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bobby ray's.... where do the items go?

Sun, 29 December 2002 16:13

i ordered some stuff from bobby ray's just to see what itd be like.... i selected drassen for the location and everything

i figured they would be sent to the same site as the heli, so i checked there after i got the email. i talked to that guy pablo or whatever that i supposed was in charge of the delivery but there wasnt any new option for me to get my stuff. even tried killing him (did ira mention something about this?) but nothing happened. i did check around at the other 2 drassen locations but didnt find anything either

can anybody help me on this?


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Key in bar bathroom.

Sun, 08 December 2002 04:09

There's a key in the bathroom in the bar in San mona the bar is with Frank and I don't know witch door fits the key :confused: :sadyellow:

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Angel/Maria quest in JA2 Gold (v1.10)

Sat, 30 November 2002 05:24

This quest doesnt work for me. No matter what, Angel just trys to sell me his kevlar jacket. He doesnt ever tell me about Maria. Maria doesnt say anything much either. I have tried multiple Mercs talking to them, to no avail.

Anyone else run into this, or what could I be doing wrong?


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Increasing Stats?

Thu, 09 May 2002 20:37

I saw in a FAQ that you could increase your stats very quickly in real time mode by doing different things. Like for health I read that you are supposed to have your merc carry over 100% of his weight, and then have him run around till he passes out, then when he gets back up, have him run some more, till he passes out again, and repeat. that is also supposed to raise strength i think. however, when i do this, my stats don't raise. how many times must i pass out for 1 health? or does this even work in 1.07? i don't remember what it said for agility. i haven't tried throwing knives at crows, as i haven't found any bodies recently...need to go get in a fight with a random group i guess. basically, i'm just wondering if any of these quick raise of statistics still work, and if they do, could someone let me know what you need to do? i'd rather not cheat my stats to really high levels...i'd like to play this game thru without a single cheat. but raising stats is so boring, i'd like to try these quick raising ways. thanks in advance


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Assembly a Pro Team

Mon, 19 June 2006 03:12

SNIPERS :rifle: - For the early game three snipers (IMP, and two other decent sharpshooters) with at least 80>MRK should be enough to take an enemy sector, but later on you'll need the twice and good guns (FN-FAL, M-14) to take down those damned greyshirts.

MECHS - For this task you should consider: high DEX, 50>MECH, LVL. Also lockpicking and eletronic (sometimes) skills should be considered. For beginning Steroid, Dimitri, Barry or even Gasket or Nails should be enough to fix stuff and picking locks, but later on you'll have to hire another good mech, since you'll have to work with multiple squads. Mechs should always carry 100% tool kit and locksmith kits. In Arulco you'll find some NPC's who will repair you stuff for a price (Perko, Arnie and Fredo).

EXPLOSIVES EXPERTS - A good explosive expert should have at least 50>EXP, high DEX and WIS. LVL improves the chances of detecting traps and land mines. Your explosives specialists should always carry live (armed) explosives, door charges and a metal detector.
Suggestions? Hmmm... Fidel (if you can handle his temper) Wink is a good bargain for the early game, but due his low DEX I hire Nails or Barry for the job. Red or Stephen also are not bad bargains.

Note: To deal with explosives usually 1 bomb dude is enough.

TRAINERS/NEGOCIATORS - For negociators you'll have to hire a merc with at least 50>LDR to deal with NPC's. Mercs with teaching skill receive a bonus to their training competence when training militia or other mercs. Specialists with high TRAIN score will create town defense faster.

Note: Just like mech, med and exp, training is influenced by the trainer/negociator LVL.

Good bargains:
Ira, Flo, Biff, MD, Grunty, Fox, Red, Thor, Hitman, Buns, Stephen and Wolf are some suggestions, for militia/merc trainers.

HEAVY WEAPONS SPECIALISTS - Any merc can use Heavy Weapons (Grenade launchers, LAW's, Mortars) but mercs with HW trait have better accuracy with them (read: deadly) Wink . For this task you should consider mercs with high MRK, and Strength to carry their toys of destruction.
Best Choices:
Grunty, Meltdown and Iggy. Buzz and Grizzly are also good bargains, altough Buzz need to work on STR and Grizzly needs to work on his AGI and MRK...

JACK OF ALL TRADES - Some mercs are more gifted (or trained) then others, and because of that they are usually more expensive then other mercs (altough you should consider them). When hiring a Jack of All Trades remember: Higher LVL and skill proficiency means higher wages! Who to employ depends to a large extent on your individual
strategy and on the kind of competence you require.

Recommended mercs:
Wolf, Cougar and Iggy and Conrad (well if you can stand his arrogance...)

When hiring mercs you should consider not only their price but also their physical states (70> at least) and for specialists (35> at least). Low psychal states or skills (exept for medical) will give you trouble later, so before launching you final assault at Meduna, gather all the Top mercs that you can hire and waste the B**** Queen Deidranna itself Woody! Very Happy

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U formation = Dead enemies (?)

Sat, 23 December 2006 22:47

I see people talking about placing their mercs in a U formation/pattern & I'm not sure what they're talking about. Could someone clarify this and give some tactical advice on how to use this formation effectively?

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Help me build an unusual IMP

Mon, 18 December 2006 10:26

Hey all.

I'm going to start a new game, and I'm going to impose an unusual new limitation on my IMP.

No explosives at all, meaning no grenades or gunpowder and thus, guns. The other mercs can do it, just not the IMP.

I'm thinking a lot of throwing knives, plus a combat knife for up close encounters. Maybe I'll take the dart gun, too, but I'll not sure.

This will be totally cool, but I'm unsure which skills to take. I'm leaning towards knifing and throwing, but I'm not sure if I shouldn't trade something out for night ops or stealthy.

What do you guys think?

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Perfect team.

Tue, 05 December 2006 18:30

Hi everyone, just a question and I'm sure everyone has their own opinions, their own different styles of play and whatever but...lets say you get to start JA2 with $10 million and could choose any mercs you want, equip them how you want but the only caveat is that you kept the group to 6 mercs. Which 6 would you choose and what weapons/armor would you give them?

This has probably been talked about before but I'm still a newbie to the forums :headbanger: hehe.

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Sun, 03 December 2006 19:28

I think I just witnessed the most unusual and yet funny death for a while.

While taking the Drassen SAM site, I had my mercs hide in the copse of trees and long grass outside and let the enimies come to me and summarly dispatched them. When there were none left my team went back into real time mode to search for the stragglers who run off and have to be dealt with before ownership of the sector became mine.

I moved my whole group towards the enterance to the SAM site and low and behold I found two more enimies hiding behind a SAM launcher, a little space between them but not much.

Mrs Sondergaard pulled out her low grade sniper rifle and delivered a cracking headshot to the closest one to which the other one who was hiding behind the SAM launcher decided that life was getting too hard on him...and commited suicide!

In the same turn that Buns killed one, the soldier somehow got hurt and keeled over and died, nothing touched him...It wasn't the bullet passing through the other...he was at the wrong angle for that, the hiding one was "Healthy" and wasn't bleeding all of a sudden he just commited suicide...strange.

I gotta admit I laughed, Diedrianna really shouldn't hire soldiers with weak hearts! Razz

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