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Registered:October 2011
Hi there. Here's a request for Flugente, RoWa or any of our other amazing coders out there who might be interested..

I have a few of requests relating to reinforcements;

when ALLOW_REINFORCEMENTS and ALLOW _REINFORCEMENTS_IN_TOWNS_ONLY is set to true in the ini, enemy groups cannot reinforce from road to wilderness sectors, but they ALSO cannot coordinate attacks into city sectors either which nerfs the massive counter-attacks significantly.

It would be nice to allow the enemy to coordinate attacks (into towns) but not reinforce during battles in the wilderness. Would it be possible to add another option for that?

it would also be really awesome, if in the case of enemy teams reinforcing each other, that there was some randomness about when (and how many?) enemies would arrive in the sector rather than always precisely 2 turns after the battle begins.,

Especially if it is a wilderness sector, it takes a team of mercs about an hour to travel between sectors but the enemies can magically teleport there in two turns! If there was a larger delay that would make an interesting race-against-time to eliminate all enemies before reinforcements arrive.

I'm not sure what is and is not possible with regards to the game engine but for example -

Reinforcement into city sector - between 3 -10 turns
Reinforcements into wilderness sector - between 5 - 15 turns

Finally, it would be nice to allow Mercs who are travelling to a destination in which a battle takes place, to join the battle as reinforcements, just as enemies currently do, if their time of arrival occurs as the battle is still going on.

Many thanks!

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Registered:April 2010
I join this request (as similar ideas got to my mind many times) and allow myself to expand it by one point:

It would actually be very nice to be able to choose HOW MANY reinforcements will arrive if the player requests them (when you defend or attack a sector), so you don't alway have to get the full platoon if there are only a handful of enemies to fight.

Especially when you are playing with ini settings that allow 30+ militia in a sector (like I do) this often leads to extremely long battles where you have to wait for hundreds of unnecessary militia moves to be finished before you can do the final shot on the last remaining enemy.


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Location: New Jersey
Was just thinking about this. To me, it makes "game world" sense to prevent the army from being able to reinforce wilderness sectors, or even city sectors from a wilderness sector as travel to/from those sectors takes 1-2 hours. So, while I have ALLOW_REINFORCEMENTS = TRUE, I also have ALLOW_REINFORCEMENTS_ONLY_IN_CITIES = TRUE. However, as a result, I've never seen the enemy take advantage of this and reinforce any of my city battles. That said, my "never" only includes the early parts of the game. Can the army take advantage of this setting at all? I've only seen it benefit militia, which is nice but I don't really want to make it a one-sided option in my advantage.

Given my current experience with the options, I'm thinking of setting ALLOW_REINFORCEMENTS back to FALSE just to take the advantage away from the militia. Just had a battle while my mercs were elsewhere and I was worried about a sector full of green militia being able to fend off a counterattack. However, it ended up being 9 army vs 40 militia. No militia were even killed. I'm not good enough to fend off the massive counterattacks, but this is going too far the other direction for me.
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Registered:April 2009
Location: Germany
ALLOW_REINFORCEMENTS_ONLY_IN_CITIES only affects militia, even though that isn't stated in the ini. Thus one can only forbid the enemy from reinforcing at all, but not restrict him to cities. I'll alter the ini description.

At least with up-to-date exes, the enemy will reinforce in city battles, just tested in Drassen.

As for the other suggestions in this thread... have patience.

Re: Reinforcement options[message #328719] Sat, 30 November 2013 14:10 Go to previous message

Registered:June 2012
It would also be a really nice touch if, when a militia group is attacked, nearby mercs could run over to reinforce them instead of going to autoresolve.

Maybe only in cities to keep it from being a cheaty way to move faster than normally possible.

Could even make it possible for mercs (and only mercs) to reinforce anywhere in the same city, instead of using adjacent squares.

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