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JA2-Stracciatella Continued Continued

The show must go on; Thu, 29 December 2022 14:33

What is the goal of JA2 Stracciatella?
The goal is to make Jagged Alliance 2 available to a wide range of platforms, improve its stability, fix bugs and provide a stable platform for mod development.

Why stracciatella?
The name is an allusion to calling an unmodded version the “vanilla” version. The goal of this project is to improve the game without changes that would feel out of place. The end result still looks like vanilla, with some improvements mixed in just like the pieces of chocolate in stracciatella.

Where does JA2 Stracciatella run?
It should run on all little endian platforms that support SDL2. This includes (but is not limited to) BSDs, Linuxes, Android, MacOs and Windows.

Where can I get it?
Detailed installation and compilation instructions are available on the website here. Release and nightly builds are available for several platforms.

What's with the "continued continued" stuff?
As with many open source projects, JA2 Stracciatella had periods of inactivity. Maintainers changed and to keep with tradition, the last revival in 2016 announced itself as a continuation of previous "continued" efforts. It's also a simple way to be able to differentiate entries in the Jagged Alliance History page.

Does it work with 1.13?
No and it's not planned, since it's out of scope.

Stracciatella Project (Platform Independent JA2) | 0 comments

installation problems

where can I download rev. 4870; Wed, 28 December 2022 18:29

tried to install arulco revisited. used ja2 113 ver. 7609en_r2037 for installation - game does not start, also when changing parameters with inieditor. seems I need rev.4870 - where can I download this ?



JA2 Arulco Revisited | 1 comment

2 problems with AV12

crash + problem with loyalty; Wed, 28 December 2022 11:59

I am using AV 12, installed on win10 fully update. strictly followed the instruction for installation and using ja2_7609en+AI_r2037.exe for starting. It is a great game and nice that I can hire so many NPCs . 2 problems :

problem1 : the system sometimes crashes, means the box needs a reboot. Before the crash a message 'civilian turn ' or similar appears. usually a non moving playing character who seems to encounter another person ( civilian or zombie ). I can prevent this from moving the non-active characters to a remote place. actually I can live with this problem

problem 2 : for no reason all of a sudden the morale goes within 12 hours in intervalls down to zero. THere is no warning from enrico on missing acitivities or some conflicts among the soldiers. in drassen it tooks several days - were able to train 40 militia, in citizena it took I guess a week or so, and in grumm I conquered one sector with loyalty level 17 - when I attacked another sector the loyalty level dropped to 0 , the zombies killed civilans - I observed. when I stayed 3 days in the ome sector in grumm - within 24 hours the loyalty dropped to zero.

please help


Arulco Vacations | 0 comments

Why Tony is hostile in Wildfire?

Sun, 25 December 2022 01:32

i have done this before with 1.13 and plain game. killed kingpin but hans&tony never became hostile to me. have i done smth wrong or they become hostile if you kill kingpin in wildfire? this was not a case in vanilla game iirc?

JA2 Wildfire | 4 comments

What makes who spot first?

Sat, 24 December 2022 16:46

i am playing wildfire my godlike IMP is 5 LVL while igor is 4 LVL. enemy attacks me first when i approach him with my IMP while with igor, he attacks first. why? i thought this is all about LVL.

Jagged Alliance 2 General | 3 comments

Sector Map Bug

Fri, 23 December 2022 18:32

hi guys i had been away for a year i guess. but right now i came back to play wildfire at expert difficulty thumbs up

anyway the point is my wildfire is from steam and in game black screen occurs when you enter a hostile sector. you know you decide a place where you put your mercs before fighting in that sector. interestingly in tactical screen when you press "insert" or right click on minimap same bug happens but with plain green instead full black.

so any fix for this?

JA2 Wildfire | 1 comment

Problem with NCTH aiming mode (shifted crosshair)

Shifted Crosshair; Thu, 22 December 2022 17:11

Hi. I was looking for a similar thread with this problem but couldn't find it, so here it is.

I'm having an issue with the shifted crosshair in the game after checking the new NCTH option, viz

I downloaded and installed version 1.13 BETA PL Rev.9405 (Gr_468756d) (Dr_4648659) on the JA2 Stand 1.12 GOLD

The mod in the ini editor is - vfs_config.JA2113Wildfire607.ini

I thought that the problem depends on the resolution I'm playing on, and it's: 1360 by 768 while on other resolutions it's the same.

Out of curiosity, I also edited the NCTH ini file by running this option also in the game's menu, but it did nothing. With NCTH on when zooming in on an enemy, the old aiming system sometimes sticks through. Anyone having the same problem, do you have a solution? Alternatively, where, in what file, to look for the position of this small sight that should be in the middle of the target in the NCTH system?

v1.13 General Gameplay Talk | 0 comments


a re-hello ; Tue, 20 December 2022 15:26

I'm back...i'm now 60 years old and still playing..LOL...couldnt remember my 20 year old password and re-registered...btw..came back looking for the dbb-mod..says dead links..well for those in the ability of adding links..heres the mega download for the latest dbb
is any of the old guard still around? i have followed the facebook page the whole time.

Off Topic Discussions | 15 comments

Character Speech Issues

Sat, 10 December 2022 16:15

So playing the original Jagged Alliance, I was getting very frustrated by my characters not seeming to say anything when discovering new items, Fidel not wanting to leave his target, and especially when winning a sector and giving a triumph speech (from whoever killed the final guy). I couldn't figure out why the speech wasn't happening for the longest time, despite uninstalling/reinstalling the game, deleting old save game files in case something was corrupted and checking all the control panel settings in the game. No forums I found on the internet could explain what was going on, but I FINALLY figured it out, and created an account here to post what I found.

It may sound stupid to veteran players of the game, but I was trying to get rid of all of the junk on my characters, and didn't realize what one item did. Namely, the headset. Yes, this crappy headset every character comes with and has the apparent value of an alarm clock -- if your characters are not wearing either this or an extended ear set, you will NOT hear victory speeches, complaints that your characters are getting shot at, discovery of items and all the good speech stuff that gives JA1 its personality. I nearly purchased a second copy of this game from Steam because I thought the GOG Galaxy cloud saves were corrupt, but you just need to have your characters wear a headset. To be fair, I haven't tested how many of your characters need to wear one, but logically, if someone isn't wearing one and makes a discovery, he/she won't have any way to communicate it to the rest of the team. So probably no sound from that character that day. It makes sense realistically speaking, just another kudo to give the game designers of JA1. What an awesome game.

So as needless as it may seem, keep those headsets on your characters if you want to enjoy many of the sounds Jagged Alliance 1 has to offer!

Jagged Alliance & Deadly Games | 0 comments

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