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Bobby Ray's in San Mona

Wed, 20 September 2023 23:11

Firstly i just wanted to tip my hat to everyone involved with 1.13 you guys are the best! All the new gear is top notch as my man Reaper would say..

I used to truly suck at Jagged Alliance when it came out when i was nothing more than a teenager but there was a certain charm about it and its concept that made me fall in love with it. Back in the day i could only take Drassen and after that i was overwhelmed and didn't know wtf to do and without a strategy i was always left stumped on what to do next. Well fast forward a couple of decades to 2020 and i find myself with all the time in the world after some idiot went through a red light when i was on my motorbike and almost left me a paraplegic, i decided to sink my teeth into Jagged Alliance 2 and really get to grips with it once and for all.. In the 3 years that followed i have managed to master the vanilla campaign on high difficulty and am just about to complete the fantastic 1.13 mod on experienced difficulty so i now consider myself a JA2 veteran haha.. The 1.13 mod and its absolute abundance of new gear has made me a very happy man i absolutely love it so thankyou to those who have worked on it i am very grateful.

I would very much like to start a playthrough where i can make San Mona my base of operations and if anybody knows a way to implement it so Bobby Ray's deliveries can be made to San Mona, i would be most grateful if you could share the way to do it or if there is a specific INI option to look out for thumbs up

v1.13 INI Customisation and Help | 2 comments

AIM and MERC Biographies

Modifying Biographies; Wed, 13 September 2023 20:24

Is it possible to modify the biography of an AIM or MERC character?  I know how to edit MercProfiles.xml, but I can't find any way to edit the biography of a character to "fit" their new traits.

Vengeance 1.13 Reloaded | 2 comments

Aiming burst penalty INI setting

Do I still need to set this to 1 in 2023?; Tue, 12 September 2023 22:10

Hi, I want to play AI + Arulco Revisited + Arulco Folding Stock. In the FAQ, this was written by Wil473 in 2011.

"Inadvisable to Change - NCTH Balance already accounts for this"

Its 2023 and I am trying to play AI + AR + AFS from the modpack, I will be playing with OCTH. Can I let the Aiming Burst Penalty be default 2 instead of 1? He says NCTH will fix the balance but I wont be using NCTH. I dont know what should I do, I want to play the mod as intended but I dont want to make radical gameplay changes from standard 1.13, I prefer the Aiming Burst at 2 rather than 1.

UC/DL 1.13 & AFS | 0 comments

Chalice of Chance

Where is it? It is not in sector L12 as in Vanilla; Fri, 08 September 2023 06:14

I have taken over Molino (formerly Balime), and there is NO Museum in sector L12 as is in the Vanilla version.  No museum means no Chalice of Chance, no Chalice of Chance means no hope of getting loyalty up to 20%.  Help please.

Vengeance 1.13 Reloaded | 7 comments

JA2 - Windows 11 - Unable to get working

Fri, 08 September 2023 01:14


I have a JA2 Gold that was working perfectly on my XP machine, I also got UC, Vietnam, v1.13, Wilfire, etc. all working.

However, I copied them over to my new laptop & nothing works in Windows 11 from USB.

Do I need to go back to my original disks & install from there?  Or is there something else for Windows 11?

Any help would be appreciated. I just received my JA3 in the mail, but would like to get my old games going
before I jump into JA3.

Kind Regards,

Jagged Alliance 2 General | 2 comments

The reasoning behind Bobby Ray

An explanation to progression based gun availability; Fri, 01 September 2023 18:50

Hey guys,

I usually pick up JA2 once every year or so for another playthrough. This time however I forgot a crucial detail that I come to rely on.

I did not check to make sure Bobby Ray's inventory was fully stocked from the get-go. In my mind it made sense that the website would be stocked. Which is why I meditated on any plausible reason why Bobby Ray would only periodically update his stock with more high-tech gear. This is a post on the best explanation I could conjure up.

Most equipment acquisition for AIM personnel was usually done through backchannels or smuggling attempts. This caused issues such as a backstabbing vendor, deportation, torture, death, fines, etc... Here comes in Bobby Ray at the dawn of the internet. Bobby Ray had a wonderful idea to make the obtainment of hardware headache and death free. It also had to be extremely simple to use and navigate. This is when Bobby Ray started his new company. The starting inventory is basic and is enough to provide AIM personnel with the necessary equipment to navigate the initial part of their mission. The inventory grows as time passes because Bobby Ray's company is now becoming more popular and careful decision making is paramount in order to satisfy the customer's needs. Another reason for the low inventory is because the majority of the initial funding went into a warehouse that respects safety protocols, the necessary permits for shipping internationally, lawyer retainer fees, transportation among other things. Thus, why the selection at the start sucks.

It would've been nicer if Bobby Ray was a well-established company prior to the mission but better late than never.

This explanation will have to do for me. What do y'all think?

Jagged Alliance 2 General | 2 comments

Survival camo boost

Sun, 27 August 2023 18:08

I tried making IMP with survival trait that gives +20 camo effectivnes. I put different LBEs on the IMP to see if the camo percentage would change and it did not. When I click on the camo so it shows how much % of woodland, urban and desert camo I had, the survival trait did not show any change.

What I expected is that by wearing 10% woodland camo LBE, I would get 12% camo becose of the survival trait 20% effectivnes bonus. Is the camo boost bugged/not working or is the camo boost working, just not showing in numbers?

If I have 20% camo bonus from survival and 5% from paratrooper background, does that mean camo above 80% is waste becose the boost will boost it over 100% (80×1.2×1.05=100) or do these camo effectivnes bonuses work up to 100% camo from armor, lbe and camo kits?

In INI settings I see camo can block up to 80% of vision range with 100% camo, I want to know how the Survival trait or Spotter, Stalker, Paratrooper background camo effectivnes boosts interact with this limit.

v1.13 General Gameplay Talk | 4 comments

Physical resistance & Aggresive CTH bonus

Background IMP; Tue, 15 August 2023 00:26

Wrestler has 10% physical resistance, what does it do?

Aggresive personality description says "bonus to burst/autofire CTH", but doesnt show how much exactly, how much is it?

v1.13 Combat/Weapon Academy | 0 comments


missing description; Sat, 12 August 2023 14:16

I looking at this in INI editor there is missing description for 1 and 2 settings. This is what description says:

Determine the effect of range to target on calculating how high your CTH can go above its original value when using tracer ammo. Increase this value to make tracers less useful at long range. Decrease to make tracers more useful at long range.
           0 = Tracers can increase CTH indefinitely. The more you fire, the more accurate you are.
           3 = HAM Default. At a range of about 30 tiles, tracers can only increase your CTH back to its original value.
           See also REALISTIC_TRACERS

By default, its set to 1. The problem is I have no idea what 1 setting does or what 2 does becose there is no description for those settings.

v1.13 INI Customisation and Help | 1 comment


Tactical Interface Settings; Sat, 12 August 2023 13:52

What does this setting do?

v1.13 Features How-Tos & Discussions | 1 comment

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