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Coolest, less useful guns[message #223172] Wed, 24 June 2009 19:38 Go to next message

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Title says it all.
Random order.

1. Usas-12: Looks menacing as shit, and really does terrifying things to people...but it's just too slow and heavy to be used in hot fights.

2. Full-sized mortar: Blowing up stuff all over the map. Too bad it's way to heavy and slow to be useful.

3. HK CAWS: It must suck to get shot by this thing, but its weight and low speed make it unlikely somebody wants to shoot something with it.

4. KSVK: Biggest, baddest gun. But seriously, bolt-action? I don't have that much time.

5. Erma SR-100: 1500 metres range! Now if only I could see enemies that far away.

6. Metal Storm Surf Zone: Whoa. Just plain whoa. If only I ever had time to reload it.

7. PSM: Cutest little thing, and the FASTEST weapon in the game. Too bad its never managed to kill or stun any enemy sufficiently to be worth it.

8. Vintorez: Eclipsed by the VAL and the Vychlop in their respective categories, but it's still a fun gun.

9. All rocket launchers: Rarely hit, and are a pain to get firing, and often enough mess up something rotten...but when they hit, it's party time.

Post your fun guns you wouldn't want to have to rely on!
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Registered:June 2009
Must say Type85 Smile i like how it looks but the damage is to small.
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Jawz II

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I use the Erma SR-100 and the Vintorez alot!

Erma SR-100 means that Razor (best Merc in game btw, except low on marksmanship in the beginning) can castrate a mosquito in flight, 40 tiles away. Keep him headshoting people with it, and his marksmanship will be in the 80s before you know it.

Vintorez can take the russian sniper scope (PSO-3). Enough said.

Put a RPG-7 (rocket launcher) into the hands of a Heavy Weapons guy (like grizzly) and he will make long range shots about half the time and close range all the time. See a whole bunches of the enemy go up in smoke. The RPO-1 is too heavy, but in a defensive role, grizzly will kill the enemy by the dozen with it. Oh yeah, dont target individual enemy soldiers with your rocket launcher, rather aim for the ground, somewhere in the middle of a big group of enemies. a hit will seriously mess up their day!

Useless guns: well, Pretty much all of the ones I dont use. 5.56mm rifles. I rarely use them even in the beginning, AKs are much better.

Useless but cool: The big ass revolver. The .440 cor bon or whatever its called.

Big monster round, no real use I can think of. Still, it would be cool to load one with HP and go for headshots early on, when not many redshirts have helmets! Very Happy

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