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20 Militia in Sector!!!!

Wed, 05 January 2005 15:01

I looked but couldnt find this.

Did you know you can recruit up to 20 militia in a sector instead of the 18 it stops you at in training?

EX. Go to Drassen map screen, recruit 18 militia and train to light blue. Then right click on a sector of Drassen to bring up the adjustment screen that says auto and done. Left click on a sector and it brings up a smaller screen in each sector with XX above XX above XX. This is the numbers of green, light blue, and dark blue militiamen you have in a sector. Play around right clicking and left clicking until you get the force you want. I had like 10 in one sector and 20 in each of the others then I recruited 10 more for the first sector. BAM 20 militiamen in each sector. You can also adjust your militia in case a sector just got hit by an 18 man red squad and beat you down to a couple of guys and another is coming you can beef up that one sector at the expense of the others.

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Wed, 06 October 2004 18:20

Ok I'm running JA2 (All versions Gold, UB n WF) on Windows XP Service Pack 2. Is it normal when everytime u exit the game a windows error comes up u know illegal operation bull crap Send to microsoft or dont send thing?? Cos it irritates me......I bet 10 bucks its already been asked, thats my luck for ya....

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Is there any way to give equipment to Militia?

Fri, 10 September 2004 21:55

A fully customizable Militia would be a lot of fun, wouldn't it? I hope that they will include
that feature in the next game. It would be even better if they would let you control them,
but not let them leave town. I would take 6 well trained and equiped Militia over 20
unskilled and poorly equiped ones any time.

Unfortunately, In JA2, the Militia is computer controlled. And they can die pretty fast
sometimes. Especially when you're not around. I enjoy watching the boys and girls in blue
battle it out with the bad guys, every once in a while.

I read a post that said if you leave weapons lying around in Militia controlled sectors, they
will get stolen. I think that sounds pretty intresting. Will they actually _use_ any of the
stuff that they steal, or will they just sell it for booze money?

I have more equipment than I'll ever use, so I was hoping that there might be some way to spread
the joy.

If, for example, I "forgot" a cache of 20 suits of specta body armor, CAWS, and Medical kits in
the middle of Drassen. Would I be able to see other people use it? *wink wink*

I don't know if this requires another post, but has anyone re-captured towns from Dedrianna's
army after they overrun the Militia? Was it the same as capturing it the first time?

I really enjoy fighting in the cities, so I was wondering if letting the army recapture the towns
are a viable option. I like fighting inside of houses. And getting really close to my enemies.

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My favorite tricks

Fri, 10 September 2004 19:13

What follows is a listing of my favorite JA2 tricks of all time. They make my game playing
experience much more enjoyable.

Note: Using these tricks will make playing the game easier. If you prefer more of a challenge
or you would rather play the game normally, that is good too ^_^.

The "Student" Trick.

I would like to kiss the person that discovered this. I'm afraid that I do not who that
special someone is. But I'd like to give them credit.

It is very very simple. On the map view screen, you select the characters, go to "Assign",
"Train", "Student", then you select the skill or attribute that you want to raise. Be sure to
do this for all of your characters at once, so that you don't waste any time (game or real life).

Then set the time compression to max (60 min). Turn off your monitor, if you want. And do
something else. Like chores, or even playing other games! Heck, you could even play JA2 on your
laptop, if you want Wink

Check on your characters every 30 minutes. When they have maxed out that stat (85). Set them to
learn something else.

It may take awhile to max out everyone's stats, but it is _very_ well worthwile. Thats why I
said to do it for everybody at once.

The only attribute that can't be raised in this way is Wisdom. Most characters that you can
recruit or hire have pretty good wisdom. And I hope that your IMP started out with high wisdom.

You need at least a "1" in that ability to raise it. Getting one point in an ability shouldn't
be too hard. :3

The only possible downside to this trick is that it takes a long time (in game time). It should
take less than a day in real life time (I never timed it). I spend over 980+ day in game time
training my characters. I like to be prepared.

For "free" characters. Like your IMP character and Ira. There is nothing you need to worry

AIM characters... However. Their time is valuable, and they need to be paid up front. Not a
problem! Especially if you use my next trick. Be sure to extend their contracts for at least
1000 days. ^_^

MERC characters... This trick dosen't work with them. They don't have contracts.
You have to pay them as you go. This is sad ; ;. They are the ones that deserve training the
most. And I know how much some of you love Razor.

