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MILITIA_USE_SECTOR_EQ & SECURE_STORAGE_BOX[message #356149] Wed, 12 December 2018 02:13
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I am currently playing INSANE with "drop all items" ON. I have also been playing around with MILITIA_USES_SECTOR_EQUIPMENT.

Sorting and merging seem to break the tagging (tagging is swapped around/wrong color tag)...

It would really improve QOL if:

We could tag items "ALLOWED" rather than "NOT ALLOWED" (then again unless the sort/merge stops breaking...)

Seeing as how I know nothing about the nuts and bolts of JA2... I can only guess at what is possible on a technical level.

Would it be possible to have:

a *container* (accessible via sector inventory) that we can drop items in for militia use. Militia will only take from this *container*.

Kind of like a crate with a crafting recipe. The *merged* item, gets added to an unused/off the map sector inventory?

That way we can still manage everything from "Strategic View", but everything is *separated* rather than *tagged*.

If this is possible we could also have a Secure_Storage_box using the same concepts for the purpose of stashing items we wish to keep.
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 Topic: Code Snippets
Re: Code Snippets[message #356150 is a reply to message #356142] Wed, 12 December 2018 06:10

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Items.cpp, AttachObjectNAS()

// add part of this one and then we're done
attachmentAmount = (UINT16)(*pAttachment)[0]->data.objectStatus;
attachmentAmount -= (ubLimit - (UINT16)(*this)[subObject]->data.objectStatus);
(*pAttachment)[0]->data.objectStatus = attachmentAmount;
if ((*pAttachment)[0]->data.ubShotsLeft == 0) {
(*this)[subObject]->data.ubShotsLeft = ubLimit;

Why the code checks for shots left instead of objectStatus? This merge doesn't change shots left, only item status.
In my view, this code should look like:
if ((*pAttachment)[0]->data.objectStatus == 0) {
(*this)[subObject]->data.objectStatus = ubLimit;

Can anyone explain it please?

Another strange code in Weapons.cpp, UseThrown()
HandleSoldierThrowItem(pSoldier, pSoldier->sTargetGridNo);
// anv: knife throw attack noise
UINT16 usUBItem = pSoldier->GetUsedWeaponNumber( &pSoldier->inv[ pSoldier->ubAttackingHand ] );
UINT8 ubVolume = Weapon[ usUBItem ].ubAttackVolume;
MakeNoise( pSoldier->ubID, pSoldier->sGridNo, pSoldier->pathing.bLevel, pSoldier->bOverTerrainType, ubVolume, NOISE_UNKNOWN );

return( TRUE );

First we destroy the object in hands (thrown grenade), then check if weapon in hand has attack volume.

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Re: VENGEANCE: RELOADED Info, Hints and Tips[message #356151 is a reply to message #355855] Wed, 12 December 2018 15:43
past caring

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So - am loving the mod but having a couple of problems (I've been away from JA2 for a long time, so some of this stuff may be old news to others - apologies if so).

Minor issue - Morris is now one of the 'Most Wanted'. Encountered him in that Salinas sector where the captured militia are being executed and he was immediately hostile. Killed him and cut off his head. Got a 'generic' head. Happened to revisit the same sector a day or so later and there was a second generic head just lying around. Picked it up. Carmen doesn't want either head when I try to give it to him. Is this right or was I supposed to do something else with Morris?

Bigger issue - tanks. I had not realised the enemy had tanks which can move? After taking Alma and training militia I had a squad explore the areas south of Alma. Encountered a few enemies, won the battles and returned to Alma with dropped guns so I could sell to Tony. A day or two later there is an enemy force detected in one of those same southern sectors I had previously explored/cleared. I go to investigate and discover they have also got two tanks!!

Is this supposed to happen? It is a real pain because I am only surviving financially by selling stuff to Tony. If tanks can move into areas where they are not initially encountered it means that a) I am going to have to spend cash I haven't got on LAWS just so I can get to Tony to sell stuff - and I am going to have to make sure Grizzly (my only heavy weapons guy) is always along for the ride....

Following from that, it was clear that tanks I met were on their way to help re-take Alma. Are they able to enter these town sectors? If so, will the militia I have trained be equipped with LAWS - or will I need to babysit them?

Questions -

1. Even though I was able to clear Salinas, I didn't train militia there. This was partly because I never managed to get loyalty up to a level where I could. But now I have realised that Pacos is where I expect him to be - just at a different time. So completing that quest should allow me to get loyalty up, yes?

2. If the Hale and Burton guys are the equivalent of the Hicks, then going and wiping them out in that sector NW of Salinas will also raise loyalty? I have already visited and met Babyface - will taking on the Hale and Burton guys make him hostile? (I know some have said he is the best recruitable NPC in the game, but I do not care - at $2k per day I am happy to toast his arse).

3. What is with the Indian(?) guy in the Salinas farm sector who has to clear out the cowshed? Is there a quest here? I gave him a shovel but that wasn't what he wanted.....

4. I don't see how I am going to move on to take other towns without first re-taking Salinas and training up militia. It's a long, long way around otherwise and visits to San Mona for the Kingpin fights/to sell to Tony are already longer/using up more petrol than I would like because I cannot drive through Salinas now that the enemy have re-taken it (and yes, I am using Cobra as the driver to keep petrol use down). But as there is no mine in Salinas I don't see how I am going to be able to afford it either. Any suggestions?

5. Related to the tank issue above...I have never bothered with mobile militia, so am not sure of the mechanics. If I train them, are they actually mobile (i.e. they wander around map sections I have visited at random) or can I park them at strategic road intersections to keep these clear of tanks?

Thanks for any help.

ETA - and another thing, just out of curiosity....

I am sure I am not imagining this - was something done with the chance-to-hit mechanics to make elites have better evasion? Asking because I am finding that mercs with high (85+) and really high (95+) marksmanship suddenly cannot hit a barn door when shooting at an elite. This is true even where they have a clear shot at normal ranges and with unchanged weapons (i.e. the same weapon they usually use and where they usually hit).

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