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 Topic: Absurdly small code changes
Re: Absurdly small code changes[message #358857 is a reply to message #358569] Fri, 24 January 2020 09:06

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I'd like to go back for a moment to one mini-feature that is not really new any more at this point, and that is the ALLOW_TARGET_HEADANDLEG_IFPRONE one.

First, I've been using it 100% on since it came out, and absolutely love it. Primarily because it forced me to worry much more about friendly fire, positioning, lines of fire and all that, therefore making me much better in the process. Still, I've always had a feeling that it makes things kinda weird in NCTH, but I thought that it's probably not as extreme as it seemed to me, and learned to live with it.

Recently though, I was creeping through Omerta at night on WF maps with a group of relatively bunched up 6 mercs, when we got completely blindsided by a redshirt who flanked us by running on the roof (never saw them doing that, so didn't cover that side with one of night ops guys). He fired a short-ish 8 or 9 bullet burst at us and hit 5 of the mercs, all 5 headshots, at which point my head also exploded, while yelling bullshit cheeky And while that incident was certainly extremely unlucky, it made me finally try to test the fact that it always seemed to me that this feature really does make everyone run around with hugely oversized heads cheeky

So I've decided to make a small (by no means comprehensive) test of it. Two of the greatest military heroes of our times volunteered for it, so we've had Ivan and Biff cheat their way to Drassen, order some equipment needed for the test from Bobby Ray and then we had Biff lay down prone on the ground, while wearing some really buffed up armor. About 25 tiles away Ivan also plopped his ass to the ground (both prone, facing each other directly), and used his AEK-973 (we're certainly not going to use some dirty capitalist rifle, and AEKs are, I think, the only russian rifles with 3 round burst) to shoot Biff. We used 300 rounds, in 3 round bursts, to minimize any auto fire randomness from the test. Test was done 2 times, with ALLOW_TARGET_HEADANDLEG_IFPRONE being set to FALSE first, and then to TRUE.

So let's go to the results.

"Standard" set shows that Ivan hit Biff 62 times out of 300 tries, dealing a total of 239 damage through his beefed up armor. So that should be some kind of baseline result. Let's see the other one.

First, the test with ALLOW_TARGET_HEADANDLEG_IFPRONE set to TRUE shows some scuffed up stats. Ivan allegedly hit only 6 times. I assume that is due to the fact that I aimed all 300 shots at the torso, and probably only hit torso 6 times. Biff stats show that he has in fact been hit 94 times. So in 94 shots that hit him, only 6 were considered hits, meaning that they hit the torso. 88 shots were eaten by his stupid big head cheeky So his head takes up about 90% of hits. Also 94 hits compared to 62, so his gigantic head makes him take about 50% more hits, all together resulting in 586 damage taken, more than double compared to "baseline".

This kind of performance has couple of really bad consequences. One, it makes prone stance more dangerous, due to 90% of hits being caught by the head. That's not how things should work, you should probably want to go prone. Heads are catching more shit in all stances, I feel, but in prone, almost every hit taken from the front will be to the head. So it's almost prudent to never go prone. But the most annoying thing is that it makes "Mexican New Year" style of warfare way too good. I find that random, blind, unaimed, suppresive fire is hitting way too often (random shit getting caught by inflated heads, mostly).

So, maybe at some point this feature deserves a bit more tweaking. Or at least, I think that it should never go in the announced (but obviously not enforced, at least so far) direction of either going core or going away. Leaving it optional is probably ok, even in this state.
Re: Absurdly small code changes[message #358858 is a reply to message #358857] Fri, 24 January 2020 09:16

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There should be probably some randomness added, like if merc is hit from the front side while prone, only 30% of the hits are considered head hits. Also not counting hits in this case is strange and looks like a bug.

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