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How are enemy/militia profiles used?

Question re: profiles and weapon assignment; Fri, 03 June 2022 13:24

Greetings, bears.

You can assign up to 80 weapons per enemy type and progress level, and also define profiles with specific skills.
Curious how the game uses these two tables to create soldiers.

Does it randomly select a weapon and try to pick a relevant profile?
Does it randomly pick a profile and try to assign a relevant weapon?
Does it pick both completely at random, giving pistols to snipers and DMRs to machine gunners?
Something more sophisticated I didn't think of?

If anybody knows how things work under the hood, it'd be helpful for my attempt at 'regularising' the army.


v1.13 General Development Talk | 0 comments

Is speed running v1.13 already a thing?

Mon, 30 May 2022 15:33

First of all, a huge thank you to everyone involved in v1.13 mod.
You absolutely made my days brighter during pandemic.

I had a wild ride since an LGR tweet of the Big Box JA2 sent me back the memory lane. First thing i discovered was the Wildfire Mod which i was totally unaware of and dug the hell out of for 2 month or so in full savescum fashion. Trying iron man at some point however showed that this was a much too steep learning curve in wildfire. The enemy placement is just evil in some parts.
Next was the vanilla JA2 gold which i found much easier to master but obviously the much lower detail in gameplay left much to wish for compared to Wildfire. Which was the point when i finally started lurking here and become aware of all your fine Mods.
New chance to hit, special forces with vehicles, mobile militia, all those settings via xml. Feels like its all i ever dreamed of without knowing.
Even grinded down some scummed insane difficulty games which took weeks in real time. Before going full expert iron man.
That being said, i appreciate both styles of the game, iron man for its planning, cautiousness and bitter sweet losses aspects. Save-scumming for the perfection in execution, recklessness and sheer impossible tactics and moves you can achieve when abusing foreknowledge.

General consensus when reading here seems to be "You have not really achieved anything when it did not happen in iron man". (Pardon me when i am simplifying things) And i concur, this is true for a regular game. The difficulty levels of save scumming a regular game and achieving that win in iron man require a magnitude different skill levels. The extensive XML settings however, do make a different approach possible imo. There are possible settings that are obviously hugely over powered in a regular game, like drop-all, multiple IMPs and recruit-all-rebels early. You can obviously tune a regular-game to be easier using these OP settings. But thinking speedrun, how about enabling all OP settings and try to beat the game as fast as possible? Which includes the skill to identify OP settings at all and tune and combine those into speedrun advantages.
There are speedruns for wildfire and vanilla JAs, which all exploit glitches to some extend and are mostly measured in realtime. But do i figure correctly that all of those glitches have been ironed out in v1.13? And until new glitches are found, moving a squad on shortest path to meduna, fight the tanks using the laws from the secret facility, thus fighting your way through meduna and kill deidranna in the palace/shelter is the minimum needed to be done to beat v1.13 currently?
I did some attempts with the first notable coming down to 5 days. Wasting much time with doing regular-game stuff like getting skyrider, waiting for bobby delivery, getting conrad from alma, freeing tixa, visiting estoni with shank and recruiting a huge staff.
[Missing screenshot 1]

Yesterday i finished a 2 in-game days (33 hours) attempt with 4 IMPs + Grizzley + 4 rebels, making their way directly to cambria, wasting some time in the hospital and to clean weapons. Then going straight down to N7 for the laws.
[Missing screenshot 2]

Its huge fun. Even tho drop-all supplies you with plenty of gear. Cleaning and repairing has a huge impact on final time. Part of the fun is to utilize whatever the RNG bestows on to you to best extend. The game progression is hilarious. G3A3 on on day one from MoM, AWM found in the gardens only to be ever used to shoot through the palace gate. P90s early but only one mag ammunition for loong time. Robots become a huge pita if you are low on 9x21mm ammo. The character progression is very slow compared to the item progression. Dimitri still was lvl 2, when lvl4 Ira killed deidranna.
[Missing screenshot 3]

Obviously, when it comes to rating a speedrun, the amount of save-scumms should be taken into consideration. Is there a way to reliably count them? Are "game saved" messages stored in the log/savegame files?
[Wanted to attach savegames and screenshots. But no links allowed until i posted 5 messages]

v1.13 General Gameplay Talk | 15 comments

Stuck when entering Cambria mine

Sun, 29 May 2022 12:49


So here is my problem. When I want to enter a mine in Cambria, the map loads and all my characters are stuck and invisible at the entrance like I show on screen below. I need to clear this mine of crepitus, so not going there is not an option. When I try to move them, red cross appears. It seems I can crouch or shoot with them tho. Teleport cheat doesn't work. When I click on the entrance to leave, message about merc being too far appears. Do you have any experience with this? I have tried launching the game with the recommended .dlls and without, no change. Reinstall also did not work.

