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so i just reinstalled and messed around a bit, turns out you can upgrade militia to not be useless

but then i started working on starting teams, and i was wondering if you guys had any cool combos, some from Jagged Alliance 2 not working the best as i found out the hard way, and others being silly and overpowered, like Bull and Grizzly

so, what do you guys do with starting teams?

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Re: Interesting Starting Teams[message #340872 is a reply to message #316466] Mon, 04 May 2015 20:13 Go to previous messageGo to next message
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Dang, this thread has been sitting here for two years and no one responded!?

At the risk of it being considered 'necro,' I've tried a couple of different combos. Using the default $40K starting funds, I've started with Raven a few times. She is pretty potent but if she gets hurt before she can get some first aid items things can go south very quickly. Also if a melee freak gets too close and starts chasing her it is pretty much goners.

With starting funds modded up to $60K (using sbobovyc tools mod; I also play with Realistic Rebalancing mod by Killatomate) I've started a couple times with Raven, Spider and Barry. Very good team, but obviously too expensive with vanilla money.

I like to play dead is dead, and when I get pretty far along and start having trouble, I'll generally archive the save folder, wipe it and start over. Goal being to eventually do a solid playthrough with no save scumming.

Most recently I started up with Fox, Malice and Grunty, which is a good team and affordable at Vanilla $40K starting cash. I've found the key is to be aggressive with taking Drassen, then Water Pump, then Roadblock, Mine, and then as soon as I have team of 4 to 6 (usually day 3 maybe 4) all with decent range weapons (ideally a LMG, a decent sniper like a SKS or Dragunov, a good SMG like the HK in the RR mod, and a couple AK assault rifles) go straight for Cambria to sell all the diamonds. At that point, you've got the cash to buy good gear and outfit a really solid squad or two.

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Hello 8)
Better late than never I guess, heh.
Keep coming back to all JA games a couple of times each year..
Played this franchise since the first game showed up on floppy, heh..
Some fun starting 2 man teams are Wolf and Blood: Fast action sneak up and dual melee/shotgun kills.
Managed to take out the entire northern sector and most of middle on day one with that duo 8)
And ofc the "startup" for "the Fox Team" is also great:
Get the indisposable cheap to rent trick of all bags Wolf + Lil nudist Fox and wipe out most of the northerh map before hireing someone else 8)
In BiA morale boost seem to be of much higher importance then earlier games in the series..
If you hire Ira, she is now a great "startup" and if you "coerce" her level up by alloving her some kills, use some mech and healing skills inbetweens, she rises to a very good allrounder whose alwasy in a bad mood, until you can hire a full female team and let her join it.
Alos after 6 playthoughs, Spider is a must have early on, and if you give her the ultimate sniper rifle accesible early on due to her high int and medics, she'll be almost as goood as Scope sniping and the best medic in the game later on. Either hire her best male frind Static ( who is an almost upaparalled mech) or put her on the later all female team. Etiher way she putperfoms advanced healing and give the right points on levelup, almost as good a sniper as Scope..

I tried other combos from start, like Thor and Buns and Bull and whatnot, they all fall though compared to ANY combo with Wolf. Hes just "this guy", heh.
Quickshooter, gunslinger, startup medic, OK mechanic, lockpicker, top health, dex and more stats. It's jsut making it hard for you to NOT use WOlf as the teamleader for ANY startup game..

Well, my opinion comeing back to replay this every year ;P

On another note: The longer time you wait, the slower progress you do and the more mercs and the more advanced eqipment you get, the harder and more often attacking enemies you get, so the more zones you take out in 2-4 days with low gear and 2-3 mercs, the easier the game is, since if you can take all 3 mines with a 2 hired + several "free NPC's" in the first 2 days using the "fasttravel cheat" aka, never use to "overlay map" to mave ever..
Owning 3 mines and half the map makes your economy problems vanish. And if your "Lucky" you find the booming 1 mill cereal and pop a 1 man lockp angry icker/sneaky guy to pop unseen into the house of the buyer and you just netted 1 mill and can buy equipent to make the rest a nobrainer. You kan go all way, finish all quests and kill Dedranna in 5 days this way, but it pretty much screw up the fun. Imo, the 1 mill cash bonus should never been in the game at all.
Also the seller of extreme goodies down SE should also NOT have what he has is stock for at least a week or two to make it more challanging..
Sry bout spoiler's but hey, its not a "fresh out" game anymore, really 8)


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Re: Interesting Starting Teams[message #351599 is a reply to message #349076] Wed, 29 November 2017 04:45 Go to previous message
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Interesting stuff!

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