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I am continuing my exploits in Renegade Republic, but have come across another character who just doesn't want to play ball. While in one of the lower sectors of the decrepit hospital city, I came across a character simply named '47' from the 'Hitman' game. But he just about insults or threatens any character I get to talk to him, even those with quite high leadership values including Raider, Stephen and my own Merc.

I've also had similar results with two other characters in the same sector, Butch and Doc, however one of the villagers mentioned they are up to no good, so I'm presuming I may find out more info about them later, perhaps in another sector? I'll be happy to leave those two for now, but am concerned with '47.' Do I need to investigate further to find out how to interact with '47' or is this more randomness that I have heard Scorpion and other players mention?

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i've played RR four times - just love to start with razing the Russian garrison and killing everybody there - and not once could i do anything with that 47 person.

in some stage of development some quests did not work, then for some time they clicked (not 100%, but still), and then things got worse again with fitting RR and JA2.13. so it depends what version you've got. and with Scorpion banned from Bear Pit i'm afraid RR, one of the nicest mods here, will never be ready.

the idea behind the quest in that sector was that you have to choose a side. Doc and his sidekick Elmar have been cloning people from "spare parts" - they made "Mike" you probably met and killed already. now if you take the prison, you'll find Elmar in a cell, and real Mike. you have to get Elmar to the Doc. somehow it gets clear to you what they have been doing. you either kill Doc & Elmar or you let them go. if you let them go, you can hire Butch, who was their helper/bodyguard. if you kill Doc & Elmar, they'll drop an icebox for organs. if you take it to Mike as a proof, Mike will join you. (i preferred Butch, to tell the truth, he is much funnier guy than Mike.) as said, i never understood on whose side 47 was.

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"solved itself"

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and with Scorpion banned from Bear Pit i'm afraid RR, one of the nicest mods here, will never be ready.

How do you work THAT out ? :whoknows:

Scorpion has seemingly lost interest in an RR update , due to working on his latest FFF mod ,(thread elsewhere) nothing at all to do with Bearpit ! As I've said many times , it's (RR) one of the best mods for JA ever made. There are little flaws , but nothing to really complain about . As for 47 , probably an unfinished character/quest .

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