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Celebrity Voices

Sat, 12 February 2005 13:59

I know the idea of a JA2 movie has been throw out there in the forums, but how about actual celebrity voices in JA3.

Nothing was cooler than when I heard Kurtwood Smith's and R. Lee Emry's voices in Fallout Tactics.

Just a thought if its not too late.

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Tue, 01 February 2005 08:48

I think that in JA2, there weren't enough differences between realistic and Sci-Fi. Sci-Fi only added bugs, and realism kept Rocket Rifles and the Robot Merc. Eh?

If the next game comes out and offers a choice between Realistic and Sci-fi, the differences should be far greater. All the out-there tech, like Robot Mercs, Rocket Rifles, and the X-ray scanner, as well as bugs, should be limited to Sci-fi.

However, I think Sci-fi should be expanded even further, with more weapons that would not be seen in real-life. Cybernetic power-armor, thermite plasma grenades (in realistic mode, only demolition charges would use thermite), and the ability to domesticate bugs should be added (hmm...imagine using the Crepitus as cavalry mounts!). Bring back the Rocket Rifle, add companion weapons like a launcher that fires joystick controlled missiles (ignore blocking terrain) and add quests to destroy particle-beam towers and such (a Tesla death ray maybe...

Keep the X-ray scanner. Add more such gadgets, like thermal goggles, cloaking devices, and electroactive armor. Give the mercenaries a quest to steal a prototype V-22 Osprey for transportation. Allow the mercenaries the ability to equip themselves with cybernetics (some would have rejection issues; they cannot equip impants. Gasket comes to mind, not having a colon.)

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Defend the town!

Fri, 28 January 2005 22:30

I always thought I would be cool if you could recive an e-mail telling you that the enemy was on thier way to "Town X". That way you could either leave "Town X", or prepare for its defence. That would give land mines and other such defensive stationary explosives some use.
What do you think?

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Wish: Skill Lists

Thu, 27 January 2005 12:32

At the risk of sounding too RPG-ish, an idea I have is as follows:

Every mercenary has two skillsets (or one specialized list) from which can be learned certain skills. Every time a Lvl is gained, a new skill can be picked.

Skillset: Knifing
-Knifing: Same as JA: Provide a bonus to knife damage (reduced to take levels into account.) Multiple levels can be taken.
-Parry: At the cost of 1 AP, a dice roll gives a chance to parry a melee attack.
-Riposte: Any parry may result in a free attack on the attacker. (Requires Parry; costs 4 AP if successful)
-Backstabber: Double damage, plus 100% accuracy, if one sneaks up on the target from behind.
-Blademaster: Wield two knives at a time (Requirement: Ambidexterity).

Feel free to add more.

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Oh joy - another wish list...

Wed, 05 January 2005 21:13

Well, everybody else makes these, so let me share my own fantasies about JA3...

1. Mercenaries:

In general: the more the better. This would of course require that the new mercs have a personality. No boring grunt types, please: the major flaw in Fallout Tactics was that the characters were boring. They only had their stats and nothing more. Characters with personalities are the very blood that runs through the heart of "Jagged Alliance".

Backgrounds: there should be more nations represented. Especially there should be more characters from countries with a "militaristic vibe", as I like to call them. This includes, for example, countries with a turbulent history (Africa, Middle-East, former Soviet Union, Latin America...) and countries with a conscription (Israel, South Korea, Finland...). Also, more women. Military isn

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Food... and lets make it simple...

Tue, 28 December 2004 12:47

I would like to see food. Nothing fancy like, "I found ten pineapples, three oranges, some bread, a little bit of butter...."

I would just like to have to buy food supplies for so many people, for so many days... and then lower the price on ammunition please...

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Another wish:Clips as an extra item

Wed, 15 December 2004 18:16

Another think what would bring more reality in JA3.
Compatibility of clips is very limited( eg.U can use a 30 round mag from Glock18 into Glock17 but U can't use it in Bereta92 or CZ-75 even they use same ammo).
So the clips should be an extra item and ammo should be first attached into clip before clip laded into gun.
Empty clip should be dropped automaticaly while reloading.
Filling clips during combat should cost SO MANY APs.
So the useability of gun would be limited by aviability of ammo and clips.

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Characters you want to keep/return

Fri, 10 September 2004 15:17

I say MD, Bull, Barry, Trevor, Razor, Haywire. I'd like most of the others to stay, of course, but one of the cool things about JA2 was all the NEW people, and I'm sure new people in JA3 will be awesome as well.
If the games is going to take place after JA2, as JA2 took place after JA, I think some Mercs will have to go, like Hitman, Len, Gus or Red. (All are AWESOME, but I don't think they can really keep them, as they're all aging.) Who do you think will be lost?

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Guns Versus Tactics.

Thu, 19 August 2004 19:46

Now,i see the whole issue of Starting with more advanced weapons has surfaced up yet again.

This to me brings up an even bigger issue:
-Somehow the game becomes about who has the bigger/better guns,and not about the tactics employed with your men,wich is sad.i mean "Yeah,i got

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JA:what we *wont* be getting

Fri, 25 June 2004 20:55

Ok,this may be a bit of a paradox in a wish list,but some things will probably wont make the transition to the new game and i am wandering if they will be missed:

-The Gore=rotting corpses,heads exploding and gaping wounds in torsos death animations,decapitations.Somethng tells me this is defenetly out of the picture these days as gaming industies want to avoid controversy.

-Any direct references to Sex, and alcohol might just disapear,maybe even smokes. it

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