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JA 1 & Deadly games

Thu, 17 August 2006 21:09

Please , some help from someone. I have bought a new computer and running NT. Can't load a lot of older games - JA - Deadly - Alpha centauri - Mech Commander - Settler 3 - etc.
Anyone? Bill

JA2 Technical Department | 2 comments

mod 1.13 for steam version of JA2

Wed, 26 July 2006 23:46

I have purchased a steam version of JA2, installed the mod, and launched the game.

Unfortunatelly i get an error message that states
"failed to initialize fonts".

I would really apreciate some help. Smile

JA2 Technical Department | 12 comments

Offer & Request

Mon, 17 July 2006 03:33

Had a serious tidy-up of my hard drive. Due to various sites no longer hosting JA editors and the likes, I have archived, (and burnt to CD for safety), all of the following: (NOT in any order)

JA2BetaEditor+MSS32.DLL , 10-07-DATA , DT_MercEdit , JA2-1[1][1].07 , JA2_1.13_Core_HiRes , JA2_1.13_LoadScreens_HiRes , JA2_1.13_Speech , JA2AIO1.2 , JA2CME1.02 , JA2Gold_112_AllInOne , JA2Source , JACE , JAO.V0.2.5.7 , JAPE033src , ProEdit , ScreenShot_Fix , STITools , UC-Utils , BG_1.01B , IMP_Patch , JA2_1.12_Data , JA2_1.13_Data , JA2_1.13_Source , JA2_Editor , JA2AllInOne , JA2DLUS , JA2IEE-Final , JA2TSE110r , JA-gfg-setup , JAPE032 , JMM22 , ProEdit_AddOn , SLF-Explore , TBoAv1.21DT_FingerID(NO idea what this is!!) US_MercEdit , CTH_Info , JA2-1[1].07 , JA2_1.13_Core , JA2_1.13_HotFix_HiRes , JA2_1.13_Source_HiRes , JA2_IE , JA2BE , JA2Edit-PRBeta , JA2SME12 , JA-103-Gold-Patch112 , JA-LSA-SetUp , JAPE032src , JSDTools , RUTVEN_Eng , STI-Edit , JA2UC_QuickFix2 , JA21.07 , UBEngv101 , UNFACE , ITEMFIX , JA2UBEditor , UB-MFE-Beta3 , 2Cabin2 , JA2_Beta_0.95_DE , JA25Source , UBTilesets , LapTopFix.
MODS: Bears_Pit_1 , HardtoDie , JA2_B2B_Install , PaladinHeart , SOG_AddOn_Jona , Vietnam_SOG_69_JE , BecomingX , FirePower , Head_Hunting , Rubicon_Campaign , StalkerCampaignFull , X-Com , ColdComfortCampaign , Get_The_DrugLord , JA2UCUS , Mission2 , SOG69Patch1 , Vietnam_SOG_69.

Point of this post is: I can e-mail stuff to people who need various items - subject to my monthly upload limit of 2meg.

Request: If I am missing anything, could someone please e-mail me the missing items?
I am a 'hoarder' of anything JA, you never know for the future!

I cannot guarantee how often I can log-on here, so please bear with me. You can (normally) get me by e-mail:

Hope I can be of some help. Regards to all.

JA2 Technical Department | 46 comments Allows militia to be placed in UB

Sun, 04 June 2006 01:43

They list this file here for download but it does't work. I was wondering if anyone knew where to get it? Or if anyone has it to share?

JA2 Technical Department | 8 comments

New Editor to get X AE

Tue, 30 May 2006 21:15

If you wish to get new IMP mercs whenever you want, you may try "Transferatu".

It is available at at the tools section.

It can make a save forget that you have already created an IMP, so you can do so again and again and again.

It can do other nice things as well, like placing militia in enemy sectors, editing money, take out the automatic death at the philippines, editing loyality, editing enemy numbers at a sector and so on.

As I have not yet translated my manual to english, I will give a short instruction right here.
The editor itself is showing english text most of the time, so there should be no problem in finding the right command number.

Most important is that you place the "JA2path" file to your hard drive, and not into any folder.

This file contains data and preferences which I did not want to hard code.
Transferatu will search on the drive you name for this file.

First, the editor is loading sets of data for different JA 2 versions.
You will have to select the setting that comes most close on your mod or version.