"The more thou sweateth in training, the less thou bleedeth in combat" -Richard Marcinko
Navy Seal

Don't forget to save you game every 30 minutes! It would be terribly sad to lose your progress.

(Note: This trick is best done right after you clear out Omerta (A9, A10). Until you leave
that area, none of the enemy patrols will bother you. So you can train in peace)

(Extra Note: You may want to go into "Options" and turn down or turn off the sound before you
begin extending contracts and training characters. As much as I enjoy the sound of my characters
voice, I'd hate to get tired of their witty quotes.)

Your stash! (almost infinite ammo)

You've got a favorite gun, but you only have one? Do you ever seem to run out of ammo, or medkit
supplies? With my trick, you'll never have that problem again.

I absolutely _love_ temporary files. In a creepy way. Ever since I played Fallout 2, I've known
how much fun they are.

JA2 keeps track of what items you have in a sector by using temporary files. They are located
in the folder "Jagged Alliance 2 Gold\Data\Temp". Your folder names may vary.

The files that hold your items in each sector begin with the letter i (I). As in i_A9 and i_10,
for example. Pretty easy to remember, eh?

You can do this trick in any sector, but A9 and A10 is probaby the best place to store your
highly prized belongings. Omerta, it is your home away from home. Smile

1. Go into the "Sector Inventory" screen on your map.

2. Put the items that you want to copy there.

3. Exit the Sector Inventory screen, move to the next sector, and save your game.

4. Create a folder to keep your temporary files in. You will be returning to this folder a _lot_
So give it a nice short name and make it really easy to find. It dosen't have to be in your
game directory at all. (in fact, its better if it isn't). I keep mine in "Ammo" on D:\

5. Go into "Jagged Alliance 2 Gold\Data\Temp", Copy the sector files (i_A9) and post it into
your "Ammo" folder.

6. Go back into sector inventory and pick up the items, then leave the sector.

7. Copy the file from Ammo back into Temp and save your game.

8. Return to the sector. Your items should be there. Drop your items there. Now you should
have twice as much stuff there as you had before.

9. Leave the sector, save your game. Go to Temp copy the file and paste it into Ammo

10. Rinse and repeat the above steps until you have enough equipment and money to outfit an
army for decades!

Amazing, isn't it? I usually do this trick with money first. Withdraw about $10,0000 and start
duplicating it. Keep going until you have a wad of cash laying on the ground worth about 2
million dollars. Now you can afford to hire everyone from AIM for many years.

(Note: This trick should work with every version of Jagged Alliance 2. Including Unfinished
Business, and whatever you might have. It really helped a lot in Unfinished Business.)

In my game, A9 and A10 are filled with uber equipment. All of it in 100% condition.

Uber equipment list:

$204,800,000 Wad of cash

6 full suits of Compound 18 Spectra armor (Communist Red Body armor).

No ceramic plates. They break, and I find that very annoying.

6 gas masks (My character always wear them)

6 Medical kits and repair kits

4 each Lockpicks, wire cutters, bomb detectors (give the "repair guy" one of each)

6 each of fully modified C-7, CAWS, HP5K, .38 S&W

4 each Rod and Spring, Barrel extender, Sniper scope, and Laser scope.

About 30 LAWs

6 Crowbars, Machetes, and combat knives.

TONS of ammo for each weapon. You only need enough ammo for one squad (enough to fill up three
large slots in your characters inventory). I overdid it and made enough ammo for 6 squads.

And thats about it ^_^.

In A10. I have tons of TNT+ Detonators for wisdom and explosives training. You should wait
until your character is at least level 5 first.

Endless battle

You either love the Hicks, or hate them, or you think that they are okay. I found a way for you
to fight with them constantly.

Enter F10. Perferably in the daytime, before you talk to anyone or start a fight.

Leave the sector and save your game.

Create a subfolder. Give it a good name. Give it a better name than I did. I called it
"Endless battle". I'm so creative that its scary.

Go into your Temp folder and copy every file that ends in F10.

Paste it in Endless battle.

Go back into the sector. Fight all of the Hicks.

Please don't hurt the cows.

If you can help it, avoid blowing up any of the buildings, as well. It will make the sector a
lot less pretty. And get rid of hiding places for your characters.

