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Undressing Buns is NOT on my agenda...
Undressing Fox is.
The feedback is promising.

About the multiple endings:
Bear, compared to the other options put up for the poll, multiple endings seem a far cry from other, more serious additions to the new 3D approach. SO it's no wonder it hasn't been a popular choice among the others. The editor surprises me though...
And reloads aren't something to be included int he Hall of Shame. Any merc that goes into a potentially hot situation should have full clips at the ready. In JA2, when I went realtime in the midst of a sector assault, first and foremost was a fresh clip for every merc. It's not shameful, it's a MUST. Or maybe Im just auto happy... http://www.ja-galaxy-forum.com/ubb/biggrin.gif

Where multiple factions would make for easy alternate ending possibilities, even something as simple as your overall performace could justify a separate ending. Take JA2 as a model:
If you finished the game on day 214, you would have a really sad ending with Arulco covered in mass graves and disorder from the prolonged insurrection. Enrico wouldn't be impressed. However, doing as I did for kicks, and finishing on day 15 would garner a great ending with Enrico hailed back into his country by legions of revitalized and enthusiastic locals.

Basically, I'm just clarifying my position. The endings don't have to be intricate. Also understand that although I was hooked on the tactical aspect of JA, the progressive plot and interaction kept me going full-tilt. I love a good storyline and plot. Adding twists to propogate alternate story paths, eventualy leading to differing conclusions, would just bake my cake.

True the paper doll system is no greater in functionality than the current inventory system. But as Shanga alluded to, the paper doll could do for mercs what's missing visually; individuality and personality. I realize Shanga was going for in-game on-screen animations, but the paper doll can be a cheap substitute. A base image with characteristics built in. Wolf might stand with the rifle hefted to this shoulder (as is my fav for him in the crouching relaxed animation). But Len, Gus, Shadow or any career soldiers could have shoulder slings and an ever-ready gun stance in the base doll. One more for kicks: Ice could hold pistols sideways movie-style for humor (definately not functionality).

Basially, it's all 2D art, but the overall effect is spectacular and could really lend some of the visual variety and individuality to the mercs.
Plus, I wanna see Fox in full-figure 2D. http://www.ja-galaxy-forum.com/ubb/wink.gif
This would also allow alot more items to be represented in a smaller inventory panel. The full-figure paper doll could carry primary (inhand) and secondary (sling/holster/belt) weapons, armor of all types, and with the webbing suggestion, could add more 'fixing points' to the doll for smaller items such as grenades, flashlight, camo kits, etc. Fanny packs and rucksacks could also be depicted, with an inventory panel only necessary for fishing around for items in them (which would make inventory adjustment AP easy to figure... if it's on the doll proper, its easily accessible without AP penalty... if its in a sack/pouch, AP is required to dig).
Going into combat unprepared can kill you. Something that JA2 didn't really look into, but a paper doll system could partly rectify.

Face it... it's just more modern and cool looking than a flat, slot-based system. And frankly, not all that hard to accomplish.
Yes, Uzi was right, it CAN stay the same without loss of effectiveness, but it adds the benefit of merc individuality (for Shanga) in a visual sense for little to no additional work.

For those not truly attuned to what the system actually is, I can track down a copy of KISS. It's a computer program that simulated the paper doll experience, although mostly anime style.

Finally, Aelissa, I pity your loss of discretionary income over ROM2: I snagged it out of a bargain bin for $10. http://www.ja-galaxy-forum.com/ubb/biggrin.gif

"Holy slimeballs, it's Mike!"
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