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best sector map editor ?

Thu, 30 March 2006 23:21

Sorry for silly question but can anyone tell me which tool can I use to edit sectors in JA2 - I mean enemy placement, items and so on.

JA2 Technical Department | 17 comments

Request: STI Imaging Format Tool

Thu, 23 March 2006 03:05

When making .stis for Ja2 the two most common problems I've run into are getting the look of the faces right (that is to say the rather cartoonish look they have in their deep shadow lines and general layout) and the ever present colour palette problems.

I was wondering if any graphic artists (or just people who really know their way around imaging software) know of or could design a format that takes any picture and filters it into a Ja2 looking image. I know there are settings like Special Effects that can create a more cartoonish look to any image loaded in but I'm wondering if anyone has come across (or would like to create) a tool that automatically adjusts a picture to look more like a Sir Tech Image?

I'm also wondering if anyone knows of a way to add more colours to a Sir Tech Palette or a program that accurately represents what the colors are going to look like in a game of Ja2? I know the original developers must have used something to make their lives a little easier and I'm wondering if anyone knows what that is?

I've made some images I'm happy with but there has always been a long trial and error guessing game in getting the palette to look right and getting images to look like the rest of the existing .stis (in game images). This process would be so much faster (and thus more productive) if there were just a program to prep photos or .bmps before you work on them.

I'm interested in making all my new faces look compatable with existing faces so while I can get very acceptable images, getting them to look like Ja2 images is very much a trial and error.

Any ideas are welcome.

JA2 Technical Department | 12 comments

Is this a possibility?

Sat, 25 February 2006 03:20

I am only just getting the hang of modding, but a thought has been bugging me for a few days, especially with the new 1.13.

Let's say a mod is done for 1.13, the quest(s) are completed etc.. by the player, but instead of closing sequence, an exit grid appears which will take your mercs to a completely new map screen, where a continuation and/or entirely new situation is found. My assumption is, that upon exit, the needed exe/files/etc.. are loaded and you are immediately in the firing line.

Sounds good to me, but I am no 'techie' on this and may be impossible to do.

JA2 Technical Department | 7 comments

ProEdit help

Sat, 24 December 2005 02:09

When I try to modify anything, I pres export, and then it says DONE! Then i make some changes, and i press import. Then it says "can't open MercImport.cvs" What to do?

Thanks in advance

JA2 Technical Department | 7 comments


Mon, 03 October 2005 12:38

Right now a silencer in decent condition will reduce a gun's noise volume to 1. I say that's too boring :diabolical:

Firstly, I suggest that an item with the silencer attribute be given a noise reduction rating, e.g. 90%. This way we can have more than one silencer in the game. The silencer rating will act upon the guns's noise volume (ubAttackVolume). So a gun with ubAttackVolume = 50 will have it reduced to 5 by a 90% silencer.

Speaking of which, noise volumes need to be stratified more. Most pistol-caliber weapons should be much quieter than rifle-caliber weapons. This way we can have an appreciable difference in silencer effectiveness.

Perhaps even better would be to implement a two-step silencing mechanism. Pick a threashold volume - let's say, 50 - which sort of models the threshold between subsonic and supersonic ammo. Most pistol-caliber weapons will have a noise volume below or just a above this threashold. The silencer will reduce any volume below the threashold in proportion to its noise reduction rating, but anything above that will only be halved. So, for example:

Glock 9mm, ubAttackVolume = 40
Silenced (90%) = 40 * 0.10 = 4

M4 5.56mm, ubAttackVolume = 70
Silenced (90%) = 50 * 0.10 + (70 - 50) / 2 = 15

Dragunov 7.62R, ubAttackVolume = 85
Silenced (90%) = 50 * 0.10 + (85 - 50) / 2 = 22

Barrett .50, ubAttackVolume = 100
Silenced (90%) = 50 * 0.10 + (100 - 50) / 2 = 30

It would probably be more logical to attach the volume attribute to ammo, rather than to the gun, but waepons such as LAW, which don't have ammo, make this problematic. Perhaps we could introduce a "subsonic" attribute to ammo, which would serve to lower the noise volume on guns in which it exceeds the "subsonic" threashold.

JA2 Technical Department | 14 comments

Balance in 1.13 - general thread

Sat, 17 September 2005 11:35

This is for all things balance-related: money, weapons, etc. I'll start by reposting Kaiden's post from another thread:


Originally posted by Kaiden:
Snap, Money is definitely a huge balance issue. Especially with the drop everything option. Even to the point where not having the "Sell ALL option" would still be game-breaking, running guns and equipment to Tony with a team of mercs every day would pay for the fuel and cost of those mercs. Especially if you sent the free mercs.

