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Sat, 25 March 2006 09:09

Well this is my story.

Many years ago i played a game called JA.

I love this game. It has all a boy can dream in a play.

Well, i played for many years to this game, but all has a end.

Now, like 10 years after, i have just discover that a big serie of SECUELAS and MODs has been released, but it is hard for me review to seek them.


I know i can be happiest mann in the world, becose i have a lot to play, discover and enjoy... but i need you guys..

can u post me a kind of list with the JA related games i have to search for?

(Thanks in advance)

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Writing Contest

Fri, 24 March 2006 00:50

Ok heres the deal people. I am considering holding a writing contest where the winning entries would be published. What do you guys think and who would be intrested in entering. :pawprint: :evilkitty: :rifle:

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A more realistic Jagged Alliance 2

Wed, 15 March 2006 13:10

I wonder in what ways we could make Jagged Alliance more realistic... as in:
If it where to take place in real life, what game factors would be 'out', and what real life factors would take their place?

For instance... an 18 man mercenary unit could not take over a country... but an 18 man mercenary unit could provide enough leadership and initiative to moblize the rebel forces into a fighting force capable of winning a war.

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Sat, 25 February 2006 04:52

The game turns out to be no challenge time after time. So the for last game I started, I defined slightly stricter rules.

1. must build an AE, death of AE = game over
2. only save/load when a bug occured or you need a break :bandit:
3. never chancel travel routes
4. sleep only full three-quarter hours without assignments

It gives the game a more realistic touch. I guess lots of you handicap themselves after some games. Things like AE only, conquer everything within 24 hours and stuff...

I would like to collect ideas on this, and results. Has anyone managed to get through a full iron man game in finite time? What was the shortest gametime to kill the queen or to kill all redshirts on the map? Things like that...

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Where JA:DG came from.

Sat, 25 February 2006 03:12
Sir-tech staff might be film buffs Very Happy

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Yes, I'm a sentimental fool....

Fri, 03 February 2006 04:01

Today I found an old cd of songs that I used to listen in highschool, instantly I was taken back to my senior year of highschool. Funny thing was most of the memories where of Jagged Alliance 2, lol, because thats what I would play while listenting to this music. I forgot how much I love this game... its just too awesome!

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Jagged Alliance 2 DS

Thu, 29 December 2005 16:43

I know this is old news and all but I thought it was just a rumour. Looks like we could be getting Jagged Alliance 2 for the DS and as a proud owner of one, this is great news. Some really interesting gameplay features could be incorporated along with the fact that you would have handheld Jagged Alliance! For those that own a DS, you'll know there are already some great strategy games out and on the way. The most notable would be Advance Wars DS which is an addictive little turn-based strategy game. (scroll down)

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Mike gets utterly pwned

Sun, 06 November 2005 03:34

In a JA2 1.13 normal difficulty game, I was taking over the chitzena SAM when naturally Mike decided to show up; even on normal difficulty this causes a bit of a bump in the gameplay.

Or it usually does, anyway.

IMP and Wolf (wolf rules, btw) were both heading into the control room when Mike charged out the door they were about to enter; and initiated his usual "blah blah, I'm going to murder you with your own leg" speech that he gives.

Note that he was saying this three feet away from Wolf.

When the combat round started, Wolf immediately gave him a sucker-punch that'd make Mohammed Ali proud, then stole his G11 and all his items. In a touch of irony, I decided to give him a chance to run before -I- shot.

Turns out Mike can't run faster than a whole clip of full-auto G11 rounds. Har.

I'll link to a savegame if anybody wants to give mike their own brand of killing, too.

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Sun, 23 October 2005 09:24

I registered here, (probably again) only to make a statement. its been months since i got rid of my copy of jagged alliance 2, and the manual and all that (my wife hated the game) lol....i play halo2 all the time, i have moved on, but jagged alliance 2 is like an old girlfriend. i itch to play it severely. lol. i miss Blood. I miss them all. im here to say do NOT let this forum die.

Jagged Alliance 2 is the single greatest game in gaming history.

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Meduna Blues

Tue, 04 October 2005 23:47

Here we are again. After fighting for several weeks (real time) to get to Meduna everything goes wrong. The bad guys see me way before I can see them. I've only got 5 mortar rounds and those got used taking the SAM site. Now I'm down to two LAW's and every move I make is greeted by a hail of lead.

Damn, damn, damn - I love this wonderfully frustrating game but Meduna pushes me over the edge. It feels like the difficulty level suddenly goes through the roof. Is it just me or are clever tactics out and pure heavy weapons the only way to progress??

War Correspondent | 11 comments

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