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Mounting firearm for increased accuracy; Sun, 21 August 2022 22:07

How do you do this?

v1.13 Solutions,Tips & Spoilers | 2 comments

Where To Purchase Or Obtain Grenades In JA2 1.12 Stracciatella Early-Game?

Sat, 20 August 2022 04:23

I am on Day2, having liberated Omerta and Drassen. Next is Cambria and I have entered F9. The battle is ongoing and the times where the enemies were hiding behind covers were the moments I wish I had grenades. Where can you get them in ample amounts early-game, if you can?

JA2 Solutions. Tips. Spoilers! | 0 comments

Town Loyalty

How determined and its effect on mine income; Mon, 15 August 2022 20:54

Hey all,

Still grappling with a(n old) game of 1.13, my first after several vanilla JA2 runs (a newbie, I guess).

I've reached the section where I've conquered/captured Drassen & mine, then Cambria & mine, SAMsites, Tixa, Alma, Chitzena and Balime;
I've got the quest from Yanni and in Balime got the Chalice. After a day or so (game time) I got the Chalice up to Chitzena.
Prior to this I've noticed that after getting Cambria and Alma mines, their income (based on town loyalty) rose up into the 50's %, but since killing several international terrorists and getting cash from Dancio the income from the mines has lessoned to Cambria = 35% and Alma = 45%.
No matter what quests I'd completed, Angel, Joey, Hicks, the Bloodcats, the Crepitus (Alma this time), the income always slides back from any increase.

Does opting for Dancio trigger some <<Reduce_Mine_Income>> register?
Even after getting the Chalice to Yanni, there was not much; Cambria went from 37% to 45% and Alma from 42% to 48%.
When I attack Grumm mine both those loyalty (and mine income) slide right back to C-37%, A-45%.

Is this just the game saying "This is the big leagues, tough it out" or is there some setting in the INI or .xml file I can tweak?
Ivan is a mainstay for me, but at $4500 a day I'm thinking Lynx at $2200 is a bargain, but he's weaker; Ivan can carry three weapons (mortar,sniper,assault).
And his MRK is in the 90's.

Do I have to hold gladitorial or FUN games in Cambria to boost loyalty, or buy junk from Keith? Right now I have zero presence in the town.
(In JA2 vanilla games mine income was high in all but the "played out" mine.)

v1.13 Idea Incubation Lab | 4 comments

interface improvement

Convenient and beautiful; Sun, 07 August 2022 17:54

I recently watched a walkthrough video - Jagged Alliance 2 1.13+TypeP+IoV+AI.
There was a very handy and beautiful interface, especially the display of weapons, the number of enemies, ammo, backpack and Log.
Make the same in the 1.13 main version, I think everyone would like it. (It looks much better than now).
Screenshot attached.

v1.13 Feature Requests | 5 comments

The option drops out all does not work

All drop; Sun, 07 August 2022 17:34

I set the option to drop everything from the enemies. But not everything falls, often falls only 1 clip and helmet (for example) although the soldiers still have weapons, armor, etc.
In mod - Night Ops. fell all things from the enemies. This option does not work in 1.13 ? Or by falling all do not mean all?

v1.13 INI Customisation and Help | 1 comment

how to remove the consumption of energy to move?

I can't play; Sat, 06 August 2022 22:04

Can you tell me how to remove the consumption of stamina (energy) to move? Persian much running around the map is exhausted and faints, normally not to play. (I play solo one character)

v1.13 INI Customisation and Help | 3 comments

Disposable tube launchers

How to create a single-shot disposable tube launcher?; Mon, 01 August 2022 17:02

Hello! I need help in creating a new launcher. Can anybody explain what is the right way to create a single-shot disposable tube launcher in 1.13? How to connect an explosive to it with XML? Like honey not bees

v1.13 Weapon & Item Refinement | 0 comments

Change Language UB 1.01

Tue, 19 July 2022 20:35

Hello everybody, my request is a little bit difficult. But maybe you can help me here.

I wanted to replay Unfinished Business with my old german version. The problem is that it's not possible to install the game from the old CD because of Win7. So I bought the version from GOG, which only contains english language. I thought there might be a way to play it in german. So what I did was to copy the JA2 7435 1.13 Data-UB Speech-file and the MercEdt and replace the files from the GOG-version. If I remember correctly I copied the .SLF-Files from my CD to the UB-Data-Directory and replaced them too.
Almost everything works fine. The game doesn't crash. The dialogues are all in german now, speech and text, even from the UB-Only mercs like Manuel, Tex and Biggins. Also the german voicepatch from works fine. The interface is still in english but that's not really bad.

Some special sounds are still in English, for example when a merc dies. I found out that the 007_xxx.wav-files in the speech-folder for example belong to Ivan, but there I can only find the german death-sound. So where is the english death sound now located?
Another English sound sometimes appears when an enemy soldier which a merc spotted once disappears and is spotted again by the same merc.

I'm not a modder or programmer but maybe someone from this community can help with my request to turn the sounds completely to german.

I wanted to play Back 2 Business soon for the first time, and when it's possible, in full german language.

Good evening! happy

JA2:UB General Talk | 0 comments

Modify Bobby Ray's to always have every item on stock?

Thu, 14 July 2022 11:16

So I haven't touched JA2 at all in sometime however I am just getting back into it. I installed 1.13 and UC and AFS 1.13 and I honestly love the insane weapon variety now present in game. I made a new game with Bobby Ray's Quality and Quantity up to 10 because I wanted just play around with all the new weapons and get familiar with the new systems like the AR-Upper and Lower system for example. However something I noticed is that I see that most weapons and items are in stock but not all of them (one of them for example was the PPSH-41) and some items had a very low amount left in stock. So what I am trying to ask is, is there anyway I can modify Bobby Ray's shop to always have every item in stock 24/7 and/or modify how much in quantity he has of every item (ex: 999+ of every item to lose the worry of anything running out overtime?)

UPDATE: So I looking into the Items.xml file for AFS and I was able to not only up my stock for all items present in Bobby Ray's, I was also to add a bunch of weapons and items present in the mod that weren't on the store for sale (M82A2, Thompson M1A1 as a couple of examples.)

UC/DL 1.13 & AFS | 0 comments

Stalker background + Night Ops false breath regeneration

Tue, 28 June 2022 15:19

Hi, I found the following bug on 1.13.

When I combine night ops skill with stalker background (need for sleep -1) I end up with a breath generation per hour of 3 but when I choose night ops skill with scout as background I get a breath generation of 17.

The version I use is v1.13 (development build) (build 21.07.13) revision 9141.

v1.13 Bug Reports | 1 comment

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