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 Topic: Mute mercenary
Mute mercenary[message #358889] Sun, 26 January 2020 22:52

Registered:January 2020
Hello forum members, as usual, I have a new query, I am editing with Merc Profile Editor some aspects of the characters, what I wanted to find is if there is a way to leave a merc completely mute. but that the other merc continue with their dialogues.
From within the game there is an option in combat that is to keep silent, I click it, but when killing an enemy with the silence set, he speaks again warning the enemy down. If anyone knows how to do it, either from an editor or from within the game, I will be grateful
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 Topic: WINE 5.0 and JA2
WINE 5.0 and JA2[message #358872] Sat, 25 January 2020 12:38

Registered:October 2013
Hello, WINE 5.0 is out.
Did anyone tryed JA2 on WIN 10 with this release?
Is it better to play with this release?
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 Topic: Freeman: Guerrilla Warfare modding released
light45.png  Freeman: Guerrilla Warfare modding released[message #358835] Wed, 22 January 2020 10:46
Registered:January 2020

Long time JA2 player, first time Bear Pit poster.

Just wondering if anyone is interested in creating a JA2 mod for Freeman: Guerrilla Warfare with me. If you are not familiar with the game it has been described as 'Mount & Blade with guns':

The modding is done through Unity, looks pretty straight forward and the devs have released a lot of good tutorial videos:

I think it is just a matter of recreating the Arulco map and characters, isn't it?



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