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Another newbie JA designer please help

Fri, 24 June 2005 08:08

Recently i downloaded that uc-utils for making my own mod for Urban ChaosHere are all the steps i went to it:
1. I ve installed JA Gold edition but only the first disk, without the Unfinished Business
2. I ve extracted Urban Chaos mod to some other directory and then installed it into Jagged Alliance Gold directory
3. I ve extracted to some other directory and then executed the UC_UTILS.EXE to install it to the JAGold dir
Now the following problem occured:
When i try to run the JA2BETA.BAT the programm freezes while loading and i must use ctrl+alt+del to close it.
Can you help me?

JA2 Technical Department | 7 comments

merc voice

Sat, 21 May 2005 02:58

alright i did the guys face but now i want to make the voice filkes. i got an edt editor but i want to know what to put there. what i need is a list telling me what do the things they say mean.
for example:
files one or voice no 1 is said when the merc sees and enemy. got the idea?
anyone got this? i would be very apreciated. as soon as i finish ill put all the files here for all u modders.

JA2 Technical Department | 9 comments

Linux Installer?

Wed, 02 February 2005 09:27

In former times I bought a Windows version of JA2, but now I use Linux. I heard that there is a Linux version, too.
Is there also an installer to use the Windows cd with Linux?

JA2 Technical Department | 2 comments

Are Quests Tied to Specific Sectors?

Fri, 21 January 2005 01:45

I was wondering, are all the quests tied to specific sectors?

I tried moving the Fatima takes you to the rebel hideout quest to another sector. While she starts off the same way, once she takes you to the adjacent sector she just starts telling you she is a busy woman instead of taking you to Dimitri (who is present in the new sectors).

I copied the Proedit and Beta Editor settings exactly except of course for sector locations. She is set to Stay in Sector in her timetable settings and is Stationary/Defensive in her basic settings. Is there maybe some advanced hacking I have to do to find additional settings?

One weird thing is when I liberate Omerta town loyalty only raises to 1%. I should also add that I've placed her and the whole quest in the wilderness.

Any ideas?

JA2 Technical Department | 8 comments

Copying buildings

Fri, 07 January 2005 11:29

I am fiddling around with the Beta editor and want to get some maps up and running quickly. I can always refine them later.

So I a create a building and want to copy it. There's a copy button on the buildings tab. This is either bugged or I am missing something.

Any suggestions?

JA2 Technical Department | 4 comments

Disable the Fingerprint I.D.

Tue, 28 December 2004 11:27

I'm changing the Rocket Rifle to a Panzerschreck for the WW2 mod I'm doing. I need to remove the figerprint I.D. feature completely from the game.

Has anyone done this?

JA2 Technical Department | 8 comments

Image Editing Tutorial

Wed, 24 November 2004 11:21

Would people like me to write an image editing tutorial which covers:

On the ground guns and items

If there is demand for this then I will write and release a tutorial with pics for everyone.

If there are any other things you would like to add to that list that come under the static pictures list (NOT tilesets or animations as I have no idea how to do them!) then feel free to suggest it.


JA2 Technical Department | 28 comments

JA2 BETA Editor - where?

Sun, 12 September 2004 04:22

Where can I find a clean install of the JA2 Beta editor? Or does the one with UC utilities can work with any other JA2 version without overwriting it with UC data?

Also, what map format does the JA2 Beta Editor read?

JA2 Technical Department | 12 comments

Terapevt patches?

Mon, 30 August 2004 03:19

Can anybody tell me where to get these elusive patches? I would like to take a look at what they do.



JA2 Technical Department | 25 comments

Ja2 800x600 resolution version

Fri, 13 August 2004 23:10

Hi guys, I duplicate the topic from source code debates for everyone who don't visit that part of a forum.
Our guy made Ja2.exe with enlarged to 800x600 screen resolution.

English version is avaliable here:
See description at the

By Russian Ja community & S-Vertal

Edit by Scheinworld:
- updated links for JA2 800x600 screen resolution mod

JA2 Technical Department | 78 comments

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