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 Topic: New feature: mp3 support
New feature: mp3 support[message #354121] Mon, 23 July 2018 00:17

Registered:April 2009
Location: Germany
As of of r8579, we now support the mp3 format for all audio files. This would be more impressive if it weren't for the fact that could have played mp3s for years but simply failed to acknowledge any file with that ending. Bang head

I've cleaned up a bit of our nonsensical code in that regard. When checking for audio files, we now check for mp3, then ogg, then wav.

This isn't really a feature in the way that it is interesting or required neat code, but if I post this elsewhere it'll be forgotten in a week.

“What are you doing?” Joffrey interrupted him.

“… can’t a man give a few last words for his son to carry?”

“…Who told you your son was making it out of this field alive?”

If you want, you can donate to me. This will not affect how and what I code, and I will not code specific features in return. I will be thankful though.

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 Topic: I screwed up on GOG
I screwed up on GOG[message #354067] Tue, 17 July 2018 15:32

Registered:December 2017
Location: europe
Please be patient with me, guys, I'm a real dumbass...
I have been playing several GOG games lately and noticed that it has been demanding I go thru the GOG interface to 'play' the game.
But with JA2 I used the very good advice of you guys on this forum to actually INSTALL JA2 from GOG and I believe some advice was to not allow any updates as the editing of the registry and other editing would be screwed up. [I don't actually remember but I do remember a lot of editing registry, ini files etc.. very simple stuff, even to a duff such as I].

So I would run JA2 direct from the executable until I noticed it was in my GOG online library and noticed there was a greyed out auto-update option so I clicked hoping to see it was NOT working, thinking I could then turn it off again - yes, I AM that DUMB! As soon as I clicked the auto-update in order to check if it was working so I could disable it? [don't ask... why wy why did I do it??] it instantly began updating my JA2 to version 1.12 [with an option to go back to version 26612498 which is apparently 4 years old!?!? and the only other 'update']

Now I am certain the version I so carefully installed under this forum's moderators' instructions was NOT a standard version and though the 'updated' 1.12 game did run after some issue at the start where I could not find my cursor, I managed to get it running but it locked up and I had to restart my PC as nothing could close down JA2. Task Manager was unreachable as the game simply locked up my PC until I Ctrl-Alt-Del it to restart.

The save seemed to work but then locked up the game after 7 minutes - NOTE; GOG had JA2 registered as 0 hours played... for good reason.. I didn't WANT GOG bloody changing my perfectly working version of JA2! It HAS been VERY VERY HOT lately and I assumed it may have had somethin to do with that? But I'm kidding myself, aren't I?
Will I have to reinstall JA2 as per instructions from you guys again? [Somebody actually PM'd me recently and asked how I had got JA2 running on Win10 Pro 64 but I told him I could not remember the steps or what files I edited but the Bear's Pit moderators had the best help and helped me every step of the way so he should keep searching for the links under my name as that help was invaluable!

Oh well... at least I got to play JA2 for a few months and enjoy a game I thought I would never ever ever play after so many mates telling what a true classic it was/is.

Excuse me now for I wish to smash my head against a wall about 200 times just to remind myself to NOT click 'enable auto-updates' on carefully installed/edited game files to get them to run on a modern system
[runs away crying in anticipation of the hammering my head will take once I'm drunk enough to accept my fate for such rampant stupidity]

Farewell all! Tell my wife "I love her" <whimper>
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 Topic: Mouse wheel not working under Wine
Mouse wheel not working under Wine[message #354054] Mon, 16 July 2018 17:56

Registered:October 2010
Location: Finland
I reported erroneously on wrong forum,
here is text from there.

Could any JA2 coder be encouraged to fix using mouse wheel under Wine? I have played only under wine for a few years already, and it works better than under windows. Only thing that does not work is mouse wheel.

Testing notepad.exe under wine shows that mouse wheel can be made to work.

User Talon answered with
Hi, i'm using wine version 3.0 and there is no problem with the mouse wheel. What version are you using? I know that distros based on debian (Ubuntu etc.) by default ship that ancient version 1.6.2 where the mouse wheel doesn't work for me either.

I'm using Debian GNU/Linux 9.4 Stretch. It has Wine version 1.8.7-2. But now I see stretch-backports has wine version 3.0-1. I'll try that.

I did not try newer wine yet because of reasons. It might work in Debian when Debian 10 comes out with hopefully that new Wine.

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