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MY WAY:the diary of an I.M.P. char

Thu, 22 September 2005 22:05

Time and this stupid language barrier willing,this will be a story.
A diary of my IMP character.
It will be a report about my first ever finished game of Vengeance.It

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Boxing Surprise

Tue, 20 September 2005 07:34

I was playing the new Vengence mod and I had 2 new mercs, Sparky and Sandman on San Mona duty. Sparky is a great mechanic with decent leadership skills while her brother Sandman has good physical attributes as well as martial arts. Therefore, they make a good team to leave in San Mona since Sparky can talk her way past Hans and Spike and fix guns while Sandman beats the tar out of opponents in the San Mona boxing arena.

Anyway, it was a typical night at the arena. Sparky had talked to Darren to arrange a fight and the first bout went well with Sandman taking no damage at all. Now it was time for the second bout. Sandman leaped over the ropes into the ring and waited for his opponent to follow. After a second, the enemy fighter vaulted into the ring, pulled out an assault rifle and put a burst into Sandmans back! Needless to say I was somewhat surprised....

After finishing off Sandman with another burst, the whole sector went hostile as if *I* had started it! And they all went after Sparky.

I reloaded and replayed and the same thing happened. On closer look, it appeared that there were a large number (6) of people clusted around the area where fighters usually hang out. I suspected that a regular goon happened to be standing in the spot where the unarmed fighters usually are placed, preventing them from showing up. I also noticed that the person next to him (where the 3rd, martial arts type fighter stands) was a civilian girl!

After reloading a few times, I got Sandman to get the initiative and beat the gun toting goon unconcious in the first round. After that, Darren announced the winner and paid up as normal. I then tried for the third round but the girl would not enter the ring, so I gave up and reloaded back to the end of the second round.

Even after all this time, JA2 still has its surprises....

War Correspondent | 6 comments

1.13 War Stories

Sat, 17 September 2005 04:09

Share your strategies, exploits and tales of defeat at the hands of the new AI!

I'll go first:

Settings: Insane/BR All/Drop All/Sci-fi

Drassen Airport. Midnight. Day 3 or 4. Mercs onboard: Blade (IMP), Igor, Grunty, Ira.

After I took the airport, I hid Ira in the office and made her train militia while the other three went to find Skyrider.

On my way back to Drassen Airport from trekking through the swamps to find Skyrider, Deidranna's forces managed to take over the undefended drassen mine and central town sectors. I returned skyrider to his chopper, and attempted to wait until dark.

It didn't take long before we were assaulted at the airport. After several militia losses, and a great expenditure of ammunition, the enemy invaders were defeated. I was now the proud owner of an MSG-90A1, a G36K, an AK-103 and two MP-5Ns.

I gave Grunty the AK and an M4 Super 90, Igor the twin MP-5Ns and an M4A1, and Blade got the MSG-90A1 and the G36K.

At midnight I went on to take the central sector, which, while long and bloody, went without any injuries to my team. I kept them close, in the dark, and always had one guy watching the others' backs.

I was not so fortunate at the Drassen mine. Since there's a central lit up area at the mine at dark, I parked my three mercs on one of the northern buildings overlooking that area. I the proceeded to lure the enemy to that location with some mini-grenades, and pick them off one by one with the MSG-90A1 (w/silencer attached), using stunners to keep them down. The central area became a blood bath, filled with exploded heads and loose entrails.

All was going according to plan, with Igor and Grunty taking care of the occasional bad dude who got too close or managed to make it up on to the roof. Until it got really quiet and went back into real-time... Grunty pipes up: "Don't do anything crazy..."

Suddenly, a redshirt pops up onto the roof, not 5 tiles away, in full view of everyone, and opens up with 20+ rounds into Grunty.

Alas, poor Grunty, I knew him well... :bawling:

v1.13 Combat/Weapon Academy | 48 comments

Oops - there goes another one

Wed, 07 September 2005 23:58

Don't you love it when you hire a merc that you really like. Kit them up in all the latest combat gear, give them a big gun then send them on their first mission... only to have them shredded in a hail of bullets!

Oh well RIP Dr Q. It could have been fun!

Least the rest of the team made it and secured Alma!

War Correspondent | 10 comments

IMP solo.

Wed, 10 August 2005 04:48

I'm playing JA on Experienced with a new twist: The only Mercenaries I am allowed to use are the IMP merc (I used my name), and those I find in Arulco, and I can't train militias. In other words, I am forced to blitzkrieg, while having other people "hold the fort" so to speak. Oh, and I am Iron Man-ing it too.

Current party:
IMP: Mike (named after myself)
Health: 75 (I've survived some wacky stuff, like a wooden 2-by-four being smashed across my head), Agility 85, Dexterity 55 (I'm a quick-witted dyspraxic), Strength 70, Leadership 35, Wisdom 85, Marksmanship 80 (I've exaggerated; with the exception of some occasional firing range trips, all my knowledge is textbook), Explosives 35 (Yeah...aluminum oxide is thermit, right?), Mechanical 35 (what do you mean the closed circuit, is the one that conducts electricity) Medical 35 (I know I'm supposed to cut something, but what?). Skill: Auto Weapon (expert)
Ira (same stats as normal).

