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Colonel Rhombus

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A combination of factors, Snake's post about inventories and memories of X-COM, has made me think about JA2's inventory system. The more I think about it, the more I'm convinced it needs major reworking.

Firstly, AP costs must be assigned to accessing the inventory. When it takes no APs to fiddle incessently with your inventory, and it takes 3 APs to drop an item, something is clearly amiss.

Secondly, a merc's carrying capacity is limited by what he/she is wearing. If nothing, then they're limited to what they can sling over their back, what they can put in their pockets and stuff down their trousers. Basically bugger all. You can fit only the smallest items in your pockets, and your rifle needs a sling to carry it on your back.

The next phase is to add a beltkit or webbing. This item goes over your shoulders and around your waist and holds a series of pouches for storing canteens, mags, grenades and field dressing. This represents your merc's "Small Inventory Slots". Items stored here require only a small amount of APs to access since that is what the beltkit is designed for.

Next is your backpack. Large, cumbersome, but great storage capacity. This contains holds your "Large Inventory Slots". Alas, items stored here are nearly unaccessable in combat. You have to take the thing off first, then open it and hunt around for the item you're looking for. Many APs required. All non-combat equipment is generally stored here.

While we're on it, I'd like to see different clothing available in JA3. It would be good to select from jungle cams, urban cams, that black kit the SAS wear when they storm into Iranian embassies, etc., civilian clothing for undercover stuff like recon or sabotage.

And here's some miscellaneous stuff that I'd like to see:
  • slings and collapsable buttstocks for weapons that support them.
  • No more AP and HP for every different sort of ammo. It doesn't work that way. I'd like to see more realistic differences, like standard 5.56 ammo and the 5.56 SS109s. And while I'm at it, I'd like to make a quick note to SirTech: "5.56 ammo is not designed to tumble like the 5.45 rounds. 5.45 is way more deadly than standard 5.56, and on par with the SS109s."
  • No more silly things like barrel extenders. They are really stupid.
  • Please fix up the pistols and carbines. Pistols fire much too slowly. Carbines fire too slow compared to full-size rifles and don't outrange weapons like the MP5K and MAC-10 for reasons I'll never understand.
Well, that's me done for now. As usual, feedback or die!

Col. Rhombus
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