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 Topic: The Chalice of Chance: to kill or not to kill KINGPIN
Re: The Chalice of Chance: to kill or not to kill KINGPIN [message #360554 is a reply to message #357831] Sat, 11 July 2020 02:38

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hi i gave chalice to kingpin and the penalty is not a big deal if we are not talking about balime (currently 18%) but i dont know if it is related to this quest because i have never had a trouble with other towns' loyalty and all of them is 100% (only alma is about 95%, because it is newly liberated and it will be 100% after a few fights between militia and army).

anyway the question is i gave it to kingpin in very early game and i just killed kingpin right now but there is no chalice on his corpse. so what did i do wrong? how much time do we have to kill kingpin after we gave him chalice? because i waited more than a month big grin

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Forum: v1.13 General Development Talk
 Topic: Insane...
Re: Insane...[message #360555 is a reply to message #359213] Sat, 11 July 2020 02:49

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love the rant big grin

remembered my first playthrough with 1.13.
Forum: v1.13 Feature Requests
 Topic: Reintroduce 'pre-randomized' to-hit numbers as an ini option
Re: Reintroduce 'pre-randomized' to-hit numbers as an ini option[message #360557 is a reply to message #360540] Sat, 11 July 2020 06:56

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Thanks for fixing e link. happy

No savegame (just before e bug occurs), no cure.

'Not everything that counts can b counted, n not everything that can b counted counts' - Albert Einstein
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Forum: Vengeance 1.13 Reloaded
 Topic: Vengeance: Reloaded - Introduction
Re: Vengeance: Reloaded - Introduction[message #360553 is a reply to message #347826] Sat, 11 July 2020 01:56
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Hey there,

thanks a lot for all the work you put into this.

Just had a feeling a few days ago like I should play some JA2 again - thanks to the license I got with backing "flashback" I got an English copy of the game installed your Mod + the 3 DLLs from the Polish forum. And the game is running great. (But to be honest: I like the German voice and one-liners of Buns better than the English ones)

Though I have to admit that I might just not be JA2 hardcore enough to play that mod - having Raven hired for one day (besides Buns, a Doc and an MERC Mechanic + the free Guy from Omerta) I tried to get Drassen in a day. Being low on ammo and first-aid-kits or even good weapons, I needed to fight in daylight to make most out of Ravens time - thought: well night fights will get easier. Not really: my AE and Buns hardly hit the door of a barn. I ended up fighting in the 4th Drassen sector where 3 mercenaries with together about 10 shots won't even get a single hit on an enemy that is approaching from behind although he is in there effective weapons range. So with some save scumming I might get to free this and the 5th sector BUT that would leave me in a situation where my best merc will be gone and my wounded rest is almost out of ammo or medi packs - and I just read something about a nice "little" counterattack in 1.13....

Well I've had three nice evenings (spend each time much more time than I had planed) with this mod so far - but I'm not harcode enough to play this as a restart. Which is not a really bad thing as playing JA2 is always way to much time consuming. And this is a nice reason to stop again.

It's cool you keep this game alive and sooner or later I will sure be back playing this again (maybe with different settings to start with).
Re: Vengeance: Reloaded - Introduction[message #360558 is a reply to message #360553] Sat, 11 July 2020 07:13

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Thanks gsi, it has been said Vengeance: Reloaded is a bit tougher than most mods or at least Vanilla (as it is unofficially a sequel) but your outcomes are very much dependent on your experience and difficulty settings as well the host of ini options you choose. If you play again I would highly recommend turning to a easier difficulty setting. You can turn off the Drassen counter attack too, though often when I've played I've simply retreated or left Drassen before this happens as it's very tough to fight such a force early on. Guerilla tactics of hit and move are a good idea, again especially earlier in the game. Travelling to Oronegro and gaining funds from there as well as selling to nearby San Mona should help get you on your feet.

Also ensure your install is up to date. The latest can be downloaded here;

Newer builds tend to have a number of fixes and some tweaks, including some smaller town sector boundaries that help with loyalty and defences.

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 Topic: Cool starting strategy
Cool starting strategy[message #360556] Sat, 11 July 2020 02:54

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going directly to kingpin, get chalice quest then grabbing chalice and giving it to kingpin ($20k reward), kingpin's dead body $20k, kingpin's secret stash $30k, killing kingpin's guards (weapons -selling them to tony-, npc near boxing range $15k) in total $90k easy money. can i do this in 1.13?

also we get another $10k cash from maria/dentist quest too right?

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Re: Cool starting strategy[message #360559 is a reply to message #360556] Sat, 11 July 2020 10:46

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I doubt that you can do that in 1.13. Kingpin's men and the troops in and on the way to Balime will make Swiss Cheese out of your mercs...

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