Day one:
I landed in Omerta at 0700 hours, with little more than a jacket, my trusty MP5, and the note entrusted to me to deliver. Was the recipient really as dependable as my benefactor made him out to be? The utter desolation wrought by my target's forces gave me doubt as to the recipient's defenses, but those thoughts were jolted by the sight of an armed soldier. He carried a pistol, and had the uniform of my target's forces, yet his general cluenessness saved me the trouble of having to go to too much effort to shoot him and subsequently enter the building he guarded. The ruckus brought 2 of his buddies to investigate, with a third taking cover in an abandoned building. With a calm demeanor belying the danger, I placed two shots into the investigating opponents, and ducked for cover. Exiting the building through the back, I moved around to the back of the building he inhabited, caught him at point blank-range, and bade him farewell with a 9-millimeter to the face.

The immediate danger about, I found an abandoned warehouse, which was the base of this recipient. I gave the letter and was told of a man named Father Walker, who could deliver food supplies; to aid me in my journey, this new client of mine who I gave the letter to allowed me access to his band's armory. Among the items I found included some throwing knives, a crowbar, wirecutters, and TNT...if only I remembered everything from my chemistry and EOD classes...
I also found a woman, her name being Ira. Her annoying demeanor reminded me of Fran Drescher, but she proved a surprisingly good shot at the next battle, an ambush of 8 soldiers at a farm. While they took to the trees to hide from me, she snuck through the high grass to kill quite a few.

We still have to take Drassen, yet I feel confident that it will be easy. Only after this relative measure of security has been afforded may I then revise this journal in further detail.

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Most Intense Battles

Mon, 04 July 2005 04:59

Hey Guys,

I do not remember wheather this has been discussed before, but ... just finished another game of classic Ja2. This time Ironman - inspired by Headshots outstanding chronicles of his way throughout Danibia. (If you haven't read it yet, give it a try, it's real great stuff)
But back on topic ... after finishing I looked back, and wondered what the most intense battle was? My answer would be: The frontal assault upon Meduna Palace at night. (Not having beforehand taken the underground sector via the gardens.)

By that time my team consisted of my female Imp Dawn (Auto.Wep, HtH), Grunty, Igor, Ivan and Iggy all heavily equipped (Hk21, M14, Rocket Rifle, Laws, Mortar and plenty shells, etc.) and all top notch with high markmanship (99) and level 9 or 10 experience. And UV-goggles of course.

Though it wasn't a easy one with all those grey shirts endlessly pouring out of the main gate, after blasting it. And even better: Reinforcements constantly popping up at the northern edge of the map, so you're forced to watch your flaks as well! Then of course it came, allready pinned down: the most dreaded sound of all - mortar fire. Got one direct hit and most mercs down (with only five you have to keep them close together to maintain firepower), but I am able to patch them up with regen boost and thus can hold the position for the while being, but heavily pinned down by the onslaugt. Kill some more greyshirts, but just by the time I get confident again and believe that I may get out of this on top and in one or two pieces: another mortar blasting Iggy way to hell.

In the end I got the palace, thanks to regenboosts, but lost Iggy. That's my most intense battle, or at least the last one I can think of.

So what, when and where did you encounter your heaviest and most intense battles? I guess Ja2 is full of it. So come on, share yours.

- Forsaken

War Correspondent | 6 comments

Cool Experiance In Alma

Wed, 22 June 2005 14:50

I took my night ops//throwing imp with some UV goggles and headed off alone in the town section of Alma with four throwing knives.
Ended up taking out the whole section. All 20 or so guys.
It was fun.

War Correspondent | 3 comments

Jagged Alliance on Nintendo DS?

Sat, 18 June 2005 02:58

First of all, I was very unsure of witch part of this forum I should post this, but I ended up in here. I'll just copy the message I posted on the SF forums...:
I just read about this on a finnish gaming site.
It's like this Smile :
"Strategy First has formed a contract with Pocket PC Studios to make games for the Nintendo DS.
The contract states that Pocket PC Studios is to turn Disciples- and Jagged Alliance -GameS (gameSSS!!!) to Nintendo DS.
It also says that the release dates are unknown...for now."

Great news! If they turn Jagged Alliance 2 to DS, I'll seriously consider buying one.

...oh, and sorry if this has already been discussed in here.

EDIT!!!: SHIT, my bad, there already was a topic, delete at will.

War Correspondent | 2 comments

My first 100 Wisdom IMP!

Wed, 15 June 2005 14:17

...Just to show that I really did increase it 15.
It took freaking forever!

I would like to see some more crazy awsome IMP pics.

War Correspondent | 8 comments

Weird E3 news

Sun, 22 May 2005 21:19

Sorry if I posted this in the wrong place, but I couldnt find a better spot for it.
JA2 gold for Nintendo DS?

:armsfolded: Any comments?

War Correspondent | 6 comments

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