Second, each setting contains a path to a savegame in DOS names (8 chars max per file/folder)

I have preset all settings to access the quicksave of the folder the programm is located in. So throw the Transferatu.exe inside of the save folder and it should work just fine.

If you

JA2 Technical Department | 8 comments

Screenies as .tga?

Sun, 21 May 2006 22:53

I opened a screenshot with Adobe Photoshop 6.0 but the picture is not displayed properly; it looks like a big mish mash with a pattern of horizontal lines; parts of the picture can roughly be recognized though. Any ideas what might be wrong?

JA2 Technical Department | 10 comments

Change clothing

Tue, 25 April 2006 05:41

Hey all,

since I really dislike how some of the mercs look like (who heads out for a war in jeans and t-shirt anyway?) I'm looking for a way to change their clothing.
Well, not the actuall clothes per se, but the ability to change the color of their clothes would be nice (so they can dress in black and look like real mercs).

I'd settle for a permanent 100% camo as well. But I'd prefer the color changing.

Thanks in advance!

I tried with Proedit, but that didn't seem to change anything. I used Lynx as a test person but after changing his clothes to black he still starts with his normal clothing after starting a new game.


JA2 Technical Department | 4 comments

Beta Editor Road Mapping

Tue, 18 April 2006 11:31

One of the most aggrevating things you encounter when mapping for Ja2 is 'object counts' being too high along roads you place.

Does anyone know an easy way to get around this problem?

Do you just have to try to save after every road tile you place or is there a faster way?

JA2 Technical Department | 12 comments

Using JACE

Tue, 11 April 2006 12:40

I'm trying to extract files from a standard install of JA2 with Snaps JACE program.

Not being a techhead I'm having problems working out the exact command line sequence to get the job done.
Would be greatly appreciated if one of the techs could work out the sequence and post or even better if same person could create the easy to work for dummies batch files mentioned.
What I'm after is being able to extract files from each .slf one at a time. Example:
-s extract merc speech from SPEECH.SLF

Here are the folders on my machine where JA2 resides & where I need the extracted files to end up.

JA2 C:\Program Files\TalonSoft\Ja2\Data

Destination for extracted files C:\Documents and Settings\User\Desktop\Thumbnails\Files
Here is the JACE readme.
jace: Jagged Alliance Character Extractor
Extracts data files for a merc/NPC/RPC
Version 1.0 of August 2002
Author: Snap
Bug reports to
This program is freeware.

Usage: jace [-opts[modifiers]] Data_path char#1 [char#2] [-d exdir]
Data_path path to the Data directory ('.' for current directory)
char#1 extract files for this character number
char#2 rename extracted files into this character number
exdir put extracted files into directory exdir
-s extract merc speech from SPEECH.SLF
-p extract NPC speech from NPC_SPEECH.SLF
-b extract misc. sounds from BattleSNDS.SLF
-c extract .EDT & .NPC files from NPCDATA.SLF
-m extract .EDT files from MERCEDT.SLF
-f extract portrait STIs from FACES.SLF
-a extract files from all of the above sources
-n never overwrite existing files
-o overwrite files WITHOUT prompting
-q quiet mode

This program should be run from a command prompt (DOS window) or
using the "Run..." command in the start menu. The easiest way to
use jace is to copy it into your Data directory (where all
the SLF files reside) and run it from there.

Files are extracted into their appropriate subdirectories in the
Data directory (SPEECH\, NPC_SPEECH\, NPCDATA\, etc.). If an
alternative directory is specified with the -d switch, all files,
together with subdirectories, will be extracted there instead of
the Data directory.

Also included is a batch file ce.bat, which can be used instead
of running the program from a command prompt. To use the batch
file, first open it for editing, change the jace options, save
the file, then double click on it. When using the batch file,
both jace.exe and ce.bat should be in JA2 or JA2UB Data


jace -sf . 69 -d Vince

=> extract Vince's merc speech and face STIs into the Vince directory

jace -aq "c:\program files\talonsoft\ja2\data" 56 17

=> quietly extract all files for character #56 and rename them into #17

JA2 Technical Department | 0 comments

Unpacker utility

Fri, 07 April 2006 00:13

Recent searches unearthed this utility:-

Dragon Unpacker. Do a 'google search' and it will give you the link. Posting the link here does not seem to work.

Have downloaded it myself (it's a freebie) and looks handy. Will specifically unpack JA2 slf files - among many others. What you can do with the files, I have yet to explore. Just hope it proves useful.

JA2 Technical Department | 3 comments

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