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(based on OsamodasxD's Reloaded mod)


Installation & Running TypeP:
Prerequisites: A working JA2 v7609 game. Installation Instructions
Crazy-not-to-apply: sevenfm's v7609 unofficial bugfixes. Link
(Do not use sevenfm's v7609 unofficial bugfixes if using JA2 Development Branch)

- Extract the download package to JA2 directory
- Play the game by:

# (Easiest way) Launching INI Editor.exe - Choose the appropriate VFS/mod configuration
# Launching JA2.exe - Add the below lines to JA2.ini and comment/uncomment VFS/mod configuration accordingly
; JA2 1.13 + TypeP 7609
; VFS_CONFIG_INI = vfs_config.TypeP_7609.ini

; JA2 1.13 + TypeP Development Branch
; VFS_CONFIG_INI = vfs_config.TypeP_Dev.ini

What is TypeP?
A map mod, with the same quests(similiar to AR), focusing on showcasing some of the underused utility (non-gameplay) features that coders have made available.

show sample maps

So what utility features are showcased?
- MERGE_INI_FILES for Ja2_Options.ini
Personalized settings in 1.13 mod will be used for non-TypeP specific settings
- 7zip storage container mod files with CRC hashes
Mod integrity for user bug testing purposes by simply moving user-modded files out of 'Data-TypeP' folder
- 256-color PNG animated portrait in .jpc.7z container for Skyrider

Things to note:

- Quests and cutscenes stuff are still based on Ja2. They may be broken in some ways like voice dialogue being referenced to the original.
- Map Item loots based on Ja2 Classic items; they are classic maps after all. So this will be more of an assault-centric mod.
- Some unsupported 1.13 features, especially those that require new data and tags before they will work proper.
E.g. Massive counterattacks are disabled as sectors are currently hardcoded.

As TypeP features classical maps and vanilla item map placements,
please try AIMNAS, AR, UC (sorted alphabetically & non-exhaustive) for a proper 1.13 game experience.

Inadequate bug reports could (& would) not be investigated. Bug reporting guide

What does TypeP means?
- Prototype in reverse.

You may have a tough time playing at the same difficulty level.
- If so, play at a notch lower compared to 1.13.

Is Development branch/later SCI supported?
- Game will run when using the correct VFS/mod configuration. New features (ex post 7609) are not supported; some may work out-of-the-box though. May game-breaking bugs not be there. Nothing prevents the player from running latest development/SCI if game starts up, 1st battle ended successfully & able to travel in strategic map.

Miguel does not want Enrico's letter.
- In TypeP, Miguel is suspicious of Enrico's intentions. Nothing except Diedranna's death will convince him of your cause. In the meantime, he and his comrades will just sulk at you in his lavish base. There will be no rebel recruitment, no Father Walker quest & no boxing matches.

Inaccessible items in sector XX.
- Please post the sector number and gridno with hotkey 'F', will fix them if there's many reported. Patched maps will not work on already visited sectors though.

Cannot launch XML Editor for TypeP/Intention to do some item modding.
- There's no item modifications in TypeP, it uses the 'Data-1.13' items and their properties. So if 'Data-1.13' items are modded, they will apply to TypeP as well. Likewise for non-listed TypeP settings in the 7zip container.

Wish to mod TypeP-specific settings.
- Extract the 7zip package into the 'Data-TypeP' folder. Files present in 'Data-TypeP' folder will take precedence over those in the 7zip container.


Big thanks to:
OsamodasxD for his maps, quests and its related features. Without his map-making dedication and generosity, there will be no TypeP.
Moa for betatesting, valuable feedback and solutions
Jazz for Resource Name and History Log externalization
anv for custom Skyrider portrait and many coding assistance
sevenfm for betatesting and valuable feedback

150925 - Added 'later SCI' wording in FAQ
150929 - Added additional comments for development branch/later SCI in FAQ
161016 - Added sevenfm's v7609 unofficial bugfixes link

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