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Background image holder for Resolution scaling

Tue, 11 June 2024 11:17

im working on a basic visual mod at present and need to ask. when changing resolutions there is a large portion of the screen that leaves a black empty space due to lacking graphics to place hold scaling.. its just black. this is mostly noticeable when you look at the the main characters bar during real time and also the loading screens. im looking for a way to replace the black with an image of some sort to fill in the rest of the screen. how would this be possible or is there a file i can just copy paste over?

v1.13 Modding, Customising, Editing | 2 comments

Problem with new vehicle shadows.

SOLVED!; Fri, 07 June 2024 16:39

I want to add a few vehicles but apparently I cannot get a single job right..

I opened other .sti files that are in game and I'm trying to do the same:
Shadows are simple .sti.
I gave all my .sti the same background colour, red in this case.
Shadows are blue, this is what I found in other shadow .STIs.
I made .sti for vehicles, their shadows and then the small counterparts for the T folder.
I added the new vehicle to a custom tileset that reads 90% of the material from the generic one. This was made to avoid glitches due to an "overstuffed" tileset.

The current situation:

TRACTOR1: The .sti works and I centered the sprites on the grid.
TRACTOR1S: The editor totally ignores it. It adds the shadow of something else instead.
TRACTOR1 (T folder): The editor ignores it, when generating the radar map the huge sprite is used instead, and the palette is basically corrupted.
TRACTOR1S (T folder): The editor totally ignores it.

EDIT: I tested an AIMNAS vehicle .STI in the editor. It does not work, just like my own.

Now, any leads?

As a sidenote, I just started playing with the JSD Editor. A bit of documentation would help, so prepare for more inane questions..

Solved: It's a matter of registration in the mod Ja2Set.dat XML file. The STI containing the shadows MUST be registered. You never end learning I guess..

I followed Smeagle's doing: Vehicle sti is set to 89 in the xml file, shadow sti is set to 91.
The sprite size in the smaller sti in the T folder is roughly 1/5th of the regular one.
Do add a small sti for shadows, or the game will add a random shadow to the vehicle, when looking at the radar map.

v1.13 Modding, Customising, Editing | 1 comment

About Cobra Fulvias

Some general questions; Thu, 06 June 2024 08:33

Hello there

I have cleared about 70% of the map and still haven't found Cobra. Is he in the game always ? I am pretty sure that his location is random, since he is driving around in his Jeep. But if i walk in a sector that he's in, do i get the message that my squad has noticed someone in the sector ? I do not remember but in other playthroughs, i've always found him somewhere between Alma and Cambria, relatively early in the game. This time around, nor hide or hair and i have uncovered most of the map, working from E to W. Any information please ?

Vengeance 1.13 Reloaded | 4 comments

Damn Bloody HARDCODED game..

SOLVED. Quests and NPCa are in. Still damn bloody hardcoded game tho!; Sun, 02 June 2024 21:27

(My mod is still in full swing, but please substitute "damn bloody" with something more cospicous.)

I added Tony to a custom map of mine and he didn't spawn in game anyway. I did some googling and I discovered two things:

A: Characters starting sector can be edited with ProEdit. I did set Tony to a new sector, but he didn't spawn anyway.
B: I found an old thread on these forums where Bearpit clearly stated that Fatima is hardcoded. She spawns in a9 and goes to a10 only.

Now, I couldn't make sure if ALL NPCs sectors/quests are hardcoded, but at this point it's most probable.

Simply put I need to evaluate options and my realistic possibilities:

1:Screw the quests. All the player actually needs is a Tony-like merchant to get some cash early on. The mod is not set in Arulco and ignoring quests would speed up development by a ton.

2:Build new characters and subsitute them to the original ones. Can you actually make new NPCs?

3: Build totally new quests. It would give a great unique taste to my mod, but it's a ton of MORE work.

Anyway, does anybody knows for certain if all NPCs starting sectors are hardcoded?
How am I going to deal with quests?

I'd really like to hear any opinions.

v1.13 Modding, Customising, Editing | 2 comments

Editing tileset .STI crashes the mapper.

Sun, 02 June 2024 14:27

I tried to both edit and create a new .sti. They both crashed the mapper. Must .sti be registered anywhere?
In particular, I plan to add a few vehicles and I thought to edit the existing .STIs.

v1.13 Modding, Customising, Editing | 6 comments

Graphic icons on profile pictures

Sat, 01 June 2024 19:11

Hi everyone!

