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stuck in the very end

Mon, 19 September 2005 03:13

hi guys, I have reach the end of the game, took over Deirdrianna's palace in Meduna, found the secret entrance to the cave in the fireplace, killed everyone there, and got out in the garden.

But I'm stuck there, where did the b*tch go ? please tell me how find her and finish the business !

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Bug Hunting

Wed, 07 September 2005 23:41

First can I say how happy I am to find a forum dedicated to one of my all time favourite games. And now my question...

Over the many previous times I have played this game I find the bug quest particularly difficult through running out of ammo :scary:

I'm typically touting automatic rifles and my guys will be level 4 or 5 however I simply find that carrying enough ammo to last the mission gets tricky. It there a better way to kill the buys? I don't want to use the potion to slip past them as it strikes me as cheating!

Any thoughts most welcome as the bugs have just shown up in my current game.

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Active Training

Fri, 02 September 2005 17:27

How would active training work? I know the theory (e.g shoot a lot for marksmanship, arm/disarm expslovises for explosives skill, etc.), but apart from training explosives, the enemy seem to stay one step ahead of me, so that after drassen any merc i am training at marksmanship (e.g danny, dr.q) suddenly becomes a liability.
Is there some systematic method to getting the most improvement out of your mercs? I have gold pak so throwing knives at crows just doesnt work.

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weapon addition to vanilla ja2?

Sat, 20 August 2005 01:20

being fascinated with guns, i've always wanted TONS of guns in my games... is there any way to import guns from... say DL mod... into the original ja2 game? or am i being too greedy? Very Happy

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stuck in tunnels - sector O3

Thu, 18 August 2005 16:08

I can't exit south from O3 to P3 underground. when i get to the end of the tunnel (southern most edge of the screen) the arrow that lets you move your squad directly to another sector does not appear. and I can't move my squad to P3 from the map screen either...

please help me out. Thank you

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help with Vince

Thu, 04 August 2005 12:47

Vince won't join my team. What is the requirement for gaining his services? I've done it before, but that was a couple of years ago. I can't remember what to do. Will he not join because I cleaned out the med supplies?

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Ambidextrous mercs and raising marksmanship

Wed, 20 July 2005 03:32

I began a new game with Danny recently and I was so amazed how fast he gained marksmanship points. After two battles, he had already got 4 points up (from 61 to 65).
Is this fast increase only due to his very high wisdom (above 90) and his relatively low marksmanship at the beginning (61)? Or does the fact that he fires two guns at once also play a role in this?

I remember that a long time ago, I played a game with him and I had already been amazed by his fast progress in marksmanship...

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A.I.M, created for money or to serve and protect?

Tue, 21 June 2005 21:22

What is your thoughts, was A.I.M created to keep the peace in the world, or where its creators simply looking to make cash?

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Deidranna. Where is she? Again.

Sun, 12 June 2005 04:06

Sorry about this - I know it's already been asked approximately 423.7 times, but I have to ask it again.

I've cleared every sector of Meduna except the North-Western corner. I entered the Palace sector from the north, retreated and then used the tunnel. I killed Joe underneath the Palace, then entered.

All the hired help have been put to rest, but the Queen isn't there. I've tried returning at 9:00 the next day, and Eliot is there, but she isn't. He gets killed by a member of the Militia I trained up there, and respawns every day. I travelled to the sector where your characters are interrogated, but she wasn't there either. I even tried K7 (which was mentioned in passing somewhere).

Any ideas? This is really driving me nuts seeing as how the game is virtually over.

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Refurbished JAPE savegame editor

Tue, 24 May 2005 11:28

I've always used the JAPE savegame editor for "messing" with my game. In my opinion it is the best editor of merc stats for individual savegames.

It is originally designed to run on Java VM which thankfully died along with win98 and the DOS-based OS's. this means that in it current form, it won't work with NT-based OS's. I've received the source code for JAPE and refurbished it and packed it into a .jar file so that it runs on any os (theoretically) with Java Runtime Environment installed. I've tested it on Windows XP (pro) only.

It seems to be working excellent with different versions of JA2, but I haven't tested on all. It also works with wildfire saves.

I haven't altered any of it's original functions. These include stats editing and carried items editing. The editing of the items carried by mercs is not so intuitive, but there is a good memory editor which i use for this. However the stats editor is ingenious and simple to use.

If there is interest among other people in acquiring this new "version" originally made by Douglas Greiman, I will gladly make it officially available, or send it to someone who offers to do it.

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