Thanks for any help and glory to this neverdying classic! happy

Btw: I'm playing 1.13, latest release on Windows 10.


JA2 Crashes, Bugs and Fixes | 2 comments

CTH logic

Maybe someone could explain ?; Sat, 28 May 2022 17:21

So I am still trying to play JA2:VR even though I am using infinite waypoints, im sorry for that.
However i often encounter a situation when my merc can see and shoot enemy from given distance and after making couple shots my merc loses CTH. I cant really understand that.
1-2 shot ~80% CTH , 3-5 shot 0% CTH. WTF ?

First shots. Closest target has less CTH than further one ??

Further target has more CTH than closest one.

After killing further target and damaging one even further the closest target loses all CTH. ???

Am I doing something wrong ? speechless

Vengeance 1.13 Reloaded | 1 comment

Main menu music

Fri, 20 May 2022 19:52

Hey Guys, many years ago i played AR and remembered that there was a very nice piece of music on the main menu screen.

It was a type of upbeat, actiony piece, then somehow it was taken off the files in the download package, and changed to the one that's currently being used. Does anyone remember the tune i'm talkin about? Does anyone know the name of the piece?

Been trying to look for it for ages!


JA2 Arulco Revisited | 2 comments

Crouched walking

Wed, 18 May 2022 14:31


i started playing 1.13 and noticed the new crouched walking animation which isn't my cup of tea and looks a bit out of place (IMHO). Haven't found anything in the settings to change this hence the post. Any way to disable it or is it permanent (if yes why)? More specifically from the changelog:

"New animations: added animations for crouched walking with weapons aimed for all merc bodytypes (made by Taro)"


v1.13 General Development Talk | 1 comment

Merc leaving

What happens when a mercenary leaves, for any reason?; Tue, 17 May 2022 19:49

Hey all,
I've looked for this but was unable to find it - I haven't read EVERY comment.

I reached a point where MERC salaries are greater than mine income. Yes, I've got the Kingpin's secret stash, and his and Darren's money, and two Dancio bounties ...
But ...
I got a little ambitious with hiring and now mine income isn't increasing fast enough. I'm working through the quests but it's still the middle-game.
So, I've decided I don't need Snake (now $3000/day), and was waffling whether to ditch Fidel ($2900/day).
So I fire Snake (he's at 50 hours of contract pay) ... and I don't see the refund of his pay ... does it ever come back?
If a MERC has a medical, THAT refunds.

But ... if I "pay" a MERC, do they keep that money for good? (They "budget problems" surfaced late.)

v1.13 General Gameplay Talk | 1 comment

Night Ops maps with Strac

problems; Thu, 12 May 2022 14:58

Tried playing the (semi)official mod, Got Drassen and 2 sam sites. I have a problem placing mercs in B2 Chitzena on the south edge of the map, you can place the mercs but the "Done" button doesn't work.
Even tried opening the map in editor and placing a different South entrance, but with no success.

Stracciatella Project (Platform Independent JA2) | 0 comments

AIMNAS + belt feed LBE?

Sat, 07 May 2022 06:09

Quick question, is there any LBE vest or gear in AIMNAS that can belt feed MGs like the default 1.13?

AIMNAS | 0 comments

I want early vehicles, please.

Sat, 07 May 2022 03:28

Hi everyone. I hope there's someone who can help me out. I want vehicles early in the game. I set the vehicle limit to 6 in the INI. I then placed 2 Jeeps in Omerta A10 using the map editor. Squad one headed for the airport and squad 2 headed for San Mona. Squad one had an encounter and then was set to rest and repair followed shortly by squad 2 doing the same thing. When preparing squad two to continue moving I found 2 jeeps in their sector and none with squad one. I received an assertion error with my various attempts at getting squad two moving. I thought more than one of the same vehicle was the problem. I decided to try the El Dorado and the Hummer. They appear as saved in the map editor but don't exist when I get there in the game. I am hopeful that someone out there knows the solution to my problem. I also need to know how to have Bobby Ray's be able to air drop deliveries to the other cities in the country. Thanks in advance.

v1.13 Solutions,Tips & Spoilers | 0 comments

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