I finally wanted to play 1.13 with almost all the new features and i love it. I encountered minor bugs (like item duplications but i read it is already mentioned on the forum) but generally the release is very stable so huge Kudos to everyone involved! You are truly amazing!

I have one question though and i cannot find the answer so maybe you can help.
When i hired Vince his nickname is yellow (not standard white) and he has this white hat icon on the profile? Why? IS there a documentation and meaning of all profile icons somewhere? I remember when i escorted this boy from San Mona he had same icon so again, is this a civilian icon? Why Vince after being hired has it?
I tried to upload picture of it but the limit is 0 bytes big grin

Thanks for all answers!!

v1.13 General Gameplay Talk | 1 comment

Tool to edit AIM/MERC mercs gear kit?

Found and solved.; Sat, 01 June 2024 18:32

I downloaded a tool to edit IMP gear. Is there anything of the like for AIM/MERC rosters?

Apparently there is a tool that was updated 2 years ago. I can't load the page to download it though. See this thread:

Can anybody share this tool?

edit AGAIN..

Folks, it's in Vengeance Reloaded main folder. I hope it still works with current 1.13..

v1.13 Modding, Customising, Editing | 0 comments

Adding Fatima and Dmitri on custom map..

SOLVED:; Tue, 28 May 2024 19:37

(Yes, I start feeling stoopid..)

I added both characters to my map set on forced spawn:
Fatima did not spawn
Dmitri spawned as a regular rebel I could issue orders to.

Apart from this, I need to find the files needed to make them move through maps. I looked into both 1.12 and 1.13 data folders, I found a number of npc and EDT files. When opened they are basically empty.
I also found a LUA gameinit script giving an example about instructions, it was about Fatima. Long story short, what am I supposed to do to handle characters/quests?

A single bright note: I linked the rebel overground map/basement and when I go upstairs mercs spawn on the correct tiles of the "bigmap". I hope this bodes well, even if I'm not totally sure..

Anyways, I need to make a couple of quest to see if I can go on with bigmaps or not. I'll have to make them anyway.

v1.13 Modding, Customising, Editing | 2 comments

Looking for a russian site link here on the forums..

Found and SOLVED; Tue, 28 May 2024 12:37

When I started my project I founs a link by either Flugente or Silversurfer pointing to a russian site (translated). I combed the forums to no avail, I hope to find an answer to my movementcost problem. Failing that I'll have to reconsider my mod general chacteristics..

Found, here it is:

v1.13 Modding, Customising, Editing | 0 comments

The idiot squad

Thu, 23 May 2024 17:16

Let me start this topic with a big, heartfelt thank you to everyone who made JA2 1.13 possible. I have been playing this game on and off for 24 years, and my recent return to it has been great.

Once upon a time, in a galaxy far away, I decided to start another game of JA2. Of course, doing things entirely the same way is boring... so I enabled Drassen counter atack and expert level.  Oh, and also I figured I would give up on my usual selection of capable, dependable mercs and instead go for the idiot squad (Razor, Haywire, Fidel, psycho IMP, Hamous, Maddog).

I must say, that crew fits me incredibly well as a player, because I am sloppy, lazy,and prone to guzzling beer  :d  If left alone for a staggering ten minutes, most of these guys are raiding the liquor store, puffing on cigars, and generally making a nuisance of themselves. I mean, I am all for Dutch courage, but Haywire and Razor take it to the next level.

So far, the idiot squad has had some great successes. Taking Drassen took about ten days, including fighting that gigantic wave for which I had to hide every last merc in the toilets. After that, the idiots took Cambria and Estoni with only minimal damage. The critters in the mine were next to fall. Fidel was an absolute hero, planting bombs with no regard for his own life, and Hamous showed his mettle by going into melee combat with one of the bugs. Bravery or stupidity, what a fine line eh? He got shot in the head once, and lost five points of wisdom. Not that anyone noticed.

I followed this up with Alma and the western SAM, and the idiots are now tossing a coin between Chitzena or Grumm. Might even hang around San Mona for a bit, just to raise morale even further. Or maybe just to nick Kingpin's money, it has been ages since I had to fight off his assassins. If you have suggestions, I'd be happy to hear them happy

War Correspondent | 0 comments

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