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The Jagged Alliance 2:Unfinished Business map editor

Sat, 02 October 2004 01:58

Where do I find this editor? I thought I was on track when I downloaded the map converter, and JA2edt (both alpha and beta versions.)

I tried to convert a map file and then open it with Ja2EDT, with no success.

Can comeone with a bit of experience point me in the right direction?

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Need help with the editor

Sun, 18 April 2004 16:57


have some questions about the UB Editor, maybe you can help.

1.Where can i get tutorials about the UB Editor.
couldnt find links on google ...

2. How can i edit the original UB Campaign (I extracted the .slf files to .dat - but the editor refuses to load them. )

3. Since i dont have much time to play i want to know if its possible to reduce the amount of NPC`s in the UB Campaign. (On easy there are still up to 16 NPC`s in one map)

4. Really Really need more infos how to create a working campaign. Is there a simple "My first campaign tutorial". All my tries sofar failed, and i REALLY want to do this, but i am stuck.

thanks for the help.

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Cheats on XP..

Tue, 09 December 2003 06:57

So.. UB doesn't support CTRL-GABBI or other built-in cheat. Cheat Enabler doesn't work on WinXP.. Any trainer I tried doesn't work..

There's any way to cheat UB under XP, or no chance at all? Sad

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UB Editor Glitches

Mon, 17 November 2003 21:43

I've been working with the UB Editor now for a week and am wondering if there are any patches, etc. to solve the numerous menu button glitches and overall crashing of generated maps.
This editor is simply awesome in that it gives a computer layman like myself the ability to generate an entire campaign for Ja2 (working around the regular UB storyline of course) and really get afeel for what the AI is up to. At the risk of gushing again HATS OFF TO THE DESIGNERS!
That said, there are numerous functioning problems with the map editor. To list a few:
1)Many of the menu 'buttons' (that is the various selection choices for each catagory) will not engage. Sometimes backing out of the menu sub heading, the general catagory or reloading the whole editor will solve this problem. But other times you spend four hours designing a map and it REFUSES to let you place enemies etc.
2)The intruction manual is vauge on many points and just plain absent on others.
How do I make hills/depressions? How do I make a mine entrance work? What exactly does the number of enemies selection do (I've placed 32 enemies with a minimum of 8 and ended up with 22)? Is it totally random or am I missing something?
Actually the list of questions could easily fill an entire column so I'm really wondering is there an area of this forum that's dedicated to the map editor? If not any answers to any of these questions would be greatly appreciated. I highly recommend this editor to everyone wether you plan to make you're own campaign or just wonder why the AI functions as it does you will be elated with what you find!

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Fri, 14 November 2003 23:48

Hi guys,

I recently purchased a copy to JA2 gold pack and now I am finally playing JA2UB.
However there is one thing I really do not understand, probably it is something really simple that I am missing here.
I haven't been able to find any tips on how to use the Line of sight tool or the cover option.

I searched through the different treads, but no avail. Can anyone give me a hint on how to use that feature?


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Enemy Repositioning

Tue, 26 August 2003 02:51

Has anyone noticed that when you attaack a sector and retreat and return again straight away that the enemy repositions at guard posts and other important areas? There is no respawn but they have brains enough to try to defend the sector when they are low in numbers.

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Who here has finished the game with a busted laptop?

Fri, 22 August 2003 07:04

Okay, I had finished my "sissie babies save the country" team, and decided to import it to JA2UB. It didn't take a genius to realize that everyone in AIM or MERC I wanted I could fit in the original chopper. So, when I got to Betty's, I decided, "Hey, why buy the transmitter? Waste of a hundred bucks." So I continued the game with my laptop damaged (actually, I was a little curious about Enrico's letter - would I magically get it anyway?). However, when Shank flipped the switch (Shank stolen from the Cold Comfort campaign) and the base exploded, I did not go to the laptop.

I went to the credits screen.

But the designers had something to say to me.

AND IT WAS SO FRICKEN FUNNY! I cannot do it justice here, nor do I wish to spoil it, but I have to say it is a must see.

Next challenge: Finish the game with a damaged laptop!

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Entering complex the stealthy way

Thu, 03 July 2003 20:00

Having never done it, does anyone know what happens if you enter the missile complex through the power station ventilator when the alarm goes off and the fan deactivates? I assume that the resistance underground is lighter. I prefer to clear the sector and take out the fan with a LAWS, cause I love underground fights with G11, P90 and CAWS.

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Tex or John?

Tue, 24 June 2003 00:12

Does anybody know what determines if you meet Tex or John. Do you have to be in Varrez before day 5 or so to meet Tex or is it really random.

My first few tries I met Tex every time, didn't even know john could be in the game as well, now I online get John.

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Another UB with no guide

Fri, 23 May 2003 10:10

I'm totally new to the JA series and don't have a guide. What do the stats Strength, Wisdom, Dex etc. do for you. Which ones are tied to accuracy, Action Pts., etc.

Also, I just had my first merc gain a level but I can't see any difference in his stats. What gives?

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