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1. Is 1.13 an official Patch?

No. The coders and modders responsible for version 1.13 have no affiliation with Sir Tech, or Strategy First. The name was chosen to be an extension of the JA2 GOLD version 1.12 (the last official version of the game). And by the time we thought about changing the name, it had stuck, was very popular, and would have caused some mass confusion.

2. What is the 1.13 mod/patch then?

It's an "upgrade" for Jagged Alliance 2 that is an extension of the White Hat project that died out several years ago here at the Bear's Pit. MaddMugsy began releasing enhancements to the code base in the summer of 2005. There have been dozens of people involved since then and it quickly became a community project. A full list of features can be found on the homepage.

3. What JA2 versions does this mod work with?

The mod will work with any JA2 CD version (NOT Unfinished Business or WildFire) however you might consider upgrading to version 1.12 just incase. And upgrading to at least 1.07 will remove the requirement of having the CD-ROM in the drive when you play.

4. Which languages are fully supported?

At this time, English,Russian,German,Polish and Chinese are supported. However, we welcome team members to help further our localization attempts.

5. How do I find the latest version of the 1.13 Mod?

Easy, you can always find a link to download the latest release version on the front page of the JA2 1.13 Wiki, located here

6. But that version is different than the one listed in the Release Notes, why hasn't it been updated?

The Release notes thread is where we post new releases when they are available on SVN. We regularly release new features and bug-fixes in our version control system, and that is open to the public. We use this thread to let them know when there is a new release available and what the new release contains. Use the following link for more information:Release Notes

The releases posted on the Wiki, are "Official" releases packaged with installers etc... when they are released, at that point, they match whatever the latest version in the SVN is. These releases are for those who do not find the need to currently keep up with whatever version is on the SVN. In other words, everything that is currently in the SVN will soon be available for download and linked on the Wiki.

7. Is 1.13 Compatible with other Mods like Urban Chaos and Deidrianna Lives?

Yes, and No. Currently, there are hybridization projects going on for both Urban Chaos, and Deidrianna Lives. UC/DL 1.13

8. Are there any instructions for modifying the XML files if I want to change some items?

Absolutely, there are a few tutorials both here in the forums, and on the Wiki.

9. How can I add an Item or MOD 1.13 in general?

Modding kind of goes beyond the scope of this FAQ, however, again, you can find the tutorials you need in these forums, all you have to do is use the search feature.

10. You guys have been adding a ton of stuff, when will the Mod be finished.

Sometime between now and never. Really, that's the best answer I can give. I honestly don't see a point in time where every fan will be sitting around unable to think of something else to add or externalize.

11. Why do you release buggy code?

Think of it like a Public Beta, it's mostly fully functional. Some bugs have been in the code forever and we just haven't fixed them yet. Some we add (not on purpose though) and you catch, so you can post them in This forum and we'll fix them.

12. Can't the bugs be fixed before you release new versions?

When Mugsy started on this, he decided on a "Release often and don't keep the fans waiting" policy. I agreed to it when I signed on and so has everyone else. We slipped once, waiting 6 months between releases, but for the most part, it's worked out great. Besides, it's a community effort. We create bugs, you find them, and we fix them. Eventually. Welcome to the team!

13. How do I go about installing this Mod?

- Step 1: Fresh Install of JA2. I recommend copying your existing modless install of JA2 to a new folder(never where JA wants to go!, or Install fresh, and then copy to a new folder. See question about versions above.

- Step 2: Download the latest Release version of the 1.13 MOD. Install into your new JA2 folder.

- Step 3: Enjoy.

Alternatively, if you'd like to stay up to date with new features and bugs between official Releases, follow the instructions here (TAIS' SCI) or here (SVN)

14. Is there a list of HOTKEYS?

Yes, you can find them here.

This is an updated version of Kaiden's original FAQ.

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