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Dead is dead mode on 1.13?

Wed, 07 June 2023 01:55

So I've recently discovered this game, I've been playing stracciatella for a while and I found the most enjoyable way to play is the Dead is Dead mode (where you can't reload your save, it saves automatically when you quit the game or load another save) because it eliminates the temptation to reload when I lose a merc or a battle goes bad (I'm aware ironman exists but it isn't the same because I can still restart battles whenever i feel like it and try different strategies risk free). I've got 1.13 up and running fine and have been tweaking it for my next playthrough, but I can't seem to find how to play it in Dead is Dead mode like on stracciatella.

I've found a "JA2 roguelike" mod online that I think the stracciatella mode is based on, but the instructions are only clear on how to install it on vanilla 1.12, and because it creates its own ja2_options.ini file I cant figure out how to incorporate it into 1.13 as obviously that also has its own ja2_options.ini, I've scoured all the documents for 1.13 looking for "roguelike" and "dead is dead" but I can't find anything about it, so I'm relatively sure the mode is not built into 1.13 although hopefully I'm wrong about this and it's an easy fix somehow.

Does anyone have any idea how to get this mode in 1.13? I've attached the roguelike mod i found online if there's no easy option to activate in 1.13 somewhere just in case someone can take a look at it and tell me if it's possible at all. Thanks!

v1.13 General Development Talk | 4 comments

Bug Reports-- latest 1.13

I couldn't find if the old Bugzilla was still active so wanted to post what I'm finding here; Sat, 20 May 2023 15:13


Everyone has done magical work touching up 1.13-- there are some really great changes.

I thought I'd log some bugs I've found and workarounds(if any) as I play through the latest version on my steamdeck.

When ordering, if you leave directly from the order confirmation screen immediately after you place an order by clicking something other than part of the web page, your order will not be completed but you will lose the funds. As long as you click the web page and the "Oakie dokie!" Resolves to the main Bobbie Ray's page, you're in the clear.

Even if you aren't using military HQ and associated features, it's available and you can't spend money on it. If you don't have the airport airspace controlled, you can buy militia, spend the money, but never receive the soldiers. Also, later in the game, you can place militia in non-drassen cities.

I'll post more as I find them. I'm running latest unstable version in wine 4. Let me know if this should go elsewhere!

v1.13 Solutions,Tips & Spoilers | 1 comment

Bobby Ray tags in Items.xml

someone knowing what they do?; Tue, 16 May 2023 06:44

Items.xml has some tags related to BR (Bobby Ray)

The ROF seems to be the Rate-of-Fire displayed when looking at weapon stats, ok.

But what about the other tags?

Values I've seen go from 1-20 and it doesn't seem to be a category

Without that, I won't be able to sell my new item at BR, sigh.

I can go for the additional merchants, but ...

So folks, please enlighten me   ^.^

v1.13 XML Customization | 1 comment

Need help with language and text files

Fri, 12 May 2023 16:06

Hello JA friends

I wanted to play Jagged Alliance 2 1.13 again with a mod before Ja3. I searched for a current German version and found one from 23.01.2023 (JA2 1.13 BETA GERMAN (Gr_3985dca) (Dr_12282d2)). Fortunately, I could hardly believe what my ears heard there. The voice output of the additional mercenaries such as Moses, Boss and Mouse is actually in German. I still can't believe that they were sychronized in German after all these years. Thanks a lot! In the older versions and mods (e.g. JA2 1.13(7609) Deidranna Lives v4.50.1 GER) a lot was "denglich" (German and English mixed) and it never felt good.

Native English speakers are lucky that almost every game comes out in their native language. They don't have to worry about that. I don't know if these players can put themselves in the position that everyone else has to go without that luxury and learn another language. Imagine if tomorrow only games would be released in German. It just destroys the immersion if you can't play in your native language. I want to concentrate on the game and not have to translate it all the time. I hope you can understand what I am talking about.

