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Traits - detailed info what each one does ?

Mon, 18 April 2022 15:53

Hello all,

Id like to know what each Trait does. In FULL detail. The descriptions mostly arent really helpful in this regard and all of them are vague at best. After an extense search, I did not found a file that contained any info on these as I found for skills and backgrounds.


A: Better Performance when a couple of mercs are nearby.
D: Gains no morale when no other merc is nearby.
Question 1: 'Better performance'; what is that ? +5% to CtH with LMGs, is something I understand
Question 2: 'nearby'; what is 'nearby' ? within 10 tiles range, is something I understand

A: Better Performance when no other merc is nearby.
D: Gains no morale when in a group.
Question 1: same 'Better performance' and 'nearby' as above ?

A: Morale sinks a little slower and grows faster than normal.
D: Lower chance to detect traps and mines.
Question 1: 'a little slower'; what is that ?
Question 2: 'grows faster'; what is that ?
Question 3: 'Lower chance'; what is that ?

A: Bonus on training militia and is better at communicating with people.
D: Gains no morale for actions of other mercs.
Question 1: 'Bonus'
Question 2: 'is better at'

A: Slightly faster learning when self practising or as a student.
D: Lower Supression and fear resistance.
Question 1: 'Slightly faster'
Question 2: 'Lower'

A: Energy goes down a bit slower except on assignments such as doctor, repairman, militia trainer or if learning certain skills.
D: Wisdom, leadership, explosives, mechanical and medical skills improve slightly slower.
Question 1: 'a bit slower'
Question 2: 'such as'
Question 3: 'certain skills'
Question 4: 'improve slightly slower'

A: Slightly better CtH on burst/autofire and inflicts slightly bigger damage in close combat. Gains a little more morale for killing.
D: Penalty for actions that need patience like repairing items, picking locks, removing traps, doctoring, training militia.
Question 1: 'Slightly better'
Question 2: 'slightly bigger'
Question 3: 'a little more'
Question 4: 'Penalty'
Question 5: 'like'

A: Bonus for actions that need patience like repairing items, picking locks, removing traps, doctoring and training militia.
D: Interrupt chance is slightly lowered.
Question 1: 'Bonus'
Question 2: 'like'
Question 3: 'slightly lowered'

A: Higher supression and fear resistance. Morale damage for taking damage and companion deaths is lower.
D: Higher chance to be hit and enemy's penalty reduced when oneself is the moving target.
Question 1: 'Higher'
Question 2: 'lower'
Question 3: 'Higher chance'
Question 4: 'penalty'
Question 5: 'reduced'

A: Gains morale on non-combat assignments (except training militia).
D: Gains no morale for killing.
Question 1: 'Gains'

A: Higher chance for inflicting stat loss, which may also inflict special painful wounds. Gains bonus morale for inflicting stat loss.
D: Penalty in communicating with people and morale sinks faster when not in battle.
Question 1: 'Higher chance'
Question 2: 'may'
Question 3: 'special painful wounds'
Question 4: 'bonus'
Question 5: 'Penalty in'
Question 6: 'sinks faster'

A: Better performance when mercs of opposite gender are nearby.
D: Morale for mercs of the same gender grows slower when nearby.
Question 1: 'Better performance'
Question 2: 'nearby'
Question 3: 'grows slower'
Question 4: 'nearby'

A: Gains morale when retreating.
D: Looses morale when encountering numerically superior enemy forces.
Question 1: 'Gains'
Question 2: 'Looses'
Question 3: 'numerically superior'


The best source would of course be a file where all that info is written in but like I said, I didnt found any whatsoever.


v1.13 General Gameplay Talk | 3 comments

JA2-Stracciatella 0.19.0

New release!; Fri, 15 April 2022 17:47

The Jagged Alliance 2 Stracciatella team is proud to present a new release showcasing a year of work. It includes several new features, plenty of bugfixes compared to previous versions and the original game, clean-ups of the old code base, and most notably a new saving&loading screen. Our Chinese fans will now be able to play the game in their own language (zh_CN).

Read about the details, feature documentation and fixes here:

Packages for Linux, Windows and OSX are available.

