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 Topic: Mine with reptions
Mine with reptions[message #361654] Sun, 25 October 2020 04:17

Registered:November 2018
Location: Antarctica
Hi! I'm exploring function InitCreatureQuest() in file Creature Spreading.cpp. I'd like to preselect the mine in Alma as a nest of the insects. Straightforward modification of iChosenMine parameter didnt help me, is there anything else I have to take into account?

Thanks a lot in advance!
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 Topic: Allow vehicle movement in water / useable boat
Allow vehicle movement in water / useable boat[message #361637] Thu, 22 October 2020 22:53

Registered:October 2017
Location: Germany
As far as I understand, even if boat-graphics were added, it still won't work with recent 1.13 because vehicle movement in water is not allowed.
Which makes total sense for a hummer, but hinders any boat to be used on map (driving, not just decoration).

I've seen boats replacing ElDorado in older mods, but since that's a car, I assume that a full useable boat would require a new vehicle/bodytype.
And this should be allowed to travel and move on water only.

I can try to make the boat-graphics (I did a boat allready, but only four directions and destroyed (die) so far), but I've no clue about the bodytype.

So, if somebody capable would like to pick this up, I could try to do more directions of boat-graphics.

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I need more details. (Didi Hallervorden)

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 Topic: Urban Strife
Urban Strife[message #361624] Tue, 20 October 2020 18:11

Registered:October 2013
hello, check this game on steam, looks promising:
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 Topic: RR with many merc build (v2227)
RR with many merc build (v2227)[message #361615] Mon, 19 October 2020 13:57

Registered:October 2020
Hello again! So im trying the mod with the 2227 build relased in 2015 (the "many merc" one) i got successfulkly in contact with Irina and commander Dolvich, got to the airport and met COunselor Williams, returnet to the russian garrison, talked to Commander and solved the food quest but i idi not was able to get the one from Kamal, it keeps telling that has importanti things to is a bug or what?

I was able to recruti Iron, though cheeky

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