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Q1. When you were you're young, you most wanted to be:
1. Bruce Lee / Lara Croft - Martial Arts
2. Clint Eastwood / Madonna - Loner
3. Rocky / Michelle Yeoh - Hand to Hand
4. Houdini / Catwoman - Lockpicking
5. Terry Bradshaw / Joan of Arc - Throwing
6. The president - Optimist

Q2. A Punk teenager ahead of you in line sucks at darts. You:
1. Teach him how to do it - Teaching
2. Sneakily win for him - Stealthy
3. Bash his head in - Psycho
4. Ask the other attendant - Friendly

Q3. A guy leaves $1M in a locker and leaves. You:
1. Pick the lock - Lockpicking
2. Go crazy and shoot the lock off - Arrogant
3. Follow and ambush him in the dark - Stealthy
4. Call the police - Normal

Q4. You own a pickup truck from Tennesse. It has:
1. Semiautomatic rifles for those really aggressive deer - Auto. Weapons
2. A peace sign - Friendly
3. A confederate flag - Normal
4. A silhouette of a naked woman / A bumper stick that reads "Keep honking, I'm reloading" - Asshole
5. A cartoon character with two guns - Loner

Q5. Barney should be:
1. Worshipped as a role model - Coward
2. Hung - (Nothing)
3. Hung and shot - Aggressive
4. Hung, shot, gutted and run over - (Nothing)

Q6. A burglar is in your house. After dialing 911, you:
1. Scream, loudly and repeatedly - Coward
2. Greet him with a knife - Night Ops
3. Hide under the bed - Claustrophobic
4. Run away - (Nothing)
5. Go crazy with a gun - (Nothing)

Q7. You can take 1 item from a looting-in-progress of an Army surplus store. You take:
1. A computer, minus manuals - Eletronics
2. A set of survival knifes - Knifing
3. A pair of night vision goggles - Night Ops
4. Bob, the night clerk - (Nothing)

Q8. You're applying for a position at a butcher shop. To improve your chances you:
1. Show your skills with two blades - Ambidexterous
2. Lie - (Nothing)
3. Do nothing and arrive confident - Optimist
4. Pratice on nearby pets - Psycho

Q9. Your wife / husband is 3 hours late. You:
1. Don't notice - Forgetful
2. Don't care - (Nothing)
3. Get suspicious - Pessimist
4. Worry - Nervous

Q10. You live next door to a frat / sorority house with frequent parties. You:
1. Feel you're too old for this - (Nothing)
2. Get suspicious of your spouse - Pessimist
3. Get revenge - Asshole
4. Do nothing in fear of retaliation - Nervous

Q11. You are behind a slow guy on a highway with no way to pass. You fantasize:
1. That you push "R" for rocket launcher - (Nothing)
2. That you open up a driving school to teach people the RIGHT way - Teaching
3. That your car is equipped with a ramming device - Aggressive
4. That all your swears could be loudly transmitted to him - Normal
5. That Mario Andretti takes his license from him - (Nothing)

Q12. Tough you don't really endorse violence, you would pay $1k to see the fight of:
1. Jakie Chan vs. Jean-Claude Van Damme - Martial Arts
2. Crocodile Dundee vs. Tarzan - Knifing
3. Barbie vs. Godzilla - (Nothing)
4. The NRA vs. Congress - Auto. Weapons
5. Mike Tyson vs. The Incredible Hulk - Hand to Hand
6. Bill Gates vs. Robocop - Eletronics
7. Your mate vs. the defens. line of Washington Redskins - (Nothing)
8. No really. I do endorse violence - (Nothing)

Q13. During the summer, you think:
1. And that's more than you can say for yourself in other seasons - Forgetful
2. Your kids are driving you crazy - Normal
3. Revealing fashions are a good thing - Normal
4. It's too damn hot - Heat Intolerant

Q14. You absolutely will not:
1. Sit in an airplane circling in a holding pattern for two hours - Claustrophobic
2. Admit that you were ever turned on by a comic book character - Normal
3. Walk through the desert for a week - Heat Intolerant
4. Do software development - (Nothing)

Q15. You're a major league pitcher, famous for your:
1. Accurate pitching - Throwing
2. Switch hitting - Ambidexterous
3. Enormous bat - Arrogant
4. Continual requests for a larger salary - (Nothing)

Q16. You are one of the survivors of a plane crash in the mountains. You:
1. Lead the expedition to seek help - (Nothing)
2. Declare yourself chef, and check on that heavyset woman you saw earlier - (Nothing)
3. Commit mass suicide - (Nothing)
4. Find the bar cart and organize one last drunken blowout - (Nothing)


Every character has an attitude that describes their personality. Several of these alter the way events affect morale. For example, killing an enemy soldier causes a "positive" event, while friendly casualties cause "negative" events. (In addition to the factors below, "negative" events are adjusted by -1 if you're at level 1 or +1 if you're above level 5.)


Morale +1 on positive events. Double morale penalty for running away from a fight.


No effect during game.


No effect during game. (This is the actual term that appears in the source code.)

big shot: [can't get from quiz]

No effect during game.


Morale -2 on negative events. No penalty for running from a fight.


No effect during game.


No effect during game.


No effect during game.


Morale +1 on positive and negative events.


Morale -1 on positive and negative events.
Characters can have a personality trait, which is generally negative, though there is an upside to "psycho".


Morale declines and fewer action points are available while underground. Can cause verbal complaints.

fear of insects: [can't get from quiz]

Morale and action points decline when character sees an insect (i.e. the subterranean bugs in sci-fi mode). Can cause verbal complaints.


Occasionally, when told to move from point A to point B, your character will stop and ask for directions. Dimitry is an example of a forgetful character.


No effect during game. Can cause verbal complaints.


Soldier does poorly when left alone. Don't put them in a squad by themselves, far from friends, or morale plummets.

non-swimmer: [can't get from quiz]
Does poorly in deep water (runs out of breath 5x as fast). Can cause verbal complaints.


Character is normal.


Soldier gets a to-hit bonus when attacking the same target repeatedly. Small chance of switching from single-shot to burst fire ("Buzz goes psycho"), especially on non-targeted shots. Can cause verbal remarks.
Un-hired mercenaries have a small chance of dying each day. Forgetful, nervous, or psycho mercs are more likely to die, while stealthy mercs are less likely.

Info extracted from: http://www.fadden.com/techmisc/ja2/index.htm

Patusco's JA2 Strategy Guide

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