In my Externalization of options, I will be allowing any "controversial" options to be turned on or off, but in THIS case, it won't fix the problem.

Here are some options that I was considering, and feel free to offer your input:

1. Lower the buyback rates even more, for both Arms's Dealers AND for the Alt-LMB option.

2. Make ALL mines run out of Ore eventually.

3. Make the Crepitus show up in EVERY Mine when the time comes.

4. Increase the Cost of Mercenaries for Hire.

5. Increase the Sell price of goods from the Arm's Dealers.

6. Lower the output of Mines.

7. Put a time restriction on the "Sell All" button, OR restrict it to a certain amount of cash per day (like the arm's dealers).

Other than that, How is the game balance with the all the improved weaponry and other goodies vs. the Improved AI of the enemy on Insane Difficulty?

v1.13 Weapon & Item Refinement | 31 comments

What weapons are in these Russian Mods?

Sat, 17 September 2005 10:01

I'm trying to figure out what the items/guns are in the NightOps and the Shady Job mods. I've tried extracting as many as I can from the itemdesc.edt / itmdesc25.edt files but can't make heads or tails of half of the russian.

Can someone please post or send me a list of the weapons (and items too, if you've got time) for one or both mods in English? No need to do the obvious ones, like the MP-7 and MP5, but the ones with Russian text have me stumped.



JA2 Technical Department | 4 comments

1.13 - How do you play, and what do you like/Dislike

Sat, 17 September 2005 01:19

I figure this may just need a whole new thread so here's what I want to know:

1. What options do you play with (Difficulty, Bobby Rays options, Enemy drops options, Sci-fi)

2. What Optional Features do you use (By optional features, I mean, Do you use the features that are On by default, but allow you to choose whether to use them or not) Examples would be the Delete all option, the Sell all option, multiple IMP mercs.

3. What do you think of the overall balance of the game and is there anything you would change to make it better for you?

4. What is your favorite Feature that you wouldn't live without?

5. Opposite of #4, what feature do you not like, or would like to change it's function slightly to better suite your playstyle.

6. In addition to #5 is there anything else you would change about 1.13 that can't easily be changed already in the XML files.

7. What are the most important bugs that you would want fixed ASAP ("All of them" is a valid answer, as well as "What bugs" Razz )

8. What feature (Including ones not listed in any current thread) would you like to see added more than anything else?

v1.13 General Gameplay Talk | 79 comments

Trying to Copy/Paste Gaston/Stogie/Tex From JA2UB Onto MERC in JA2 - help! :)

Fri, 16 September 2005 09:47

I'm trying to do something that should be pretty easy - I'm trying to take all of Tex, Gaston, and Stogie's info from the JA2:UB files and paste them over those of Biff, Flo, and Gumpy in JA2. There may be a few voice glitches - some 'types' of voices weren't done for the JA2:UB guys - but overall the faces and voices should be just fine.

I have STIedit, SLF-Explore, and ProEdit. Problem is, I can't figure out how to use them Smile SLF-Explore is in German, which doesn't help. I've figured out all the voice/speech types (000 - 116 or so), so I know which ones to overwrite with what.

How do I use SLF-Explore to 'extract' the STI files (and extract to where?), and then use the STI-Edit program to write them back into the original SLF file?

THEN, how do I use ProEdit to alter the game's stats? What file to I write into in the JA2 folder?

Any help would be appreciated Smile

JA2 Technical Department | 24 comments


Wed, 14 September 2005 12:48

I do not like the way autofire is implemented in 1.13 (or does it come from the Whitehat project). I think that base APs for autofire should be the same as base APs for a burst. I just don't see any reason for them to be different. APs for extra rounds on top of the standard burst length should be added to burst APs. I think the current implementation should be changed as follows:

By default the autofire is equivalent to burst - same AP cost, same burst length. You can then add extra rounds for extra APs. This would be more logical and more balanced.

bBaseAutofireCost should set the standard burst APs on top of the single-shot AP cost. In the original weapon table, this would be 4 APs for all automatic guns except the G11, which would have 0. Of course, modders could revise the burst APs for other guns as well.

The parameter bAutofireShotsPerFiveAP should specify the rate of autofire beyond the standard burst length.

Example: C-7 has a 5-round burst, bBaseAutofireCost = 4, bAutofireShotsPerFiveAP = 5. If a single shot costs 6 APs, then a 5-round burst (either in Burst or in Autofire mode) will cost 10 APs, a 6-round autofire burst will cost 11, 7-round burst - 12, etc.

Makes sense?

JA2 Technical Department | 22 comments

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