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Registered:September 2001
Standardized Equipment Program (For Multiplayer) (.cpp Included in rar)
LINK: http://www.mediafire.com/download/cbllq85vq37namy/standardizedEquipmentProgramJA2.rar

SYNOPSIS: This is a mass XML tag replacement program which reads 5 <GEARKIT></GEARKIT> tags from ReplaceWith.txt, does substring replacements with the text
from Input.txt, and overwrites changes into a new MercStartingGear.xml via IOS::OUT. This effectively enables standard kits for players to choose from in MP.

REQUIREMENTS: Due to my compiler being wonky, I've had to include two .dll files from the MinGW base library. This is sloppy practice, I know, so allow
me to bribe you with an already completed gearkit template sitting in ReplaceWith.txt

DO NOT: Delete Input.txt or ReplaceWith.txt ; I didn't add exceptional checks to see if they've been deleted.

// 1. Place your CURRENT MercStartingGear.xml content into Input.txt as raw text.
// 2. Place your desired gearkit XML replacement into ReplaceWith.txt
// 3. Run the program. Wait until it finishes. If errors, check source code and recompile or post on
// Bear Pits forums.
// 4. Take finished MercStartingGear.xml and replace your old file with it.

SOURCE: http://pastebin.com/3dzjcwKF

NOTES: The source is mainly re-useable functions that you can adapt to your own programs for mass XML/text snip work. A few methods do not check for a proper
ending tag and only look for the nearest </ so be aware if you do use any functions for that purpose.

SUPPORT: Limited, please let me know here on BearPits if you run into any errors. Otherwise, fix them on your own if you dare.

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