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Thu, 31 March 2005 19:13

first of all id like so say, DAM! i didnt know other people still played ja2. i bought this game like 2 or 3 years ago. anyway was playing it today and the strangest thing happened. one of my mercs was captured and taken as a POW. i found the location they were holding him and busted in and got him out.
but now its like my merc that i busted out is one of the enemy men. i can walk rite up to them and they do nothing to him. i can punch them in the face and they dont shoot or hit back at all. so really now the game is pointless. basically my game is ruined. any suggestions on how to get it back to normal?? because the only thing i can really do now is kill my merc. and i really dont want to do that because he is my main merc that i got from imp. any suggestions would be helpful.

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Frequency of Freeze-Type Bugs

Sun, 20 March 2005 07:53

I have been trying to Solo it and have discovered that in solo "mode", I encounter the FrOzEn TuRn Of EtErNiTy! much more often than with a group of mercs (in fact, hasn't happened yet to my group that I left outside Meduna...). This is frustrating, as it is already hard enough to keep the little bugger alive, and when you are on a streak and almost have the sector clear, it craps out. And yes, this is 1.12 Gold (ooh shiny!). Now, it usually happens after I've fired the first shot (nightOps Smile ) and then it goes to their turn and... nothing. Just the stupid clock that we all know VERY well by now. So, if you are going solo, remember SESO (save early, save often)!
Also: Abdul states: "Usually, after 1+ minute it goes back to normal." So that might work for you, but hasn't yet for me Sad

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JA2 on The Manila Times

Fri, 18 March 2005 15:34

I wrote about JA2 on my weekly column. (I know, I know, it's already 2005... but I just discovered the game this year, so sue me.) :blah:

read it here

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What were they thinking?

Wed, 16 March 2005 22:48

And now, A true story:

My IMP merc Bobby McBobby, aka Jah, was making a solo assault on Cambria, starting from the south, hitting the mine (via the recently conquered SAM) first. After successfully taking out many of the peripheral guards with his silenced MAC-10 & handy-dandy throw knives, Jah got a little bit over confident and fired off a round from his AK-74, hit the ground (In full comouflage)and waitd to see what happened.

It was brown shorts time. First one guard appeared, then another. Then another. And another until 6, count 'em, six red shirts were standing, all grouped together in a little triangle about 10 squares from him, none seeing him. Right against that little wooden shed that's across from the mining building. And then Jah realized What were they thinking?

Breaking cover, he whipped out his one and only Law and planted the missle right in the center of the fools. 3 were incinerated instantly, one other, thrown dead on the ground and two more, critical and prone. Most of the shed in tatters (It seemed one of Jah's victims was carrying some explosives that also went off in all the chaos.)

Three more baddies appeared before Jah had an opportunity to run for it - three black shirts this time. The surviving red shirts struggled to their kness but no one made an offensive move towards him. Did they even know where he was? Realizing that he'd probably used up all his luck for the evening, Jah lobbed a mustard gas grenade at the tightly packed bunch and bugged out. But not before noting, with some amusement, the final gasps of the two red shirts.

Later, while mopping up and searching the bodies of his fallen opponents (And wondering how - once again - most of their guns and armour had mysteriously disappeard into thin air), Jah found the bodies of the 3 black shirts whom he had lobbed his mustard gas grenade at; dead where he'd last seen them.

Jah chuckled and wondered, once again, What were they thinking?

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Where has this game been all my life?

Mon, 14 March 2005 15:49

It's 2005 and I just discovered Jagged Alliance! (Call me a late boomer, er bloomer.)

Last month, I told my friend that I was looking for a copy of XCom since it was the ONLY game that I ever really enjoyed. I said I didn't care for all those newfangled 3D combat games, and that I'd rather replay something because it's good than play something just because it's new. Anyway, he dropped by my house a few days later and left me a copy of JA2. Said that I should try it because it's just like XCom (turn based strategy) -- only better. I was extremely skeptical. (How can you improve on XCom?)

Needless to say, I was blown away by JA2. But I got depressed almost immediately because I realized that I'm addicted to a game that has been released several years back, so chances are slim that I'll still be able find anybody who shares the same enthusiasm for it.

And then I found this forum. Wahoo!!!

And then I found out about Deidranna Lives and all those other mods. So the fun won't end when I finish JA2. (I'm still in mid game and in no hurry to finish.) Double wahoo!!!

Cheers to everybody who's keeping this forum alive! I salute you guys! It's 2005 and Jagged Alliance still rocks! :bow:

BTW, I'm from the Philippines, where mercenaries often die. Wink

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Kill Biff

Mon, 14 March 2005 03:32

I got a story-idea yesterday while holding down the Western Sam (coast) with nothing but Biff and half-blue/half-green militia. (I loaded it some 4 times, at the end I started of by reloading every single shot till the odds were okay..)

