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armor deteriation and HP ammo

Thu, 25 September 2003 11:03

I have read the forum post the last couple of days and I've noticed something. Most people agree that high damage can only be dealt by knives (especially by throwing) or by burst. Another point of agreemant is ammo type: everybody uses AP.

But I also read that multiple hits would lower the armor rating of an enemy, so that subsequent shots would do more damage. So I wondered, could armor be lowered a great deal by AP ammo? Wouldn't that open the possibilty of using higher damage HP shots?

In summary, I have three questions:

1) Do hits in fact lower armor ratings?
2) If so, how much does armor detoriate with each hits
2) how much damage does AP ammo and HP ammo?

I couldn't find anything about this in Patusco's excellent guide, so I hope someone on this forum does know the answers...

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Day 101...Is that the LIMIT?!

Wed, 05 April 2000 12:44

I started an Experienced game a while ago, and I have reached day 101. I get this email from Enrico stating EXTREMELY IMPORTANT!! and he rants about his poor choice in picking my team! I never received any other negative emails from him, and suddenly he springs THIS on me! I have taken every town, including Balime with this just the way the game is supposed to be? Please, let me know...

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How it all began.

Wed, 03 January 2007 01:11

Ok I'm sitting here ready to to give Ja2 another go (probably with the 1.13 patch). And I was starting to think about this game, what is it? Sure it's a great game that I have played for several hundred hours, more than perhaps any other game.

But then I realized it was something more, so here is MY story:

It began a day in December the year of 1999, at the time I was 14 years old... No wait a minute it surely didn't start there!

Join me 3 years back in time from 1999, that is 1996, I was at the time 11 years old, I have had a computer for about a year and the exact date was the 27th of December, Christmas was over and I joined my parents for a bit of shopping in a nearby town, there, in the game room (computer games to the general public were not that old, and was kept in a special room at the time, wonder why?) I saw this nice looking box with the name Jagged Alliance: Deadly games written all over it.

I asked my father if we could get it and he said "sure" even though I had already gotten my Christmas presents. This was the first stop so I carried this box for a few more hours as my parents went about their business, every time we stopped I pulled out the box and read the descriptions, I can't say that I was good at English at that time, but I managed to understand bits and pieces of it.

Time to go home, and I had a few hours to install and play my newly acquired game before it was time to go to my sister's place to celebrate her birthday.

So I installed the game, no problems, and started it, I watched the intro movie, the one with the running guy that jumps over fences.

After that I started a new game and I guess I was overwhelmed but I managed to get together a team of mercs to fulfill my first mission, on a funny sidenote: in one of the first missions the objective was something like "recover the object and get it to the extraction point", in my excitement I thought "it" was referring to the merc It, and restarted to be able to get him with me.

Dang, time to go to my sister's place, sure it was fun, and even better, my brother decided to stay another night there, so I could play some more.

In about a month I was an expert (or so I thought), I could battle it out with the enemies without losing a single merc, so I began searching the almighty internet for something about this, I found a place called "Lock and Load" that had alot of tips about DG as well as a great looking site.

I printed these tips and read it time after time, trying to come up with my own, and I managed to develop a few tactics that worked.

Somehow I found a few different campaigns some good, some pretty boring and a few outstanding!

Among these outstanding was a campaign with a unusual beginning, you began your game with one person (you) and a machete, as the missions went by you recruited friends and started to battle towards the end.

Another one was a Vietnam war themed campaign, I loved that one.

There was one that required you to cut through a forest.

Along the way, I discovered several secrets, among other things the tab called "gear", somehow I had played the game without it for over a week until my brother found it.
Another thing was the ability to shoot the locks open, discovered in an intense firefight where a shot went past the enemy and hit a door, door "unlocked"

Oh and I also loved the small picture-in-picture movies that played when certain things happened.

During the time I began to create my own missions and campaigns, this was an aspect I really loved, and one mission, codenamed "hotel hell", was absolutely great if I may say so myself.

Ok fast forward to around 1999 I still played DG and stumbled upon JA2 somewhere on the internet, to bad I couldn't play it on my computer, well I still had DG.

Once again:
It began a day in December the year of 1999, at the time I was 14 years old, my father has said that it was time for a new computer and he would pick me up after school this Friday, said and done we went to the store and go ourself a brand new computer (500 mhz processor) and I was as happy as a clam.

But that was nothing compared to what happened after that, while my father and the salesman cleared up the formalities I checked out the games and guess what I found hidden behind another game?

Yep you guessed it, the last copy of Jagged Alliance 2!!!

So I asked my father and once again I he said yes.

Going home and setting up the computer and installing the game I was really happy.

So I started a game, with my two year younger brother at my side, he too had taken a liking to Deadly Games.

With our combined skill in DG we managed to clear out Omerta and Drassen, we somehow found Hamous and his icecream truck and we got our butts handed to us by the Hicks.

Time to go to bed, Mom said, I had a thing with the school the day after, a garage sale to finance our trip to Spain.

