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Forum: v1.13 Bug Reports
 Topic: Bugs: Unofficial releases (SCI's), unstable and DEV builds
Re: Bugs: Unofficial releases (SCI's), unstable and DEV builds[message #357304 is a reply to message #357302] Wed, 24 April 2019 01:45
Mravac Kid

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Well, I can rule out problems with the game itself, as it works just fine on my older PC with a Radeon 4670 card also using a 64-bit Windows 7 (my main PC is running a GTX 960), but I was unable to pin down what the problem is. I tried fiddling with Clear Type and some other graphics settings, updating graphics drivers and reinstalling the game several times (and several versions) but to no avail. I suppose some sort of Windows update messed something up, as it used to run just fine with some of the versions I tried (such as the stable release).
Thanks for your suggestions, folks.

*EDIT* A flash of inspiration made me try windowed mode which I have never used before, and the issue is solved in it. Weird.

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Forum: v1.13 Weapon & Item Refinement
 Topic: My Attempts at Re-Designing 1.13 Weapon Progression.
Re: My Attempts at Re-Designing 1.13 Weapon Progression.[message #357305 is a reply to message #357298] Wed, 24 April 2019 07:49

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There is an option in one of the various files, I believe, that controls the damage done on an enemy dropping a weapon upon death. It might be in DifficultySettings.xml, or whatever the other ones are called (I never remember the exact name). But I saw the option when I set up my this campaign a while back. I remember that I changed it and it did work. So in some way, the "Mild Drop All" may be partly implemented already.

Found the line in version 8646 DifficultySettings.xml :

LootStatusModifier : When opponents drop their equipment on death it gets damaged by this random amount. Usually the higher the difficulty level the higher the possible damage. : 0 - 100

Not sure if it works with DROP ALL, but I believe it does.

{After posting, I see that SilverSurfer may have already implemented another option in the later directory (8675) builds per the Absurdly Small Changes in Flugente's Magicka Workshop. This post was made prior to my reading the change. I'm not sure how or if they will work together or override each other. }

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