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Rocket Rifle plus Robot won't work?

Tue, 22 March 2005 05:18

I gave the rocket rifle (unused) to Madlab for installation on the robot. But when I tried it, the rocket rifle won't work. It seems that the fingerprint ID was made out to Madlab.

Any way around this? :confused:

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Night Ops

Wed, 16 March 2005 08:26

Night Operations

During night time is probobly the best time to make you're attack's. The enemy will get closer and hopefully you will get the first shoot and finish them of before they have a chance to respond. You're marksmanship will raise very fast under night ops since most of the combat is fought from a close distance and you dont need to aim with as much AP.
Be sure to not have a to big squad on theese kind of missions, you don't want to be noticed until it's to late for the enemy. Use mercinaries who are night ops experts or night ops and stealth (I personally prefer the last option). If the merc has the night ops ability he will be able to see longer and therefor see the enemy before he has a chance to react.
Stats that you would want to have on your night ops mercs are agility (AP) health (HP) marksmanship (To hit the enemy) and I don't know if dexterity is needed but I think it lowers the AP cost when you shoot. Wisedom is also very important since you want your men to increase fast in marksmanship

If you're going to play by night I strongly recommend to turn up the brightness on your computerscreen, since this might help to find equipment and cover.
Once this is done you should be ready for the attack. Always look at the map of the sector that you are about to attack. And place you're mercs somewhere where they can hide in rough terrain like high grass or foresst to avoid getting spotted. If this isent an option, always attack from where you have the best cover from stones, houses, bushes or trees.. anything will do.


It IS possible to do night ops without theese items but it helps alot, and why not make it easy?

Breaklight - Exellent to throw where you think the enemy are crossing and take them out from a distance behind a safe cover. This light will make them an easy target.

UV Goggles - Will make the merc be able to spot the enemy even sooner. It adds a few squares to your line of sight. If you only have one, have you're front man carrie them and get him to spot the enemys.

Silenced weapon - This is very important becuase you don't want to warn the enemy that you're in the sector before it's to late. To take the enemy out one by one is the esiest and best way.

Extended Ear - This device will let you hear the enemy from a greater distance wich is very helpful and will give away the enemy's position and let you find a good spot to attack from before you even see them.


* Always use cover when moving. Go from tree to tree or stone to stone, this will make it even harder for the enemy to spot you and give you some insurance in case of combat.

* If you can't find the enemy fire a few shots with a usless unsilenced weapon or throw a rock, that will often attract the enemy's attention. But always hide behind cover when doing this, you might attract more enemy's then you expected.

* As soon as you enter a sector make your mercs go stealth and crouch (mark them and press "Z" and "C").

* Don't use to many mercs, preferable 2 or 3 becuase this allows alot of tactics. If you use more you will have a bigger chance of getting spotted.

* Never spread out your mercs to much becuase you will need the fire power to finish of the enemy when you spot him. If you dont finish him of on you're turn, he will get a chance to call for backup and shoot at you wich will also attract uneeded company.

* If spotted GET COVER, remove stealth and run for cover then go prone. This might make the enemy loose sight of you and harder for them to hit you.

* Keep away from the roads, sneak around in behind the trees instead. The roads are often open wich makes you an easy target and I think they give away more sound when sneaking then normal grass.

* Always enter a sector from a good direction where you can get cover from trees, stones, rough terrain or other objects that will make it harder for the enemy to spot you.

Does this seem good?

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that's not a knife, THIS is a knife!

Fri, 11 March 2005 14:39

how come there's never any talk about knives, huh? i'd love to see a weapon mod with just knives, tons of knives. or a mod with knives, tons of knives.

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desert eagle .50

Wed, 09 March 2005 17:59

In real life, it is in effect a hand-held sniper rifle with LOTS of power, in ja2, it is a worthless piece of junk. You do not get the impression when using it that it has a .50 calibre. Sirtech should have incereased its damage rating by much more to make people love the gun. Does anybody here use the DE? btw, anyone here seen Snatch?, especially that scene where the bald guy says the "there are 2 kinds of balls, ..." monologue.

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explosives... what for?

