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Using 20.04.01 8776 SCI, I have Mouse in sector H4 decimating counterattack enemies, five are left. Enemy counterattack forces in I3 move to attack Grumm mine in H3. The five enemies remaining in H4 also appear to move to attack H3 as they are no longer in tactical in H3 although strategic shows H3 in combat. If Mouse is in tactical or moving to another sector when the forces reach H3 and auto-resolve is initiated the game stops responding. There is militia but no mercs in H3.

I haven't found a way to avoid this impasse. Can two sectors be in combat? Any suggestions?

- I loaded some earlier saves and strategic view continues to show five enemies in H4 even after all of them have been killed and history log reports 'H4: Forest/Battle won'.
- The only odd thing in H4 tactical is a green/white medic emblem on one dead enemy is still present.
- I can't move Mouse in strategic as game complains 'Movement orders? It's a hostile sector!'.
- Enabling cheats and exiting Mouse out of H4 to H3 in tactical and then trying to teleport her to H2 doesn't work.
- Enabling cheats, exiting Mouse out of H4 to H3 in tactical, re-loading H4 in tactical and killing all enemies clears combat, but H3 auto-resolve still crashes.
- Enabling cheats, exiting mouse out of H4 to H3 in tactical, re-loading H4 in tactical and killing all enemies clears combat, then holding Alt when H3 auto-resolve occurs avoids crash.

Cheats shouldn't be necessary to mitigate game-breaking bugs.

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