Stracciatella Project (Platform Independent JA2) | 5 comments

Any Android Games Like Jagged Alliance 2 1.13?

Fri, 15 April 2022 02:33

Are there any games for Android similar to Jagged Alliance 2 1.13? I am sick and tired of wasting my time on games that turn out to be another cash grab, pay to win, pay to play, grindfest, PVP focused game, survival or build focused game, etc.

What I wouldn't give to just find an honest game that's none of those things that focuses more on the type of play style that was in Jagged Alliance 2 1.13, that uses Google services to save your game so you don't have to deal with servers that eventually stop working or losing save files on damaged phones and devices.

I would be glad to pay for a game like this but I can't find any.

I found Exiled Kingdoms but it's more of a Diablo 2 type game that takes place in the middle ages, and even though it has the right type of graphics, it's not turn based, there's no guns, and I was looking for something that takes place in more modern times. And please, no side scrollers. No insult meant, I'm just not into them.

All About Gaming | 0 comments

Wheres Shank?

Sat, 09 April 2022 01:50

Loving the new ability to helicopter in, that being said, I need to get Estonia setup as a fuel stop. I am using the latest JA 1.13 files, and playing with Wildfire, but I cannot find Shank in Tixa's dungeon! Is he somewhere else? Tips would be appreciated!

JA2 Wildfire | 0 comments

Inwalid code for second IMP character

Wed, 06 April 2022 20:39


I got steam version of JA2 Wildfire and put there: ja2 1.13 wildfire beta pl gr9300 dr2641
I use XEP624 for the first IMP merc, and then when i use BSE nothing happend just info invalid code.
When i use 90210 then it clone my first merc. Is there other code than BSE or i have to change something in ini file ?

v1.13 General Gameplay Talk | 0 comments

Runtime Error (FacilityTypes.XML Error)

Fresh copy of JA2 Gold, v1.13 from SCI, wildfire6.07 patch from SVN; Mon, 04 April 2022 23:57

Hi there,

I downloaded a fresh copy of JA2 Gold, followed by v1.13 from SCI, finally Wildfire6.07 patch from SVN.
When I started the game using ja2.exe, i got this:



File: .\XML_FacilityTypes.cpp
Line: 860
Function: facilitytypeElementHandle
FacilityTypes.XML Error: Assignment type for facility 8 is unrecognized!

File: .\lnit.cpp
Line: 1477
Function: InitializeJA2
Loading external data failed

Did I make any mistakes installing the files? How can I fix it?
Thank you for your attention. happy

JA2 Wildfire | 0 comments


Warden's office; Mon, 04 April 2022 20:21

Hey, all;
I'm picking up a game, running JA2_113 (7609 build) and am cleaning up Tixa Prison after assaulting main and basement sectors.
This is my first time with 1.13, and I haven't done AV, AR, or Vengeance mods yet.

I played JA2 1.12 (Vanilla) years ago, but I can remember what I did in Tixa, specifically the Warden's office.
I have Dimitri with this team (MEC 71) but he cannot 1) open the south door of Warden's office, or 2) pick the safe (cabinet);
the locker opens fine - but what does the red button do (other than sound alarm)?
Dimitri's fairly good at repairing.

I have just recruited SHANK and Thor is taking him to Estoni.
Buns has two and others have one key (a shiny key which probably fits more than an ordinary lock), but none of these seem to open the Warden's office south door. In "FANDOM" Dynamo is listed as 'Lockpick (expert)', but he can't open either of these.

Is this a "find a key from a soldier later" situation? Is there anything valuable in the Warden's safe?
Would Trevor or some other "99" MECH be able to open this?

v1.13 General Gameplay Talk | 3 comments

Mapgenerator possible?

Sun, 03 April 2022 12:44

Hi all,

Is it possible to create a map generator, which use builded elements?
I am thinking about a map generator that creates a map from given elements like houses, paths, trees.

Each element has a fixed number of tiles and they are placed next to each other by rolling the dice.
Like a chessboard, the whole map is divided into, for example, 8x8 squares and each square is filled with a selected element.
For an airport, the map will be more like 3x8 because the runway is so long.

