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Balancing all the Weapon Systems in 1.13 MP would be really hard work and I'm not sure if it could ever be done correctly. While this is not so important in COOP i think the issue is quite big in any PvP game.

I have been thinking about these issues quite frequently so finally I came to the conclusion that using an statistics system to balance the items could actually work. The idea is to keep logs of all the items and weapons bought in PvP games and to modify their prices accordingly.
So if weapon system 'A' offers way better performance/price ratio and therefor is more used than all other weapon systems, then 'A' will get expensive very quickly and will be less attractive.
Weapons and items that don't get bought often, will become cheaper and thus more attractive.

+ Weapons and items will get balanced over time
+ Players will be encouraged to use all available things

- Needs changes in the code
- Needs a public source of information that stores all the prices (i.e. a XML-file on a server) -> see comment
- Needs some kind of application that keeps track of all the statistics and calculates the prices accordingly

The public source of information could be easy if it is possible to set the 'MP sync' directory to a web-space or to a certain location in a network (for LAN-Game compatibility).

1) Do we need better balance?
2) Is this idea actually feasible?
3) If yes, how much work would it take? (which could be invested somewhere else)
4) Please post your opinion and discuss Smile
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