Since it's hard to find a working German version of Ja2 1.13 nowadays, especially with all the mods, I thought I'd try to replace the language files of an older version like 1.13(7609) with the beta files from 01/23/2023. And indeed it worked. Kaboom, Leech and Co. don't speak English anymore. Well partially at least. After some trial and error, the voice output seems to be completely in German as far as I have tested. But many of the texts, which were already translated in older versions, are unfortunately still in English.

As you probably know, you can quickly destroy your game files. If you replace the wrong files it doesn't work as it should, crashes or doesn't start at all. That's why I need help from someone who knows the file structures better than I do. I would like to have as much in the game in German as possible but I am aware that there is not a German translation for everything. I have overwritten the following files:




I am not an expert and don't know which files in the Ja2 folder are responsible for the voice output as well as the text output. Which ones should be overwritten and which ones not. The SLF files (such as SPEECH.SLF and GERMAN.SLF) don't seem to be present in the 1.13 beta of 01/23/2023. At least I have not found any.
Does anyone know the exact files that are responsible for the speech and text output and could write me a listing as an answer? I would be really happy if someone would support me. I also think that it would help many other players who want to translate their respective versions into their languages. If something is still unclear, please ask me.

Translated with

v1.13 Solutions,Tips & Spoilers | 5 comments

Vengenance reloaded 'the great reset'

Awesome!; Mon, 08 May 2023 05:12

This is freaking sweet, however I have difficulty changing my resolution to either 1920x1080 or something comparable. I had a previous version that I managed to figure that out for.... but I cannot now with the new version (which is amazing by the way) I get a 16 bit error?

Vengeance 1.13 Reloaded | 2 comments

Help with modding/ adding items

Fri, 28 April 2023 13:00

I need help to locate items to mod.
Using sti edit and viewer, I cannot find , for example, Rock and Rock#2.
Rock ui is 39 and 42 but, cannot find in sti-edit or viewr. Help[!
Years ago I could add weapons, make weapons, mod items.....

v1.13 Modding, Customising, Editing | 1 comment

Help with modding/ adding items

Been a long time..; Fri, 28 April 2023 12:58

I need help to locate items to mod.
Usin sti edit and viewer, I cannot find , for example, Rock and Rock#2.
Rock ui is 39 and 42 but, cannot find in sti-edit or viewr. Help[!
Years ago I could add weapons, make weapons, mod items.....

v1.13 Weapon & Item Refinement | 1 comment

Strategic Map Error Message (game fail)

some kinda bad thing that I don't know how to handle; Tue, 18 April 2023 04:37

"Assertion Failure [line 308 in file D:\ # JA2 Github Compiling (Okt 2022)\build in-use\source-master\Strategic\Map Screen Interface Townmine Info.cpp]. Attempting to do a debug save as Savegame247.sav (this may fail"

No savegame247 was created. I guess it failed. Am on Day 17 in Cambria doing things. I went to an earlier save and after a while the same error occurred, whether I was in Cambria or not.

Game was downloaded from GOG in March, 2023. I suppose that's the current version.

v1.13 General Gameplay Talk | 0 comments

Militia passive

Militia only crouches. No advancement towards enemy; Tue, 11 April 2023 10:26

I just installed the latest 1.13 release.

Thanks for keeping this wonderful game alive. heart

My militia stays very passive during an attack on my position when I have mercs in the area.
The militia only returns fire when they see the enemy.
Perhaps a few steps taken towards the enemy.
But overall they just stay put untill the enemy come to them.
Previousley they all would advance towards the enemy, even from a long distance away.

How do I restore the old advancement?

v1.13 General Gameplay Talk | 1 comment

How to increase MERC amount more than 32?

How to increase MERC amount more than 32?; Sat, 08 April 2023 12:03

Good day to everyone.

Can please someone tell me how to increase MERC amount more than 32 without installing any additional mods?

v1.13 INI Customisation and Help | 0 comments

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