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This is my opinions about the current transport ways, as well as what I think they should be in JA3. Feel free to comment.

Current transport modes :

1. Chopper : The chopper works quite well as it is, a fast and good transport with room for 6 mercs, aquired after a small quest. Don't change this one, Sir-Tech.

2. Cars : Work on this. The Ice-cream truck is worthless and should be removed. The hummer should be removed too. Instead, add an ordinary van or something, with room for 6 mercs and a small amount of cargo.

Then, add a jeep. It should be able to take 6 mercs, but no cargo. It should also be able to go cross-country, at least over plains.

Then add some kind of truck, with room for maybe two mercs but huge amounts of cargo. The truck needs a good road to travel, wich means it can't travel over small roads out in the countryside.

New transport modes :

Aircraft :

This comes in two versions.

1. A small Cessna or something, it will be able to fly over the country much faster than the chopper, but it needs an airport to land. Also, it might try and land on a plains sector, but with possible damage to the plane and the mercs as a result.

But here come's an interesting idea : enemy fighters are patrolling the skies continuosly. If they spot you first, there will be one of some outcomes :

1. Plane explodes.

They hit the fuel tank...BOOOOM.

Outcome : Plane destroyed, all mercs die.

2. Plane crash lands.

The plane crashes in the sector.

Outcome : Plane destroyed, all mercs are wounded or dead.

3. Plane is forced down.

The enemy force the plane to land. Damage as in emergency landing (see a bit below)If the terrain is rough, damage will be heavier. This will only be done if there are enemy soldiers below.

Outcome : Plane damaged, all mercs damaged. If all mercs passed out, they will be captured. Otherwise, there'll be fight.

4. Escort.

Enemies escort the plane to nearest enemy-controlled airport.

Outcome : Plane lost, all mercs captured.

5. Escaped.

You managed to get away.

Outcome : Plane continues on course.

If you spot the enemy first, you will however get some choices to do.

1. Do nothing.

A random outcome will be picked, but with a slightly larger chance of forced down, escort or get away.

2. Emergency landing.

Damage to the plane and all mercs, but you get down on the ground safely, if it is a plain sector below.

3. Try to get away.

If it suceeds, the plane will continue unharmed on a different course. If it fails, the chance of blowing up or crash landing increases.

OOPS, I don't have time to finish this now. I've got so many ideas to put up. This was just the primary part of air transports. But I'll finish it later, until then, feel free to comment.
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