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Refurbished JAPE savegame editor

Tue, 24 May 2005 11:28

I've always used the JAPE savegame editor for "messing" with my game. In my opinion it is the best editor of merc stats for individual savegames.

It is originally designed to run on Java VM which thankfully died along with win98 and the DOS-based OS's. this means that in it current form, it won't work with NT-based OS's. I've received the source code for JAPE and refurbished it and packed it into a .jar file so that it runs on any os (theoretically) with Java Runtime Environment installed. I've tested it on Windows XP (pro) only.

It seems to be working excellent with different versions of JA2, but I haven't tested on all. It also works with wildfire saves.

I haven't altered any of it's original functions. These include stats editing and carried items editing. The editing of the items carried by mercs is not so intuitive, but there is a good memory editor which i use for this. However the stats editor is ingenious and simple to use.

If there is interest among other people in acquiring this new "version" originally made by Douglas Greiman, I will gladly make it officially available, or send it to someone who offers to do it.

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Need help with head miner Oswald

Sun, 24 April 2005 12:33

The Head miner in Cambria dosent give me control of the mine and i have cleared the town. He says something about 4 ppl called in sick and then says he knows i dont have time to stay around all day. Is there anything i have missed?

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Couple of ?

Wed, 20 April 2005 22:53

I've found the hummer and have Ham's truck,but where in the heck is the ElDorado?Or is that a vehicle only in the scifi mode?Like Static,I don't like bugs much so I stick to reg. mode.

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Mon, 18 April 2005 13:09

Okay anyone with tips on how to approach basement in Meduna?Thru the fireplace er statue?

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calculation of AP ?

Thu, 14 April 2005 16:39

Hi everybody,
I've been playing JA2 and UC for some time, but some fetures still remain mystery to me.
For example, how is no. of AP points for each round counted? I suppose it depends on remaining APs from previous round and probably on weight% and mercs energy? Something else?
Does anyone know the exact formula for calculation? :confused:


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Orta Basement

Mon, 04 April 2005 06:23


I could use some help, as I am stuck. I have made it down to the basement and cleared all the rooms I could get to. (all southern rooms). There are still three doors on the northern wall I can not open, pick or blow open. I have also pressed in a switch in one central room. The far right northern locked door is in the middle of the area, next to the bathrooms, the middle locked door is in a room with a vat, and the far left locked door is against the nothtern wall again in a far left hallway. I have searched for a key and also tried my key cards. NO LUCK here.
Any advice would be greatly appreciated. I hear tons of noises coming from the other side.


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Good way to keep SAM's?

Sat, 19 March 2005 01:29

Is there any good ways to keep the SAM's? Deidrannas elite forces seem to attack them as soon as i take over them.

And my fighting squad (3-4 merc's) isent good enough to stand up against thoose attacks, especially during day combat.

Wich is the best defense for theese sectors?

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Hard to Find Items??

Thu, 10 March 2005 23:58

I have played JA2 through and easily found the wire cutters and metal detector in the normal course of the game. Playing WF now, I find myself unable to attack the Drassen SAM due to the fact that I have not yet come accross either. I can't remember where I found those items in JA, and don't know if they are in the same spots in WF, but any help would be most appreciated.



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Hired a Terrorist?

Mon, 07 March 2005 15:25

most of you smart guys probably already knew this, but I just stumbled across it. Apparently, in JA2 Gold (1.12) you can hire Slay (aka Terry). he agreed to work for me for 7 days if I wouldn't kill him.

Here's his stats:

Alias Hlt Agi Dex Str Ldr Wis Mrk Exp Mec Med LVL 14da Skills

Slay 80 76 78 77 16 59 93 34 44 10 4 0 To-Hit Bonus on Roof, Auto Weapons

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32 enemies per sector

Mon, 21 February 2005 14:39

What is that mod thingy that puts something like 8000 enemies in the game ? if anyone has it please e mail it to me or post the link.

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