Me and my brother played the game all the time and I started to check out the internet once again and found this site (actually I think I found it before I got the game not sure though, I don't think I checked out the forum until after I got it.).

I registered and started reading advice and the war stories, shared some myself and had a general good time here as member #125.

Then the mods for Ja2 began popping up, and the rest is history, here we are in a community that is as living as it were those years back.

At the start I could barely kill the yellowshirts, when I was at my peak performance I could take over Arulco with only my IMP, no locals, no mining, no merc hiring, started out by throwing EVERYTHING including money into the trash can and embark on the adventure.

Ok so what am I saying by this way too long post? You ask.

Well I guess I was saying that I really love those games and the community and the memories of it leads back to a time where everything was much easier, still when I think about how I'm about to start a new journey on this big adventure I get really excited.

Thanks to all who have made this game into what it is and still continue to contribute, from the most hardcode modder to the beginner that think they have nothing to add by there question, when in reality it gets us "oldies" to think about things we have taken for granted for so many years.

War Correspondent | 9 comments

Ja2 blog experience

Tue, 24 October 2006 09:06

Hello all

As i was wanting to make something for the JA Universe, i've made some sort of blog to tell the story from a fictional point of view. I will update it regularly in the future.

I hope it could revives the interest for this game

Feel free to comment and to talk about it around you.

I hope you'll enjoy the reading.

N.B. : english being not my birth tongue, don't hesitate to correct me if you find mistakes

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false preview of wildfire

Sun, 15 October 2006 16:46

I wonder where they got their info...

War Correspondent | 17 comments

The agony

Mon, 04 September 2006 10:47

1.13. Experienced, tons of guns, realistic and no saving/loading... at all Very Happy

Mercs: IMP, Raven, Steroid and, yeah, you guessed it, Ira.

Omerta. Ira got hit by a .38 causing 13 damage. Massive, I know. Everything else went fine.

On my way to Drassen I ran into the usual patrol. No damage taken. Raven had done most of the work up until now since my IMP had the rooftop bonus and auto weapons skills (battle scope and 200 5.56 tracer rounds).

Drassen. This is where it got a bit tricky. Once I had set up my nest and started popping heads with Raven, the enemy got some reinforcements... from the south. Unlucky me.

Steroid ate a 9mm AET round instantly and turned into a bag of potatoes. Didn't even say goodbye.

My IMP took one in the shoulder and lost some dex. points but got his revenge with a lucky mp5k burst that took down 2 guys. Ira took care of the last guy with a (not so) well aimed shot to the face.

After Ira had patched up my IMP and Raven had reloaded, I set off to finish off the guys that didn't run out of the airport to see what was going on.

Unlucky for me, there was a "sniper" on the roof that almost got the best of Ira (8 hp left) but Raven saved the day. YAY! My IMP with his amazing medical skill (35) fixed Ira in a jiffy and went into the airport solo and killed the two remaining guys.

Ok, so now I had two choices.

1: Get some stuff from BR and wait to get healed a bit.
2: Just keep going (BLITZKRIEG!)

Come on, it was DRASSEN. Keep going! WOO!

Yeah, bad idea.

What happened next is just... sad. My IMP got wasted by a Bizon burst and Ira got STABBED to death since Ravaen had to do a hasty retreat.

Raven had been shot 4 times. Good enough reason to get out, I'd say.
Thank god for that SWAT armor Razz

Well, I wasn't really out of the frying pan yet. Raven was bleeding and my two medics were taking a nap so I really had no choice but to go back and do a little kamikaze work.

So yeah, she got to my IMP's corpse, yanked his 1st aid kit and got out of there. Well, almost. The guy with the Bizon had a few guys with him that mangled Raven without breaking a sweat.

The end. Indeed Very Happy

Anyone got a story like this they'd like to share?

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Mon, 28 August 2006 09:25

I was reading an article on ambi fire in the movies, and implemented a concept from the article in JA.

You know how an ambi reload takes 10 ap?

Forget that. Give your ambi man 3 sets of pistols and watch him at it non stop. :rifle:

This works best in UC, where the low ap good pistols have 15 round clips.

Varjags or Vikings come to mind.

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The best Mod for JA 2

Tue, 22 August 2006 04:22

Don't know if its the right place to ask but :
What is your prefered mod for JA 2 ?

WildFire ? 1.13 ? Urban Chaos ? Any Other ?

War Correspondent | 23 comments

Man, you'll love this.

Wed, 02 August 2006 07:45

How would ya'll like a save where you have 18 mercs in a room with a non-hostile Deidranna?

You have: A lousy IMP(was captured early and busted out late), Razor, Haywire, Barry, Grizzly, Nails, the rebels, Dynamo, Shank, Maddog, Conrad, Buzz, Bull, Gumpy and Gasket.

I had my IMP knock her out, Miguel steal her gun, and then Shank went 3 rounds with her. :luckystrike:

I'd like to share the save, but I'm not sure how. It's Wildfire 5.

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