Mon, 17 January 2005 10:04

seems like there isnt much neeed for them when you can pick locks insted of blow up doors. have you ever tried using explosives to kill enemies? how so?
so lets talk about situations that make explosives useful, because I am not aware of any really...

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Dual laser scopes?

Thu, 02 December 2004 13:37

Hi! My main character is ambidextrous Very Happy and I gave him the 2 modified pistols you get when you solve a quest. Do you think it's necessary to attach laser scopes to both pistols?

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Sun, 07 November 2004 10:17

IN JA wildfire, cliffhigh ball has skill "stealing" how do u steal?? also what is camo for when applied? how does it effect anything?

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Wed, 20 October 2004 06:48

Can someone tell me what the various stats influence? I ran a search on "stats" and got way too many posts to read.

I know wisdom impacts learning ability. ... Leadership, ability to influence others, train militia? Strength, how much you can carry? Dexterity, lock picking, maybe?

Anything else?

Does agility determine how far you can run, or is that strength? What influences your action points per combat round?

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Bipod vs. Barrel Extender

Tue, 19 October 2004 15:33

Too bad our guns don't have 5 slots for weapon attachments, if they did, we could have all attachments (except for the grenade launcher) on the same weapon. Since there are only 4 slots and 5 attachments, we have to select which attachment we don't use.

In general, the best attachment is the Laser Scope followed by the Sniper Scope and Rod & Spring. This leaves us with a choice between the Bipod and the Barrel Extender for the last slot (some people might take both and leave out the R&S, but in *general*, the R&S is superior).

Well, the choice depends a lot on the weapon and the role. In particular, the expected range at which the weapon will be used.

Performancewise, the attachments stack up as follows.

Bipod: Gives bonus of 0.5% per each tile of range starting at range 6 to a maximum bonus of 10% (eg. range 16 will give 8% bonus).

Barrel Extender: Decreases range penalty by 5.88%. Therefore, has no effect at closer ranges where there is no range penalty.

The bipod advantage is relatively easy to understand. If range is more than 5, you get a bonus of 0.5% per tile to a maximum of 10%. This means the bonus tops out at 10% at range 20+. The Barrel Extender is a bit is 0 at 1/3 of max weapon range or less while it is 5.88% 4 or more tiles beyond this point. The 3 tiles in between have intermediate values.

Since the Barrel extender tops out at 5.88%, the bipod has an accuracy advantage at ranges 12 or more. This is especially true for a long range weapon, like the 75 range Dragunov which sees NO advantage from the barrel extender until range 26 or more. In almost all circumstances, the Bipod gives more accuracy than the barrel extender. The exception is shotguns and pistols at short range (5 to 11).

Still, it's not all just about accuracy. The attachments have other differences that may decide the issue.

Bipod: Must be prone to use.

Barrel Extender: Increases max range by 10, deteriorates rapidly and can fall off.

The requirement of being prone can be quite a handicap. The main disadvantage is that it limits your mobility. Therefore, bipods are best used for weapons that will be used in static positions with a good line of sight.

The barrel extender is more flexible in that it doesn't limit your movement options. The increase in maximum range also helps shorter ranged weapons. If you fire at longer than max range, your chance to hit is *halved*...a significant penalty. On the other hand, it deteriorates rapidly, especially when using burst fire, and if it falls off, you get a huge 30% penalty to accuracy. Therefore, if you use barrel extenders, good mechanics and good maintenance is a must.

So in summary:

Bipods: Best used in long range weapons fired from static positions in a support role. LMGs, sniper rifles fit this description.

Barrel Extenders: Best used on short range weapons used by mobile troops, especially pointmen. Pistols, FAMAS or the C-7 are good choices here. If burst fire is used often, make sure you have a mechanic in your group to repair weapons after *every* battle.

Other troops, like grenadiers or heavy weapons troops get what's available...usually bipods. If possible, I like to equip a support merc with a weapon that is a clone of a pointmans weapon. This way, if the pointmans barrel extender falls off, he can swap weapons with the support merc.

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Attitude question.

Tue, 12 October 2004 18:12

I am new to the game and was wondering if Optimist attitude helps when training milita? I have tried to get this several times but always end up with Normal Sad

Can someone tell me if it does or does not help so I can stop wasting my time.

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