Exit sector

Copy and paste the files from Endless battle back into Temp.

I really like the Hicks. They are badass and they will own you with their shotguns, even if
your characters are decked out in the best armor and weapons.

Thats all of the tricks that I could think of, right off the top of my head. I'm sure that there
are many more that I forgot to mention. I hope that somebody enjoys these.

I'm going to sleep now. Goodnight!

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Mac10 or smg

Fri, 16 July 2004 08:07

So which one is better? Which one do you prefer?
The stats make little to no difference. So its probably the ammo type.
9mm vs 45.

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what triggers the bugs quest?

Sun, 27 June 2004 06:21

hello all

yes, the subject says it all.

anyone knows what events trigger the bugs quest? i know that that going to caves below tixa dungeon does. does also only going to tixa itself? and what if dont go to tixa for a long time, does the quest get triggered by time?

maybe add two more things while i am at it:

- tons of guns option just makes more different guns drop, but does not make more guns drop, right?

- this is some strange bug, one of my items in cambria mine ended up on the inaccessible part of the map (up on the mountain). dunno if it was dropped there after militia autoresolved battle or one of my mercs dropped the item via strategic screen inventory. i guess its lost... strategic screen shows it as grey and says 'cannot be picked up from here'

thanks in advance for any input


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Odd Strength Gain

Mon, 24 November 2003 04:24

I just finished my most recent game of JA2 where I used 6 IMP mercs. It was tons of fun I must say.

My inquiry is this: After I captured Meduna, and trained militia, I did some training. In an effort to train health I loaded my 6 IMP mercs to about 115% each, flew them to the top of the map, and made them walk back and forth across it a few times. Not ONE gain in health. Wierd, so I flew them abck to Meduna, and started unloading them.

Lo and behold, the wierdest thing happened: I closed the inv screen after unloading and went to advance time and all of a sudden I see all the "I gained a point" remarks from 5 of my 6 imps.

Five of my IMP mercs each gained 13-15 strength instantly!!! Oddly, no gain in health, which is what I was trying for. The 6th, my NO/AW IMP, gained no strength -- and the others each gained 13-15!? WTF.

I tried to send my 6 AIM mercs on the same trip, overloaded the same, brought them back, and no gain for them either. So I couldnt reproduce it Sad

Has anyone seen this before? Insane strength gain after walking around a lot, with it all coming at the end of the trip after unloading?

The good news is I have 5 IMP mercs with 98-100 strength, the 6th still has 85, and were rocking in Bearpit1 right now!!

Is this the strangest thing youve ever heard? I was baffled.

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How do u get the people of Balime to like u?

Sun, 26 October 2003 12:19

To make it so u can train militia.

And for some reason, my Grumm Mine militia lose almost every battle, is there a way to make them better?

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camo for fighting bugs

Wed, 24 September 2003 03:24

I remember having read years ago that you can find some sort of substance in the woods west of Drassen which gives you a certain camouflage when fighting bugs. Is this true? Anyone? Searched the whole bloody forest area, and nothing. Do I :whoknows: have to wait till the bugs appear?

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if you're interested in merc relationships..

Sun, 27 April 2003 10:14

.. here's a little thing I compiled after studying Patusco's Guide (the latest/last edition) for about an hour. Please keep in mind the following things as you read (or just scroll down and if you have any problems understanding sth scroll back up):

- if Patusco was wrong about a relationship, then so am I.

- if Patusco didn't find a relationship that actually exists in the game, it's not gonna be listed here.

- what i wrote may look complicated, but if you print it you'll find it useful..

- when? when you begin the game and are looking for a friendship that increases morale and team performance. Or, at that moment in the middle of the game when you've got 16 mercs in Cambria, you're in need to take Grumm/Alma/the Cambria radar/Tixa/Orta/Balime and you need who to get on each squad, so that nobody gets pissed at anybody else. Better still, in the beginning of the game when you're setting up the teams that will act separately across the country (that's my style, one team goes Chitzena->Grumm->Orta, another Drassen->Alma->Balime, and a third, hired later Cambria->central radar (Mike!) -> Tixa). The details of the plan will be different for you of course, but this stuff is useful nonetheless.

