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Disabling Sound when Mouse is over an Enemy?

Sun, 27 March 2022 17:03

Is there any setting where I can disable the permanent "hovering" sound when my mouse is over an enemy?
Having effect sounds set to very loud for better immersion/loudness of shooting guns, the also affected hovering sound is way too loud...

EDIT: The sound I'm referring to, is actually the sound when the enemy is out of effective weapon range

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LUA scripting: making CIV_GROUP NEUTRAL again

Mon, 21 March 2022 20:47

Is there any "easy" way of making a certain CIV_GROUP and their RPCs/NPCs NEUTRAL again?

Perhaps by inserting a script into earlymorningevents in StrategicEventHandler.lua or elsewhere?

I am in an extended play through of UC113 and the PIN group (Kingpin) turned immediately hostile on me after finishing conversation with him the first time (there is a few bugs like that there I think). Makes giving him the "chalice" or recruiting Conrad impossible, and I'd rather not start over. Tried playing with Facts in F11 debug screen to no luck.

I had a look at the SetCivGroupHostile function, but frankly, I can't get my head around using it properly...


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Sat, 19 March 2022 15:51

Hello, all. I've been looking for a version of JAPE that works with UB? The one I have only works with base JA2...I've tried altering the save file names and whatnot, but to no avail. Thanks. happy

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remote trigger

remote trigger; Fri, 18 March 2022 03:44

I have not played this game in years cannot remember how to activate remote trigger I know how to install remote detonators and how to set frequency but after that I have forgotten putting in hand slot and right clicking brings remote trigger up but right or left clicking just closes it again any suggestions?

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Structures in sectors are off by one grid?

Thu, 17 March 2022 22:09

Hey there,

not sure if its a problem on my end but i noticed that on my game some sectors (if not all) have this weird issue that structures and objects are somehow "off" by one tile.
Walls, doors, containers etc. At times it can become really wonky because i get shot through walls and windows that are where they arent supposed to be.

Here is a screenshot of what it looks like:

If I move around the double walls they eventually flicker and one wall disappears. While it disappears visually the game counts it still as being there, effectively blocking my mercs.
And ya, happened in most sectors. Playing with the latest version of Vengeance Reloaded.

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Changing BR availability

Mon, 14 March 2022 20:17


I want to make ammo and LBE available via BR earlier, while leaving the rest of progression untouched. Am I right in assuming I need to edit "ubcoolness" in items.xml? For example, the black modular vest has coolness 4 - if I set that to 1 it will be available earlier, yes? Concerns revision 9141.

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How do I enable ammo and LBE to be available from BR right away?

Mon, 14 March 2022 14:12


I want ammo and LBE to be available from BR from the start, regardless of progress settings. I found the item names in items.xml. Do I only need to set their coolness to 1?

Example for black modular vest:

> <ubCoolness>8</ubCoolness>

Do I only need to set that to 1?

Concerns revision 9141.

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Stable exe

Mon, 14 March 2022 11:20

I have JA2 Gold and unfinished business from steam which neither work. Weird they sell those when they don't even work. Only one I have working is the wildfire. But anyways I just wanted to ask if you guys could recommend a v1.13 build that is stable which I could try playing the UB?

I have already tried several of the download links but I get errors when trying to launch the game. I can post those errors if required.

New features are ok but stable is good too

thx! happy

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transferring ja2 saves to UB

Sun, 13 March 2022 22:50

Hi all,
I have just finished JA2 main game with 1.13 2085 version. Got savegames which I would like now to use in UB main vanilla campaign.
I have a gog version of UB version 1.01. How can I patch it so that my save games can be used to start the campaign in UB? Do not need any additional mods/changes, I want just to play UB with the same rules as in 1.13 2085 version (same as my saves)

best regards,

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Blurry numbers on ammo?

Sat, 12 March 2022 20:57

Hey there,

im currently running AIMNAS on the latest version (also latest sci) and I noticed that all my ammo numbers on my guns are black and super blurry.
Is that a know bug or did i mess something up?


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