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What are these items good for?

Fri, 23 December 2005 22:43

Walkman, sliver plate, porn, cigars? etc

Do they increase moral or something?

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Sniper Vs Assault

Wed, 30 November 2005 07:08

So far, I'm at Meduna's palace on easy mode, and everywhere I've gone, my truest friend has been the sniper rifles (Dragunov, Barret, that one german rifle). They render assault rifles more or less useless, because enemies die before they get into assault rifle range. Is this supposed to happen, or does it get harder on harder difficulties?

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Bloodcat bloodbath

Wed, 30 November 2005 00:48

Easiest way to kill blodcats - punch them to death. they are like big cows really.
By punching them 2-3 times you drian their AP's and they cna't move.
Of course, it's allways usefull to have a merc with HP ammo, jsut in case there's a lot of them Very Happy

Good way to pump up your STR and DEX...besides punching cows that is Very Happy

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Looking To Make an IMP For A Solo Game... Traits?

Wed, 05 October 2005 08:10

I want to go through the game (novice) with just an IMP character, but am torn on what traits to get. I'm thinking Stealth Expert, or maybe Night Ops Expert... or 1 of each. Or Throwing (knife kills), or Auto Weapons (for kills w/lower AP costs). Thoughts?

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Which gun uses 5.7 ammo?

Mon, 12 September 2005 08:21

Just finished with Orta and found a bunch of 5.7mm clips in the basement. At frist I thought it was for the G11, but it only takes 4.7. None of the other weapons I have can use it either.

Is it for the P90 or something?

Edit 2: Looked up the specs for the P90 and it does use 5.7mm ammo. Now where can I find some of these babies?

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Am I special?

Sun, 04 September 2005 11:01

Anyone else ever started a game where no AIM merc's were deployed? I have an Expert game saved before going to IMP that no AIM mercs are deployed.

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hand to hand or martial arts?

Sat, 20 August 2005 10:07

First of all, does hand to hand apply to crowbars, and does knifing apply to machetes? Do machetes get the knifing bonus to the back?

Personally, I think hand to hand and martial arts are pretty even because both of them at expert will usually knockout an enemy in one or two hits to the head. But that was just what I tested in the beginning of the game - I don't know how they match up against black shirts in the later game.

Which do you think is better between hand to hand (expert) and martial arts (expert) and knifing (expert)?

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WHERE is that %#$#%% Priest!!!!

Sat, 13 August 2005 07:10

I have been waiting for over two weeks, checking every morning around 10:00 am and every afternoon around 3:00 pm and that stupid priest NEVER comes to his church. About once a day I check the bar on the same screen for him too and nothing. Is there some cryptic thing I have to do before getting his fat butt to show up? I am getting more than a little frustrated waiting for him so I can finish that quest. I am about to let the idiots in Omerta starve and just go on.

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Thu, 11 August 2005 07:52

OK I have played through two games now and have yet to find that hummer. I have looked in every sector east, NE, and SE of Balime like the walkthrough said and it is not there. Is there something I have to do before it shows up? Is there something I have to accomplish first?

Also, I finally ran across the icecream truck and they guy would offer his truck. I tried to recruit him and he said something like "I wouldn't work for the likes of you".Any thoughts? That Heli is getting expensive.

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Armor ratings

Sat, 06 August 2005 02:18

OK, I have what is likely a real newby question and I appologize ahead of time if it is. But I have not been able to figure this out so here I am.

What is the ranking of armor? How can you tell if one is better than the other?

So far what I know is

leather jackets
Flack Jacket
Kevlar Vest.

BUT I do not know which is better or where the following fit in

Kevlar Leather Jacket
Guardian Vest

I guess what I need to know is what is better? Guardian or Spectra?

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