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Tank Cannon

Mon, 21 February 2005 11:50

I have stolen a loaded tank cannon off an enemy tank, is there any way to use this weapon? if so is there any way to obtain more tank shells?

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Raising 0 stats

Mon, 21 February 2005 06:33

is there any way i could raise stats that are at 0
such as 0 mechanical or 0 explisives or 0 medical?

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Editor to bing back KIA mercs?

Sat, 19 February 2005 03:52

Can any of the editors bring KIA mercs back to life (the ones on the AIM screen)?


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can you get stealthly (expert) and auto weapons?

Wed, 16 February 2005 19:33

i can get stealthy and autoweapons for my char (thru IMP at the start...).

is it possible though to get Stealthy (expert) and autoweapons, or even stealthy and autoweapons (expert)?

also, how would i go about getting autoweapons (expert), even if it's without another trait?

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Lost Travellers

Tue, 15 February 2005 23:09

Hi there, I decided to escort the two tourists but now I'm in Drassen nothing happens. If I put their status to "alone" they say: "I don't see the airport yet" or something like that. Could someone send me some help? thx

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Tue, 01 February 2005 23:18

Currently my merc has already 100 in 4 stats, and my objective is that he must have at least 95 in every stat. But I don't know how to raise my health above 85. I know that the guys from A.I.M. have their health raised sometimes, so it can be done.
But does anyone know how?

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Several Questions

Mon, 31 January 2005 13:06

First is about UC...Does this work with version 107 and will it let ye still play the JA2 regular game? Sec. the two patches recruiting rebels at start and the patch to recruit Slay,will theses work with version 107?I did'nt see if neither would,may have missed that. :axe:

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Curing Larry

Wed, 26 January 2005 09:58

Once Larry succumbs to drugs, is there any way to heal him back to his original stats, or at least temporarily offset them?

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UB-style character importer for JA2

Sun, 23 January 2005 16:24

Does anyone know if there's anyway to get a UB-style character importer, except for JA2 instead of UB? So you can import your JA2 character into a new game, rather than starting over, for example.

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Man I feel dumb, but...

Wed, 12 January 2005 22:18

I've been hopelessly addicted to Jagged Alliance for two ears now and I have never been able to do this one mission:

In Grumm, I think, there's an old woman who's lost her son Joey and wants you to track him down. Where on Earth is the little nipper? I've looked around on various web sites and never found any advice. Suggestions? Or is she just a senile old coot like I've always suspected?

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