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Can't accelerate time on map screen

Sat, 05 November 2022 01:18

Hello friends,

I kind of made my account to ask this question, but I hope to stick around because I'm a big fan of the game and also the 1.13 mod.

Does anybody know the phenomenon where you can't accelerate time anymore on the map screen? Like setting the speed to 5,30,60 minutes. Time just doesn't progress anymore and no movements are possible.
In the tactics screen, I can hold "-" key and time progresses. I can also walk to other sector and time progresses. But not on the map screen. It happens on Day 48 7:03 but once it stopped, I can just load any savegame and none will have progressing time. Very strange.

Is there anything I can do to get it going again without restarting game?

Thanks all

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Windows 11 hotkeys - can i turn them off?

Fri, 28 October 2022 00:02

So i currently use windows 11 ( angry )
and when i use the alt + enter cheat to skip enemy turns (yes i'm a dirty cheater), the game switches to windowed mode, pressing it again returns it to full screen.

It's very annoying!

Any idea on how to turn of the alt + enter windows hotkey specifically? Would like to still be able to use alt + tab happy

Cheers and much love,


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calibers for rifles in Illinois

Wed, 26 October 2022 15:30

What calibers are legal for rifles in Illinois?

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Wed, 12 October 2022 21:00

I have made my way back to JA2 after along time.
I have 1.13 working but, how do I get all these cool features??

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The king is dead! long live the king! (v1.13 GitHub)

Tue, 11 October 2022 20:36

So since the SVN server died a few weeks ago and only a few people noticed I hereby announce that the development of JA2 1.13 will be continued on Github, the Github organisation 1dot13 has been setup to host the source and gamedir from the moment it was last available on the SVN server.
As a football legend once said "every disadvantage has it's advantage" the continuation of the development on Github will make it more accessible and easier for people who are interested in contributing to help keeping 1.13 going.

You can find the github organisation at

Anyone interested to join in the development is free to do so, this can be done in lots of ways, not just by coding or modding, come visit us on the Bear's Pit Discord! (

All the blood, sweat and tears that were spent on 1.13 have to be preserved.

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Losing loyality as the battle progresses?

Sat, 08 October 2022 21:33

Currently playing v.9141 , no other mods.

I'm really having a hard time in Grumms sector H3 at the moment.
When I liberated Grumm, my town loyality sat at around 40%.
Then the army attacked my mine sector and i defended but my loyality took a huge dip and dropped to 8%.
No idea why, cause calvin was not hurt at all.

Then i got ppl to spread propaganda in Grumm and almost got the loyality back up to 20% but whenever the army attacks my mining sector
I keep losing town loyality as the battle progresses. Just now I got attacked at 10% town loyality and around ~15 turns later my loyality dropped to 1% again.

I have absolute no idea what is causing this cause there is nobody but the army and me in that sector (well and calvin, but he isnt near the fighting).

Does anyone know whats happening? I won't be able to train MIlitia in Grumm if this keeps happening.

Edit: Could it be that explosions (mines, mortar fire) reduce town loyality? Just had several mines pop off and i immediately lost 2% town loyality.

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id like to open slf sound files (for other imp voices comparison)

Fri, 07 October 2022 12:55

is there any way to open slf files that are in the game? or any source to download em in something else than slf? i found all voice clips of ja1 in youtube, was searching for ja2 but no luck.
thanks in advance

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Hi! First post and a question.

1.13 Stable and Beta versions; Fri, 07 October 2022 01:03

Hi, I installed the latest version of 1.13 I could find. (ja2_1.13_beta_eng_gr9400_dr2653)

During the first mission, I already encountered a crash (unhandled exception) and that makes me kind of nervous. Just how unstable the current beta is ATM? Am I just unlucky or should I expect quite a lot of crashes during my playthrough? Would I be better off with the stable (7906) release? Or, am I just overreacting and I got a bit unlucky to have a crash so early?

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Some bugs from my latest run

Sun, 02 October 2022 02:08

I've been trying 1.13 (r9204) some time ago.

I have tried an unusual approach at the beginning: talk to Father Walker with covert merc and leave Drassen in enemy hands for some time.

I didn't finish the game, but I managed to create a list of bugs I've encountered.
Some of them might be already fixed, but let's presume most of them are not tired.

ZIP archive (including saves and screenshots): hXXp://

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JA2 + JA2:UB

Combining JA2 with JA2:UB; Mon, 26 September 2022 11:11

So there are a bunch of blacked out/unused maps on the JA2 map. A couple years ago I made a reasonably working build in which ive added every JA2:UB map or my own custom maps into these blacked out spaces in the JA2 campain. There's a hunter's cabin way up in the north east. A border checkpoint in the east. A power plant from JA2:UB in the north west near Chitzena. You can take over Varez from the JA2:UB campaign in the southeast. You can recruit Biggins and Manuel (although the game soft locks if you turn Biggins down), You can trade with Betty. You can trade with the gun dealer, i forget his name atm. I want to put a mine in Varez. Right now I just added a lot of silver and gold laying around in the mine as a reward for taking the area. I want to add some quests from JA2:UB to JA2. I want Betty to offer you the clearing out her storage room of bloodcats quest in JA2. I want to make a for real JA2 GOLD edition in which it's almost all playable in one game. I was on a big break from working on this due to life. But if anyone would be interested in working on this project with me, id love to hear from you and try to make it a reality. My email is Or if you'd be interested in playing that sorta thing i will gladly attempt to send you my files.

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