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JA2 1.13

Tue, 22 February 2022 01:07

I have been playing JA2 1.13 a while and I am in the very early part of the game it says I can be a Administrator what is that and what is the latest version of JA2 1.13 to download

Jagged Alliance 2 General | 4 comments

Help with improvement

crap player; Tue, 22 February 2022 00:47

Hi guys,

I don't know if this is the right place for my queries so feel free to re-direct me if not.

Basically, I love jagged alliance 2 and play it frequently, but I'm so shit at it. I've completed vanilla and 1.13 a couple times years ago but I cant remember if I made it easier by messing with the settings. Last year I really enjoyed Vengeance Reloaded, but ended up getting intimidated with all the equipment around about the 4th city. I'm really struggling these days.

I've begun playing Arulco Vacations (on experienced) and it's amazing! Probably my favourite yet. The problem is that I just can't seem to consistently beat the AI. I read guides on tactics and tried to apply them but I still keep getting creamed. I keep overlapping fields of fire, make sure to get good positions, cover all angles, use grenades etc and still the only way to win is by save scumming so I know where the enemy will come from. I hate cheesing games like that and it just gets frustrating.

I've turned off huge counter attacks but it only needs about 12 elites and I'm fucked. I prefer day fighting but figured I'd try night ops so as to get ahead in the beginning. Made 3 night op IMPs and hired Scope, Lynx, and Spooky to help get to the airport. Got Ira for free. Get to Drassen without too much hassle and place an order for gear (NV, Silencers, ammo etc). While waiting for it to arrive im constantly getting attacked by small groups and just fending them off, then 10 or so elites arrive. I dont stand a chance! For the first time ever I used the cheats just to see if I'd be successful with better weapons.....nope. Sniper rifle, FALs, M4s, still no chance. I just can't see how you guys do it.

I can't really find much footage on youtube or anywhere else. I'd love to see someone play just a couple of battles from start to finish with average gear and mercs (relative to the stage of the game). Are you guys really beating this AI? How? Can you recommend basic essential tactics or tips? I love the game but it's frustrating being so crap at it.

Thanks in advance, I appreciate it! (And thanks to all the modders here for all their hard work).

Arulco Vacations | 10 comments

How can I change loading screen pictures?

Tue, 15 February 2022 21:37

Any help greatly appreciated.

Really hate those disgusting loading screens in Arulco Vacation.
edit: nevermind, figured it out

All about modding JA2 | 4 comments

SHIFT + T - Quick item transformation for primary hand item?

What does it do?; Thu, 10 February 2022 22:10

Sorry if a stupid question, but since I couldn't find any documentation at all on that function, what does it exactly do?

Prelim. testing with a few different weapons, attachments and stuff in hand does nada.

v1.13 General Gameplay Talk | 7 comments

ACOG Combo 4x vs. regular ACOG+Reflex sights bug in NCTH? Lacks reflex mode

Thu, 10 February 2022 16:27

Could find anything by searching. What's the intended purpose of it?

You can permanently merge ACOG 4x + Reflex sights to make the ACOG Combo 4x sight (uiIndex 1004): "A Trijicon Advanced Combat Gunscope with 4x magnification and adapter-mounted rear holosight for close-combat sighting. Includes a flat top adapter, backup iron sights and a dust cover.".
Unfortunately, it seems to be bugged in NCTH, as it removes the "reflex" (yellow icon with red dot) scope mode (changed by pressing ".") the weapon with it installed only has "scoped" and "hipfire" modes available.

The ACOG combo sight gives a flat out 20% AP bonus to the weapon even in "scoped" mode, while removing "reflex" mode altogether. OK, the first is nice, but is it intended?
Removing "reflex" scope mode effectively makes the weapon useless in close quarters at specific distances (due to minimum sights distance malus), contrary to what combo sights are actually made for.

Example screenshots here:
(add https in front, I cannot yet post links)

1. ACOG + Reflex, Scoped mode (28 AP)
2. ACOG + Reflex, Hipfire mode (21 AP)
3. ACOG + Reflex, Reflex mode (24 AP) this one is tightest, best chance to hit
4. ACOG Combo, Scoped mode (24 AP) same size as 1., but less AP. There is no Reflex mode and Hipfire is same as 2.

Note that the best chance to hit at this particular distance is with separate ACOG + Reflex sights in Reflex mode, which the ACOG Combo altogether lacks.

Running r.9141.

v1.13 General Gameplay Talk | 0 comments

Drop All & TravelRating

Wed, 09 February 2022 14:25

I was just thinking (dangerous, I know) that the main problem Players have with drop all seems to be the over abundance of items -- and the need to deal with them all. But there was intended to be a way to alleviate that -- items are supposed to 'disappear' (be snatched up by locals) when you leave the sector. There is a tag in MovementCosts.xml to control it - but it is not implemented. Perhaps it can be?

Here is the comment in the XML file:

TravelRating - represents how travelled a sector is. Typically, the higher the travel rating,
the more people go near it. A travel rating of 0 means there are never people
around. This value is used for determining how often items would "vanish" from
a sector (nice theory, except it isn't being used that way). NOT USED IN GAME!!!!

v1.13 Feature Requests | 3 comments

Single militia trained?

Fri, 04 February 2022 00:33

Every time I train militia, in any city, only a single militia (green at that) is trained. I am training with a 61 and 60 leadership merc (one IMP, one not).

I've reinstalled twice and started from scratch, but still having this issue. The ini file settings (Max militia trained and whatnot) also seem to have no effect. Does anyone have a solution for this?

Arulco Vacations | 9 comments

Inventory Doubling

Wed, 02 February 2022 01:38

I am playing AR+LP from Seven´s modpack. I recognised that the invetory i some sectors are doubling. So when there was one tool kit there are now two.(this happened with all other things to) I do not really know trough which incident this hapend but I recongiced this kind of bug allready in other mod I played out of the modpack. Does anybody know how this bug occure?

v1.13 General Gameplay Talk | 10 comments

IMP Settings: what are Wildfire Stats?

Mon, 31 January 2022 18:35

Greetings everyone happy

Could someone please tell me the default values of...

...present in JA2 Wildfire.

The motivation: it happens that i either have 5-15 stat points left and would like to raise physical Attributename(s) by a couple points, or create a more roleplaying-ish character alltogether.

v1.13 INI Customisation and Help | 1 comment

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