Kill Biff

After Deidranna has been removed, Arulco get's back to normal life: elections are held again.
-The first years after the conflict are for rebuilding the country.
-M.E.R.C. personel trains the new-Arulcan-security force (sorta like Iraq-tuality)

But then one of the militia-trainers sees an opportunity.
Rallying the self-trained troops, who've sworn an oath to Biff, the redhaired tirant wannabe marches on to Meduna and on a dark night seizes the palace.
News quickly spread around the isle and reaches Flo, she travels to the capital to try and talk some sense in him (...perhaps even using some feminine... ,naw forget it)

Biff SHOOTS Flo !!!

..But Flo ain't dead, just comatosed (?, spelling) after four years she awakens in the Cambria-hospital.

-Biff as Deidranna
-Speck as Elliot (?)

Or would I have to pay Mr. Tarantino before attempting to even make (edit: steal) a script like that?

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Multiplayer X-Com

Thu, 10 March 2005 09:47

They finally did it! Stop daydreaming of 'the day I'll play X-com multiplayer' Smile

UFO2000 is an open source mod of X-Com. Just install it over your existing X-Com directory, join the server and challenge someone!

UFO2000, free:

X-Com, abandonware, from -- runs fine on windows XP


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Hardcore/Ironman solo game

Fri, 18 February 2005 01:06

Have you ever tried playing JA2(gold) with your IMP only? In ironman mode (no game reloads)? If so, post your experiences here. Be sure to include where, when and how your IMP died. Also IMP stats would be nice.

All my games have been:
-JA2 gold
-Tons of guns
-Save anytime (But (practically) no reloads!, this is because of (fear of) technical issues).

I'm about to start my 7th hardcore solo game. Man... I've never had more fun with JA2 than now (although IMP dying ain't so fun Sad ).

So far, the 2nd attempt was most memorable as my IMP assaulted Drassen airport and took total of 7 hits by yellow-shirts (killed by 7th)... ALL WITH CRAPPY PISTOLS OVER 20 TILES AWAY!! Goddamn I was furious! HAH!


Longest game (6th) so far was:
- 34 days (not too much loitering around)
- 256 kills
- 26 assists
- hitperc. 59%
- 31 battles (had Drassen, Alma, NE SAM-site, Balime)
- 39 times wounded

(these are the last confirmed stats as I accidentally saved over 'after he died' -savegame)

His stats were:
HEA... 85
AGI... 82(+2)
DEX... 70(+5) (can't remember if I took critical hit, prob. not)
STR... 89(+29) (exploits used, won't happen again Very Happy )
LDR... 69(+34) (this one's god-honest purely by experience achieved number)
WIS... 80
MRK... 95(+15)
MEC... 47(+12)
EXP... 64(+29) (exploits, won't do it again. I swear)
MED... 52(+17) (lot of doctoring imo, also practically resurrected some of the militia)

Auto Weapons
Night Ops

CAUSE OF DEATH: Was hit by a flare during night-fight (sector S of Estoni), followed by a stun grenade after which got shot to pieces in the following round while lying around helplessly.

Exploits were applied around day 20 or so, so plz don't judge me as a complete cheater Very Happy , I won't use them again. Ever. I promise.


If you're inspired to try a hardcore game of your own, I highly recommend giving at least 80 MRK as you get the MP5K (helps a lot! although I'm starting to think this as an exploit (BAD, BAD, BAD!!)


Oh yeah... this one was 4th game (maybe):
I was trying to take Drassen mine sector (3rd attempt in that game). There was a fierce fight between the (probably) last yellow-shirt and IMP. IMP was badly wounded and passed out behind a rock out of sight (energy booster wore off) and that's when the kamikaze yellow-shirt decided to pull out his knife and let me out my misery. (Just when I thought "I'm out of sight, he won't have the guts to come here")

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The cronicles of AZ

Fri, 11 February 2005 18:46

Anyone interested on a diary,containing the exploits of a team trying to conquer the entire Arulco in under 24 hours?
Time of arrival and conquest of each sector,inventory found,merc progress,positions and tricks used,etc.
Sorry,it will probably be slow and it sure won't look like a story-unless my English improves dramatically. Smile
So,what do you say?

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Enrico's an A-hole

Tue, 25 January 2005 10:31

So I was getting ready to go on the attack again when I'm hit with a massive attack. I lose more than half the militia in that square (full contingent, all regular militia), and my men are hit pretty hard.

I'm still licking my wounds when a few hours later I get a note from Enrico that I'm not doing a good enough job. Suddenly my support in the town I'm in drops just below the point where I can train more militia.

I realize it's just one of those things meant to make the game more challenging, and I'm not complaining about it that much... but doesn't it make Enrico look like a complete a-hole? I just defended his city from a major attack and am trying to restore order and all he can do is criticize me? It's not a good idea to piss off your only hope for your countries freedom!

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