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 Topic: A few questions about Urban Chaos
A few questions about Urban Chaos[message #362918] Sun, 18 April 2021 02:11

Registered:September 2018
- is there an article about the mod. ie, can not find anything about gun runners when i google it, only saw tony was leader of them and sells guns like vanilla.

- gun runners attack me, why? can i buy weapons from tony if i kill them?

- what do you know anything about satan's sons.

are game nps the only source of info about the uc lore/world?
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 Topic: Summary of Differences between latest unstable 8796 and latest stable 7609 version
Summary of Differences between latest unstable 8796 and latest stable 7609 version[message #362843] Sun, 11 April 2021 18:46

Registered:September 2018
can someone make a quick summary of this? i havent played urban chaos before and wanna try that but i want to know what will i miss if i play this with early 7609 version.
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 Topic: Using secret passage to kill Deidranna
Using secret passage to kill Deidranna[message #362856] Mon, 12 April 2021 00:19

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Have you ever used secret passage to kill Deidranna[ 2 votes ]
1. Yes 2 / 100%
2. No 0 / 0%

well, i used secret passage to surprise her but whenever i enter her palace via shelter joe stands right in the secret enterance (fireplace) and kills at least one of my mercs. tried to wait several hours and he never leaves this place. so i couldnt find any way to save my mercs. it is similar to kingpin, mike, terrorists and kingpin's hitmans (ie, enemy gets his turn after a dialogue).

can you guess who is the one killed by joe near fireplace? (it is recruitable npc)

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