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What is "The Surgery" and when do I need to do it? I have diseases turned off. (Which DOES actually also add extremely serious gunshot wounds to the arms and legs as "Diseases", but a watered down version is already in the game with it off by critical hits to limbs inflicting stat loss)

Is it different from the "Field Surgery" option with a medical bag which rapidly restores HP instantly at the cost of medical supplies in tactical view?

I KNOW you can suffer stat loss from crits. When do I know when I should do surgery on strategy view? Is surgery just for fixing stat loss from crits? Do I have to write down my mercs stats and compare them every now and then or is it only when the stat number is in red? If I'm out of combat, and I just need some R&R for my mercs and healing, should I skip the surgery to save supplies?

Can ANY healing by done with a first aid kit? It seems in 1.13 ONLY medical kits have supplies needed to actually treat wounds. Are first aid kits only for bandaging?

Whatever I have my mercs take damage, part of their health bar turns yellow. It seems the yellow HP is not counted as actual health but only represents health "lost" from injuries. It seems bandaging turns the yellow HP pink. (and my doctor's medical bag turns the pink HP back to red, real health.)

Do all "yellow" wounds bleed? I read untreated wounds can actually permanently lower your mercs max HP. Does this take a while to occur or is it happening for every "tick" of bleeding? Can lowering of max hp occur from "bandaged" pink wounds?

Sorry about all the questions but the manual has been unhelpful, and googling has not really explained alot either.
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