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After Drassen is Secure?

Tue, 04 July 2006 16:27

Hello. I just recently got JA2 and I'm loving it. I need some help though. I took Drassen and the mine and have a significant militia force there being trained by one of my mercenaries. A full squad of six Mercs is ready to attack. I got Skyrider back to the airport. Now I need to take out the SAM site. However, the only weapons I have are measly pistols, a submachine gun, and a shotgun. I need to get some rifles. Whenever I attack the SAM site I get wasted by the sniper(s)? Anyway, where should I go from here? I have the game saved I just can't seem to get out there and get good weapons. The gun shop online seems to only have pistols. Any thoughts? Thanks for the help.

btw- If you like JA2, you should checkout Silent Storm. While the voice acting and story are a little weird, the gameplay and strategy involved are spot on! Wink

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Drassan Mine: Can't move to second screen

Sat, 01 July 2006 05:31

I thought I had already posted this here but now I can't find it. If I missed it, I appologize for the duplication.

I am in Drassan Mines, the bugs have arrived. I have killed a few already and cleared the first screen. But when I move my mercs to the south end to go to the next screen, no matter what I do, I cannot get the arrow that allows me to go to the next screen. Anyone have any tricks to get me to the next screen?

I have tried restarting. I am on 1.07 which I believe is the last patch? I have been in that section of the mine before collecting silver. I tried backout out to the laptop screen and moving that way but it says I have to move my mercs to the surface first. Help!

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Meduna Palace

Fri, 09 June 2006 18:53

Ehhhmmmm how do I open the secret passage again?

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Last Few Enemies

Thu, 01 June 2006 04:34

I'm just wondering how everyone deals with the last few enemies alive in any given sector. I usually find it annoying, especially during city takeovers at night, when there is one or two enemy units hiding some where on the map. I just spread out and search, but sometimes that can take a while. I was wondering if there was a better way...

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Meduna SAM site locked Crates

Sun, 28 May 2006 21:17

My curiosity is killing me! The 4 crates in the Meduna SAM site...i cant open them even with a 99 Mech merc!!!Is there a key or something? I found a key with a magnetic strip (not a key card) but it doesnt seem to work on the crates. Whats the key for anyway? Also in the Orta basement i found 3 elongated mags of some wierd ammo with a light blue strip. At first i thought it would fir the G11 but nope!

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Are there any Jar merchants?

Sat, 15 April 2006 22:28

I've been playing playing these games for a good long time, but I can't seem to find any jars Sad

I remember in one thread, some dude said that he took 52 jars down to the bug queen's lair XD I don't remember how true that is, but it does sound intresting.

Intrestingly enough, Mickey will pay $2,500 per lump of royal jelly, up to a total of $10,000 and renews his cash supply at 9:00 AM.

So yes, basically collecting royal jelly and human blood is all that jars are good for in this game? (Glass jars have also been known throughout history to contain highly explosive liquids and or alcohol)

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Sat, 15 April 2006 02:40

Who is Mike, and why does everyone feel the need to comment on him when he is encountered in Grumm?

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IMP characterskills is randomly selected!

Sun, 09 April 2006 06:21

Yes, this is true, atleast if playing wildfire version.

Try if its true by doing this:
Start a game, then enter the IMP site.
Begin with the questionformula. Answer the questions in this order.


After that has been done, just skip the other things, choose the first option to proceed as fast as possible.

When the transformation has been complete, enter the squad section at the laptop where you can see the soldiers you have under your command.

Now look closely, as skills to your IMPcharacter you

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What happens if a merc's wisdom reaches 0?

Sat, 01 April 2006 08:34

Its strange that I've never asked this before!

Wisdom is apparently the stat that allows characters to learn faster than others. People with a really high wisdom tend to learn from situations and increase their skills faster.

I used to only hire people that had high wisdom, now I only hire people whom I like personally Razz .

Lets say I have an imp character named SAW. He has high physical stats, but low wisdom

Str: 90
Dex: 90
Agilty: 90
Wisdom: 35
Health: 85

Leadership: 35
Marksmanship: 90
Explosive: 0
Medical: 35
Mechanical: 0

Autoweapons Expert

This is definitely a possibility, at least in UB. While not the most exciting build, it could work. After all, if you already have the important stats high enough, who needs wisdom?

"SAW gets hit in the head and looses 30 points of wisdom!"

Oh my! And he didn't have much to begin with. ; ;

If your wisdom goes to zero or below (I don't know if it can go below zero). Will your mercinary loose his ability to learn? Or become braindead and die?

Its a good thing JA games aren't too graphic. I can almost see the grey matter coming out after my character takes a bad hit in the head >.>

I'm sure you no-reloads people fight to the bitter end, but its sad when someone who used to be very bright gets shot in the head and winds up with the same wisdom as the above average M.E.R.C

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Stuck in Alma H14

Sun, 19 March 2006 22:18

I havent played JA2 for years..
I have one problem. I am on sector H14 (Alma, somekind weaponswarehouse).

I killed all enemies (I guess), but I cant move my troops from there. "the sector isnt clear from enemies" text will shown up when I try to move them out there..

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