not seem to work when in the Crouched Position, even with the weapon raised (L to look in a new direction, hit L again to aim down sights -- aka raised weapon). Instead you will crouch-walk backwards and so you turn to look at your original tile.

Now, I could have sworn that in earlier v1.13 versions you could do this while crouched as well, but it does not work for me anymore.

I see this ALT side-step movement with a weapon raised in either Standing or prone position (you supposedly actually roll when prone to the side with aim to the same cardinal direction as originally) as , in effect, incorporating a sort of lean around corner advantage.

Now, I know this tends to work well in Easy Difficulty even a customized one that is really Experienced, but I cannot promise it will protect you at higher difficulties. However, it is still advantageous because you are looking at the direction of any enemy first, so you tend to see the enemy and have a good chance to benefit from that to either interrupt first or avoid interrupts (plus your weapon is ready to fire in that intended vulnerable direction).

Negatives are, side-stepping takes more AP. You need to practice to make it work and use the right stances with the weapon's raised. Not sure if it works on all weapon types. And it overall seems unreliable in effecting that correct side-stepping, but probably because I tend to forget the particular requirements. If you do use it, I'd suggest saving just before you try it in that battle, so that you can try various methods until you prove and learn the correct method. Lastly, it may even depend somewhat on not holding ALT key down too long or not, not sure, probably not, but like I said it feels unreliable (but I think it is mostly because I tried it while crouching).

Why this is not allowed while crouch side-stepping is a big question? I'd like to see it instituted as the default ALT crouch click to the side, while ALT crouch walking backwards defaults to backwards movement.

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