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So I've been around the game a long time as you can tell and was active here at one time. Anyway the 1.13 stuff is crazy with how far everyone has gone with it. This will always be my number 1 game ever, until/unless someone can truly augment the formula with something else (Even still it will only fall to number 2 if that happens, crossing my fingers on the new Battletech game!)

Anyway, so I've been hunting around the net some, and checking what threads I can here, but it's a little unclear to me how to get a stable version. I've tried various beta builds from time to time, but always have some problem or other. I was looking lately at some of the youtubes, and the wikis related to the newer ways to do IMP starting equipment and such and was having no luck finding this mysterious "Imp Starting Gear.XML" thingy, and discovered my version of 1.13 is from longer ago than I realized. THe number that comes up when I start is 13.4870. Looking under properties it places the last change in 2011? (Eek!)

So you guys have done wonders since then, and those guys had worked wonders to get it the point I've been playing it at for so long already.

I was wondering if I'd be imposing too much to ask if there was just an easy way to go snag the latest and greatest stable, download, install, take three days (HAPPILY I might add) messing with .ini files, and then play?

If you can direct me, it would be amazing! If you can't it's cool, I'll try to hunt and peck around some more.

The only face I remember from back in my day is one of the mods, but I don't see many others. I'm glad the game is still fun for all these new faces (Presumably especially in Europe, as I note all the German, Russian gentleman with such great taste in games!) Thanks to every single one who has contributed to this project for all these years. A day never goes by when I'm playing something else that I don't wish someone real would pick up this game like the Curies did originally, and like you guys have and make it great again ( I mean the formula itself, not necessarily just another carbon copy, you could do space, fantasy, etc. with this if you were dedicated and had the resources, I even envisioned a Stargate: SG-1 version at one point, but I'm an old fart with no coding skills, so just another pain the $%# for the guys who do the real work! Lol!)

Anyway, thanks if you can help. Sorry if this was ranting! big grin
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