At the beginning of map generation, you need to roll the dice to determine the type of map. If possible, the large map to determine areas such as desert, jungle, water, snow, etc..
After that, the individual maps, whether to become a city, farm, field, airport, hospital, port, junkyard, etc..
Accordingly, depending on the type, a different percentage distribution of the available elements is used.
In a city there are definitely more houses than on a farm, field or desert.

Would this be possible?

Zone: desert, jungle, snow, Water, tundra
Second zone: town, farm, field, wood, poor, rich ...

I can't upload file here: File Attachment is too big (over allowed limit of 0 bytes)
So i use this.

v1.13 General Development Talk | 0 comments

Stuck when entering a mine

Thu, 31 March 2022 21:46

Hi guys!

So here is my problem. When I want to enter a mine in Cambria, the map loads and all my characters are stuck at the entrance like I show on screen. I need to clear this mine of crepitus, so not going there is not an option. When I try to move them, red cross appears. It seems I can crouch or shoot with them tho. Teleport cheat doesn't work. When I click on the entrance to leave, message about merc being too far appears. Do you have any experience with this? I have tried launching the game with the recommended .dlls and without, no change.

Thanks for any help and glory to this neverdying classic happy

v1.13 General Gameplay Talk | 1 comment

List of broken quests and bugged NPCs in Urban Chaos 1.13 Experimental (v4.6)

Urban Chaos (latest UC 1.13 v4.6 Full Experimental on r8675, not the original UC); Mon, 28 March 2022 19:29

It's commendable and awesome that the old Urban Chaos mod got reworked for recent 1.13, especially with all the AFS stuff added. The maps, the guns, almost everything makes for a great experience.

However, there seems to be a lot of bugged or unfinished NPC side-quests, which can be quite frustrating going on a wild goose hunt after an NPC dropped some quest hints, only to find the later NPCs missing or bugged (especially since there is literally zero information about them online, apart from the Polish site NPC descriptions and some quests FAQ, and that isn't entirely correct anymore. Many of the initial e-mails from general Dunlop are also buggy, as they contain no text.

I am aware the original UC authors are long gone and Wil473's very hard work on updating UC went more into the data side and compatibility, not the side quests.

I'd like to make this thread to discuss the quests and side quests - which ones work, which ones only partially and which ones seem to be outright unfinished or missing, so any other new UC players don't have to go on wild chases after missing content like I did. I know side-quests aren't the main reason people still play UC (probably more after the setting and maps), but when any quests are not working, it can be quite confusing when you go chasing after a missing NPC. Better to have such information in one place, instead of randomly being asked in years-old bug report threads...

Please feel free to add any I might have missed (with spoiler tags), I haven't even finished UC113 yet...

1. Kingpin's offer of $20,000 for the MOC disk - Broken, he turns hostile.

Toggle Spoiler

2. Rescue Miranda quest - not broken per se, perhaps, just confusing, as looks like it's impossible without making the whole PIN group hostile very early in the game.
Toggle Spoiler

3. Walter Smirnoff & Gun Runners - Broken NPCs (not a quest per se), some dialogue never seen and they turn hostile without reason.
Toggle Spoiler

4. Lynn quest (Factory manager using child labour) - Bit broken quest, NPC and dialogue.
Toggle Spoiler

5. Satan's Sons quest & leader Bruno Stolitz - Unfinished and broken quest (aka Martha & Joey).
Toggle Spoiler

6. Danubian National Police Chiefs - the bright-blue uniform guys in Calisto and other cities - hostile on sight (unlike rest of DNP), but probably as intended?
Toggle Spoiler

7. Carmen's headhunter quest - the Crepaton managers and their heads (aka terrorists in original JA2). Not a bug, just a warning to players.
Toggle Spoiler

Any others I missed? Thanks.

BTW, all played and tested on latest recommended UC113 4.6 and 1.13 r8675 or later versions (I went back to 8675 to retest the bugs there). It's of course possible some of them might be due to some unknown error in my JA2/1.13/UC1.13 setup, but at least some of these seem to be in the UC113 map files themselves, so I think it unlikely.

UC/DL 1.13 & AFS | 1 comment

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