- what will make it so complicated is the presence of MERCs. If you actually plan to use them in combat, together with AIM people, you'll run into a !#%$^?:"+_!@# of trouble. You've been warned. Please read carefully.
If, on the other hand, you're like the other 51% of us who don't use MERCs in combat or don't use them at all, you just need to skip to the important stuff.

- when I wrote that two mercs should be placed in the same sector/campaign area, I meant they both like each other. When I wrote that they shouldn't, the 'couples' under that category are set up in such a way that one of the two doesn't like the other.

- there are many couples in which the MERC likes the AIM and the AIM hates the MERC. I gave priority to the AIM and how he/she should feel..

- i have a category that is called 'groups that should be together'. Basically, the web of 'likes' is so strong in that group that it made no sense to break them apart into smaller ones. Assume that in these groups everybody likes everybody else.

- oh, and i used the symbol "->" once in a while; "->" means one-sided like; for instance 'Gus -> Scully' means Gus likes Scully but Scully is indifferent to Gus.

- there are some things I forgot to mention here, but I haven't slept it in two days so I wouldn't know. Oh, Patusco had a few question marks concerning certain relationships, which meant that he wasn't sure if they exist. From my game experience, all those relationships actually existed.

1) Put in same sector: Biff & Flo
but do not put in the same sector/campaign area with them the following:
(Biff-haters): Bull, Danny, Haywire, Sidney, Numb, Nails.
(Flo-haters): Fidel, Gus.
(Mega-haters-of-both-Biff-and-Flo):Meltdown, Razor.
Keep away from Bubba: Biff, Blood, Danny, Ice, Magic, Dynamo.
Keep away from Numb: Biff, Conrad, Static, Stephen, Wolf, Len, Reaper, Steroid.
Keep away from Buns: Devin, Red, Spider.

2) Do not put in the same sector/campaign area:
AIM & AIM: Lynx & Buzz, Blood & Cliff, Static & Stephen, Buns & Reaper, Buns & Magic, Hitman & Raider, Buns & Fox, Danny & Steroid, Fox & Steroid, Stephen & Nails, Trevor & Fidel.
AIM & MERC: Vicki & Gasket,Buns & Gumpy, Flo & Meltdown, Flo& Fox, Fox & Haywire.
NPC & AIM: Dynamo & Barry.

3) Put in the same sector/campaign area:
AIM & AIM: Wolf & Fox, Sidney & Scope, Spider & Static, Nails & Bull, Hitman OR Raider & Raven, Stephen & Meltdown.
NPC & NPC: Dynamo & Shank.

4) Groups to be put together:
A) Fidel, Haywire & Razor.
B) Miguel, Carlos, Dmitri, Ira (and Shadow, if possible - for Miguel).
C) Igor, Ivan, Grunty (and Iggy, if possible).
D) Ice, Magic & Blood.
E) Wolf, Fox, Lynx, Ice, Grizzly (because Wolf -> Lynx -> Ice -> Grizzly -> Wolf and Fox -> Wolf and Fox -> Grizzly).
F) Q, Len, Vicki.
G) Vicki, Spider, Raven.
H) Thor, Spider, Static.

Keep away from group A: Sidney, Static, group C (if group C includes Iggy).
Keep away from group B: Malice (if group B includes Ira), group C (if group C includes Iggy).
Keep away from group C: Steroid, Gasket, Bubba, group B (if group C includes Iggy).
Keep away from group F: Grizzly (if group F includes the mercenary usually refered to as Q :wrysmiley: ).

Other things to keep in mind:
1) Cougar and Gus like Len.
2) Reaper and Grizzly (just as Miguel as well) like Shadow.
3) Barry and Devin like Red.
4) Gus -> Scully -> Trevor -> Thor -> Ice.
5) Maddog, Malice and Nails like Fox Very Happy :naughty: :naughty: .
6) MD likes Danny.
7) Flo likes Lynx :naughty: .
Cool Steroid -> Grizzly -> Bull.
Bubba -> Bull.
Bubba -> Buzz
9)Buns -> Sidney -> Stephen.
Conrad -> Stephen.
10) Shank likes Ivan.
11) Conrad likes Iggy.
12) Cougar likes Wolf.
13) Haywire likes Numb.
14) Hitman likes Grunty.
15) Malice likes Meltdown.
16) Malice likes Spider.
17) Reaper likes Blood.


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